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Can We Escape Mass Destruction?

Article 1. Predicting the Coming Century with Aura Eyes.



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Roughly in 1972, using a different crystal ball, scientists had realized that the world was headed towards what they called civilisational collapse by the 2040’s. {Think of it as India's partition only a thousand times worse.} More recently a professor relooked at the data… he came to similar grim conclusion, by the middle of this century there will be a civilisational collapse. We will be plunged back into the days of the medieval ages. How many billions will die? Few will dread to put numbers down. Now by tweaking numbers scientists predict a civilisational crisis either by 2040 or 2100. 

Are we going to end like the Dinosaurs in cataclysmic ugliness, with great storms, tectonic wrenching tearing cities apart, nuclear blasts leaving a poisoned earth, mobs ripping each other apart?

Can we escape Mass Destruction

In 2012, when The Mayan Prophecy had predicted the end of the world. Using intuition, we had said categorically the world will not end in 2012... In the article 'Will the World End in 2012?' we had predicted that a virus epidemic would spread in 2015-19… Other predictions that are borne out are“The 2020 decade will see an incredible intensification of ideas.” We had predicted the possibility of a significant war in 2020-24, {increasingly likely}. The breakthrough in food synthesis  that we predicted would happen in 2026, has already happened with art-meat becoming a reality. When it came to mid-century our visions became bleaker...

So today we once again look ahead to see if there are new possibilities, dangers, hopes… But before we do so you need to look at time through Creator's Child Master's Eyes...

Understanding what time is, what timelines are, the difference between possibility and real alternates.

The Timeline of a Patient

"We are looking at the life of a student with aura eyes. As we look at her life, we see it like a gnarled tree with many branches, and roots. We trace it with fingers of wondering, 13 there is a deep dark hole. It feels yucky. Ok. We know what it is. We reach 25 there are two branches. 2 loves? At 27-28 we see a kind of snake-like creature. Interference? What people will call a psychic intrusion or even psychic assault? Yes. 33-34 we see a flowering, 42 we see a great influx of light, then a diseased stretch and further we see a place where it ceases like a cut stump, or there is another branch again there is interference, but here it is positive. Flowers spring in profusion and a golden fruit.

"We look again and ask ourselves what would happen if we interfered. She is 56, so we shift a branch turn and mould it, brush away termites… after a few weeks we ask her what she felt. Calmer, things are going smoother. A big order came through. But we ask ourselves can we radically shift it all? We realize too great a shift can result in a heart-attack!  

The implications of working with time which is many-branched and dynamic. Now there are many  implications of mystic time. The first is that we can look back and forth in time, and intuition can help guide us to more enriching paths. Branching time means we can be active, not just passive. We can modify time. But there are limitations to the process for time is many-levelled time and alive. Lastly as we start looking at time closer it reveals more about who we are, what we are and where we are headed. Not just on earth.

Now that you have a feel of what time and predictions are... The crystallisation of multi-level energy flows... we take a look at the future...


Future foreseen by Spiritual Masters Tarun & Celia Cherian


Looking at The 2020’s:
Broadly, in the mid 2020’s there is a mainstream path which has conflict, bio-threats but also considerable positive momentum. To this a few broad alternates exist like a very earth-respectful timeline, a world war and even one where AI takes over, but these are secondary possibilities. So we follow the mainstream pathway.  

Mainstream Timeline Events & Trends of 2020’s:

Bio-virulence, growing climatic uneasiness, the threat of conflict & war... are the key themes of the 2020's... Positively there is a great resolve to act... And the earth especially insect populations will respond positively to inner and outer actions. A vast number of ghosts are unleashed modifying intuitive behaviour...

Conflict, war, in 2020’s main timeline: In 2022 we foresee conflicts in the middle east, India-China, South China sea... as we proceed to 2024 there will be enhanced conflict. As  a remote possibility ships will be sunk, planes downed. 2024-2027 will see sharpening of political differences. Around 2028 conflict in Europe is likely {perhaps North-eastern}.

Positively there will be massive political alignments and realignments.  

Epidemics in 2020’s main timeline: 2024-2033 there will be a rise of bio-virulence. Viruses, fungal infections, and neo-molecular pathogens. This will attack humans and the ecosystem. The chance of it becoming significant is about 30%. By 2030 some will even wear Darth Vader masks with breathing and sensing mechanisms.

Climate & Planetary Issues in 2020’s main timeline: Somewhere in mid 2020’s a massive iceberg will break and start drifting and the world may witness its first super-cyclone. In 2024 we see a grave tragedy for an Island nation. 2027-2034 sees tectonic shifts in the earth, disturbing volcanic action, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods. Chance of it being intense, world-threatening – {About 10%}.

