Learning to Breathe




1} Spiritual Soaring.
“Learn to Breathe. Learn to be Breathed.” Here is a message from one of our many Spirit Guides. A being that introduces herself as Lady Sofeeya. She says ‘that the knowledge contained in this line can transform your life and world in a matter of days, if not weeks’.

But what does it mean? 'Learning to Breathe. Learning to be Breathed.'

Why should I learn to breathe? You may protest. Isn’t it natural? If that is your stance that is your approach, I breathe naturally, I accept nature and her ways. But do we protect the tree that gives us breath?

Or you may listen to the Yoga teacher next door who tells you that we breathe inefficiently only from our chests that as we let our stomachs join in the enormous force involved is incredible.

So you may ask: Does it mean I learn Pranayama? As many of you know Pranayama is a way of guiding the inner force, today in India, through breath. As you know there are 50+ kinds of Pranayama in Yoga itself. And yes if you wish you could learn pranayama to start.

But if you stop there you are learning by rote… a true adept or master learns by principle. For the second half of the statement speaks of learning to be breathed in. Consider the electrifying possibilities contained in the truth ‘Who breathes me in?’

2} Indian Breath Traditions, Aboriginal meditations, Global Approaches.
Many when they think of Breath meditations think of Pranayama, which according to today’s historians dates 10-15,000 years BC. Others think of Buddhism which trails back 6,000 BC. Did you know that there are ancient breathing traditions from many other parts of the world Aboriginal meditations which are among the oldest breath meditations in the world. They date back 50,000 years.

There are thousands of breath-oriented meditations, ways of using breath to reveal the divine, assert the divine, connect up with the divine. Some do so in different ways that suit different persona. For example, I was reading a book on arcane western psychism and it asserted that the classic deep breathing pattern did not really suit the European mind. That in fact, Roman soldiers had breathing patterns that were incorporated into their fighting, an explosive ha like sound, unbreathing, making it closer to Japanese and Chinese traditions.   

As we use our inner sight we get that one of the first Indian sages to use breath in history was in Middle India, he had climbed to a mountain and as he crossed the level of the forest cover he saw the breathing of the forest clear as day. And so realised the importance of breath. We date this 30-50,000 years ago.

3} The World Breathes.
We know how important breath is to us and animals. To plants too, and most bacteria. But on reflection so does the soil with its nitrogen-fixing and even water with oxygen trapped in its molecules.

The Earth breathes too, sometimes one can see earth energy pores breathe in and out explosively like whales sending fountains out.

But this is not just air breath, but energy breath.

So when you  Look at Learn to Breathe you are being asked to ‘breathe in’ energy. When you are asked to be Breathed in, at one level you realise that the Earth Breathes you in, Life Breathes you in… As you examine the aphorism you realise it is a seed ever growing, taking you deeper…

4} Breath from the Supersoul.
One of the most insightful statements made on Breath came from the books of Jane Roberts who Channelled a magnificent Spirit Guide called Seth. In it he asserts that The Energy Pattern of Breath comes not from The Higher Self, Not from The Reincarnational Core, Not from Soul, But from The Supersoul, a being that counts thousands of souls as its extensions. And as we follow it we find it to be true. So here is a reason why Breath meditations are so powerful.

We have often discouraged our students from just getting caught up in reading. Instead of sensing for themselves. But The Seth books are magnificent their very approach brilliant beyond belief.

5} Spiritual Spoonfeeding Versus Spiritual Soaring.
The Statement “Learn to Breathe in. Learn to be Breathed in.” Is a message from one of our many Spirit Guides. A being that introduces herself as Lady Sofeeya. She is the Goddess of Holy Wisdom, if she is the same, {she nods her head} who also guided the ancient Greeks, the Gnostics…

“I guide” She says “those who seek the true from the mundane”. “I speak to the mind behind the mind.”… So I speak to the developed mind. Those who want the truth and not just rote. Not that I have anything against practise. But I prefer to give, insight rather than answers, answers, rather than method, formulae.  Life rather than roads.”

6} Living without Breathing.
But the mind says, there are anaerobic bacteria that do not breathe. And while some rocks breathe others seem to be apart of a magnetic flow. True.

And when we were in our mother’s womb we did not breathe from our noses. True.
Sofeeya replies “did I say ‘breathe through your nose?’”

Which leads us to the question where all do we breathe from?
From the Yogic perspective a key inlet point of etheric energy is the spleen!  
Think of the million techniques you can create as you discover where you breathe from?

In death we stop breathing, at etheric worlds we do not breathe, so how does this statement hold?
“Precisely” Lady Sofeeya asserts “Did the second statement not say Learn to be Breathed in?”

“Have you considered that as you Learn to be Breathe In and Out” She adds enticingly “you can appear and disappear, at will?”

Do the Gods breathe?
The thought strikes me? ‘Do the Gods Breathe?’
“The Cosmic Ripple and Vibration can be considered God’s Breath”. Is her considered answer. “Existence is a heartbeat. Worlds are a Breath.”



Lady Sofeeya, Through Tarun & Celia Cherian