Believe and it will Become.

A Revelatory Message received By CoFounder Celia Cherian


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The other day we were talking to Celia’s spirit Guide, Lord Zol. A brilliant and practical man. Except he is not a man though he was a man once. And yes, though he is interested in the practical, he is not practical, make no mistake he takes great interest in the little things of life. For example, he once helped out Celia who was wrestling with a failing cake. But he is not practical in the sense his great truths are not the kind that opens easy doors. He said “When I was on earth My Father {obviously The Lord of Everything}, told me what to do. But didn’t tell me how to do it. I had to know that I marshalled the infinite majesty behind me, I had to know that the same blood that blazes in my father’s heart runs in my veins.”

So when we asked him, pestered him in fact, on how to harness God’s power, he gave these words “Believe and it will Become.”

The words were like the approach of an earthquake. It made sense, absolute sense.

Days later he expanded on what he said. “The dust beneath your feet is God. God is here right here and now."

"Who do you think you are? Know you are flame. Know you are light. Walk before yourself like a herald. Walk in yourself like a child.”     


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We keep forgetting what we are, and then wonder why our skies turn grey and feet plod slow.



Powering our Belief is a vastness hidden behind us... in us.



“We {The Gods} see the majesty in each butterfly..." Proclaims Lord Zol. 'That's good, right?' You may say. 'If every one of us has majesty behind us then we can all get what we want and more right?' Yessss... But then Lord Zol continues with...

"We see the infinite stories in each tangled mind and ant. We read these but we do not give in to gloom, for we see that everything has a happy ending…" as you digest it you realise that our hidden giantness, well we can trip over it... again and again, almost endlessly... Lord Zol's assurance that everything has a happy ending is almost glib until we realise The Gods have paid a price a huge price to be God... Many have lived hundreds of lives, bitter, ugly, haunting, lives... But does every angel, deva have to come to earth?

“We, the Gods are all one. And we are all different. Your earth, your universe is to the truly majestic among us no more than a bubble. Some among us have never set foot on an earth. Never even touched a world feeling it but a gross bauble, a shiny thing on a Christmas tree…"

Lord Zol's clarification is humbling, here we are awed by a storm, wowed by a supernova, belittled by a planet let alone a galaxy, or universe, and to some beings we may call Archh Angels, Devas, Gods, Or Primal Presences they are mere soap bubbles... Imagine the sheer enormity of a life who lies a billion years in a second, imagine a being so splendorous the scream of a million beings dying is an antbite... not because it is indifferent, or insulated but because its life transcends...

“You deal with worlds as if they are real, you stumble over pebbles, are cut by knives. Transfixed by nails on crosses, scream when flayed alive, they are dreams… the world is an embroidered cloth of wondrous majesty, a carpet in which you lose yourself…

Lord Zol's reminder that we are like ants scrambling on a carpet, give up our conviction we are ants... Or we are urged to, in the immortal words of Lord Vivekanada, "Come O Ye Lions, shake of The Illusion That Ye Are Sheep...".

“So I say to you again", Repeats Lord Zol, “Believe and it will Become.”



But why you may grumble does Believing work only at times?



Pain as Teacher:
"But..." we ask him, “Why is Xyz {a client} pursued by such an army of health, marital, and work issues?”
Lord Zol Answers: “Because she is bitter and asks for bitter fruit. We send her reminders through you, and her dreams that life grows from golden light, she cannot believe.”

Agony can be bitter medicine…
“Why?” we demand “Did Azn get that wasting disease?”
Lord Zol Answers: “Because by getting that he will find again the love that has broken his family. He will value his life, learn to soar?”

Be Grateful To The Bounty You Receive Rather Than…  
“Why?” we push is Zxy not healing completely after 10 years of intense healing?”
Lord Zol Answers: “She has received great blessings on the work front. You are trying to solve in mere 10 years, 7 lifetimes of doubt and torment.”

Ask with Clarity…  
We pester him, “Dear God, but we have tried so hard in one aspect, why has a particular dream of Tarun not manifest?”
Lord Zol Answers: “Because you Tarun are wrestling, writhing like a snake. You don’t know what you want, how you want it.”

‘Gifts that are too easy are not Gifts, Be Patient…’  
“Why?” we pursue “has another milestone proved so elusive?”
Lord Zol Answers: “Because you are not ready. If you had that gift granted to you today it would tear you apart, like molten metal poured into a kuccha claypot.”

Life is belief given flesh, choice in action…  
Lord Zol Proclaims: “Look over your life and you will see virtually everything is what you and your contradictions added up to… Some who receive pain from childhood and do not understand soul intents, past life lessons, ancestral imperatives, earth history will be confused… But what surrounds you starts at its seed as a request… ”


But are miracles always sweet? Or is there a Price?



The Price of Change…  
“Belief has to be bone deep. There was a day when I walked on earth as man, I stepped off a cliff. I only knew that he who had sent me would hold me… I did not see elaborate energies as you do. Two followers were there who witnessed it. One got a stroke when he saw it and was half-paralysed. The other fled proclaiming I was a trickster and I had given him hallucinogens {I had, his mind was landlocked}. Afterwards when I stepped back on solid ground, the earth trembled. A mild earthquake shook the world. A few died. The shock, the gossip, the deaths burned me deep… But also remember millions died when The French and Russian Revolution happened. There is a price when the ground of belief changes. Prometheus was burned by the fire he carried.”

Escape from Gravity’s Cross…  
“Believe and it will Become… But I also say to you, do not become too fascinated by the plasticine, the play dough you call reality. The true reality asks you to play, demands you free yourself from the thorns that holds you bound to gravity’s cross.”





Is success about the length of shadows we cast on earth?


“You come here to discover, to learn… but if this does not suit you may go elsewhere… there are infinite realms… in one sense, worlds are like dialysis machines, where the corpuscles of God, souls, consciousness particles are cleansed and revived…”

“You come here to Experience… At the heart of hearts there is only light… in worlds like yours are light and shadow… The day you truly know God, Heaven Shudders…”



Many speaking of awakening describe it as a drop meeting an ocean. Here Lord Zol describes heaven's reaction as more vehement. The day you truly know God, Heaven Shudders…” And the comparison of a drop on a child's face comes to mind, a dewdrop on a jaded man's foot.



More Questions:

Can someone else believe for you?
Lord Zol: Yes, that is healing
That is support, inspiration, but…
You can lift someone up.
But till their knees take their exhausted minds
They will fall.

Can you share with me techniques?
Tarun & Celia: There are numerous techniques like Visualisation. Affirmations popularised by The Secret. Creator’s Child Cosmic Commands. Energy Healing processes from Reiki, Pranic Healing, Devadhara Healing… There are timeless practices ingrained into Egyptian, Indian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Native American, Wicca, African, Aboriginal Spirituality…

Why don’t these techniques always work?
Lord Zol: They may not seem to work, but they always work. For what is the world? But command made stone, quantum wave turned into pebble. You use your egoic focus speaking at a lower mental level in most belief focus techniques. There are levels of energy dynamics much higher than these. You know them as inspirational, divine, multidimensional past learning, or utter faith, cliff-defying bravado. And so if your blocks lie at levels ingrained over a thousand years, solidified by mankind’s cruelty to animals and nature over millennia the word spoken must blaze to be heard.  

Reread the article…  Some of Tarun’s confusions cause the manifestation to resemble a DuckBilled Platypus. Sometimes your belief causes a challenge to appear, a death, a terror that forces you to rise…