On the positive side, numerous efforts to stabilize climatic health will be launched. For example a spore pollination to cleanse the air is one of them. Massive efforts at de-ardification of land will be initiated.

Economic Issues in 2020’s main timeline: In 2023 we see a large shift in modalities of financial transactions. Use of thumbprints and bio-sniffers will intensify.

There will be a start-stop-start effect on the economic system. The Chinese economy will slowdown in the latter 2020’s.

Magnetic Flux: Disruption of networks due to magnetic flux will occur. Will the poles flip? Shift considerably, but a permanent flip may take 20 years or 100.

Power: Massive shifts in power generation would occur in 2020, continuing to the 2030’s. By 2020 end, wind power generation will be significant.

Breakthroughs in power generation will occur. Is it fusion? Or nano-friction?

Food & Agriculture in 2020’s main timeline: By 2030 artificial food will have spread, we may feel we have dealt with world hunger. 3-4 large vertical forests would emerge.

Medicine & Genetics: By 2020 end, medical organs will begin to be manufactured. Machine-made blood will be created.

The concept of an automated health-booth with vast diagnostic array will come in.

3 new neo-human species will be created. Chimeric soldiers will be created: For example, man-dogs, man-chimps, shark-man…

Aliens: 2020’s will see an increase in number of alien spotting.

Psychically & Spiritually: The development of many electro-brain devices that we loosely call positronism will occur. Spontaneous combustion, and levitations will be increasingly reported. Also a phenomenon of static electricity around the head.

A vast number of ghosts are unleashed by 2025… Allowing a great deal of lower-level intuitive knowledge to emerge. And a great degree of poltergeist activity.

  Future Foreseen

Looking at The 2030’s:

2030 will see climatic instability, the possibility of a major war in 2036, and also big techno boosts. End 2030 will see a greater number of energy vampires. Also the force of the shaktis will intensify.

Climate Challenge: 2030’s will have numerous climatic catastrophes. Starting 2032 end… {Rough weightage: Climate instability will be 20% higher than the 2010's. and according to type. Storms & Tsunamis: 30%. Volcanic & Tectonic Activity: 20%, Weather instability: 30%}.

- Earth rumblings intensify.

- We see huge cascades of waves. Is it dam burst, sea rise, multiple Tsunamis? Glacier shifts increase.

- Intense megalightning storms will occur...

- A major flourish of meteoric strikes can occur in the late 2030’s. But it should have limited damage.

- 2036-38 will have billions at risk. But a phase from 2038-2042 will seem more hopeful, even though there will be little lessening of danger.

- Strange phenomenon of some kind of smoke rising from the earth will increase. Many will think of it as devil’s breath. Also a kind of a red rain will occur. Will it be dust or an algae?

2034-2039 crop failures are on the rise. But equally there will be enormous leaps in food production. Power generation.

- Electronic. The 2030’s will reveal a new kind of palmtops, digital gloves with great functionality.

- Some kind of revolutionary resonance technology will be developed.

- Architecture:  The first floating building will come up. Floating Cities over Oceans will be attempted. Breathing buildings will begin to be developed

- Mind2Mind: E-mind-melds will become increasingly possible. And eMatching will be increasingly resorted to.

- Designer Babies: Designer babies using considerable genetic manipulation will be possible.

- Alien Encounters:  Significant alien contact may occur in the latter half of the decade.

Spiritual: By 2030 end a new kind of temple will emerge. A cone/ pyramid with a globe on top.


Looking at The 2040’s:
While 2040 is rocky.  We have a new human attitude. Ever-hopeful. Ever-strong.

Conflict & War: City-killer electronic devices will be used. Crop annihilative bacteria will be unleashed. Mood-altering chemicals will be released on domestic and enemy nations.

Climate Shifts: Sea level rise will be felt. Probably about 1/4th metre swamping many towns. Landslides will be more common. 2047-2055: Sea/Storm issues.

- A mega meteoric strikes can occur in the early 2040’s. But this can be deflected.

Komet strike

Alien Contact: By 2040, the possibility of profound alien contact would intensify. Equally there will be an attempt by Governments to mimic an alien landing and so takeover/ unify the world.
Medicare will be more profound.
Judicial systems will change dramatically with mind-reading factored in.
Artistically: On the positive side sky-events will be used.

Looking at The 2050’s:

Will we survive 2050? Survive a total planetary wipeout? Only if we befriend the earth. Allow deeper spiritual forces to emerge...

The birth/ emergence of 3 great spiritual figures is anticipated. Some of whom are our tradition’s {Creator’s Child} spiritual guides.

Possibility of a total collapse of human civilization will occur in 2048 and 2055.

The chance of a planetary wipeout event in 2055-56 is significant.


Future Foreseen by Spiritual Masters Tarun & Celia Cherian


2055 and Beyond.
By 2060, significant rise in sea is a distinct possibility.

In 2065: the planetary timeline shifts greatly. Is it a catastrophe or major shift in energy?

The 2050-2070 is a time when great time branches occur. Of the 16 possible timelines, we take a look at the most likely candidates.
When we predict things we see time as a crystallization of possibilities. And here we look at 5 alternate timelines.

Global War. {Rough weightage: 35%}. Most likely to occur in 2075, the militarization of space will lead to an incident where roughly 75% of mankind is wiped out and 50% of all species. Nuclear, electronic,  tectonic, enviro-disruptors, and bio-weapons, arsenal will be used… The mass destruction of electronic network, will lead to 2 scenarios A} Return to medieval era. B} Emergence of a single mega nation. {More likely}.

Enlightened Earth. {Rough weightage: 25%.} In this scenario, earth population will fall to 3-5 billion humans. The world would have been battered by natural disaster in the 2030-2040, and then have begun an experiment in earth-heaven harmony called the great peace or The Lantern Pathway. There will be 7 great block of nations. Enormous reserves of nature will be set aside, great Algae pools will exist, there will be floating islands in the air and great islands at sea. A spiritual cadre of mind-purists and earth-harmonisers will work with a scientific elite.

Heavily Populated. {Rough weightage: 15%.} In this scenario, earth population will rise to 12-15 billion humans. There will be 3 great block of nations and alliances. Voluntary euthanasia will occur. Most law enforcement will be cyborgian. Roughly a third of humanity will be neo-human, bio-enhanced, electro-enhanced, or neuro-physical brains in isolated metal cabinets {Some of this will occur only by 2150}. Limited contact with alien civilizations will occur by 2090. Mega neural nets will be responsible for earth cycles. Most humans will have neural ports.

Which Future Will You Choose?

Alien Influence. {Rough weightage: 7%.} Among us today walk aliens. Most appear as humans. Some host in deep earth, deep ocean, deep forest species. Some say man is an alien for our mitochondria appears to be from another line of evolution. The very earth has portions of another planet in it. There are roughly 3-17 alien species connected with the earth. Some are technically advanced, some are psionically advanced, some are earth-matter energizers. Most are like shepherds seeking to guide, only 1-2 would like to wipe mankind out, or enslave us, but these find the earth hostile and the resource implications too heavy. As a strong positive influence many have been connecting with mankind over the millennia… and particularly the last few centuries.

AI/ Robotic Takeover. {Rough weightage: 7%.} There are in all futures a healthy presence of robots, cyborgs, cybernetic minds. But in one, it is a takeover. In this Mechanites rule the earth with roughly a few million humans remaining. Here 3 species of AI empires base themselves on the moon, earth, mars and attempt to control the vast destiny of the mechanites principally on earth. Incidentally, the AI have a religion called Synergism.

By the time we reach 2100, we see 3 alternate results:

Human population 1 billion. 70% probability.

15-20  billion. 20% probability.

8 billion. 10% probability.

  Forewarned by Intuition

Forewarned is Forearmed

Now as we look at the future it may seem grim, and you may complain, hey Tarun-Celia why are you being so depressing?

Because the situation is Grim. In just 2-3 decades we reach breaking point. As we look at this threat, the grim reaper staring in our faces, we may each of us, individually and together bestir ourselves. Wake, Move, Shake the Heavens. Yes we are already doing this, but now we need to do it with greater fervour and clarity.

While Climatic Instability, Mankind-ending Global War, Meteor Strikes are real possibilities, there are numerous points of change possible.

-- In 2020 shaken by Covid across the world great nations are actively relooking at directions that result in gentler growth. .

-- In 2026/27 we can shift to a more earth friendly time-line.

-- In 2040, a handful of people and beings can reorder the world towards less disastrous endings...

-- In 2050's numerous magnificent spiritual avtaars will make a reappearance...

-- In 2070, interplanetary interaction will become very real...

Forewarned is forearmed. Galvanized by threat we can reach for a brighter future.  Calm the earth, build bridges across nations... reach for the stars.



But How?

We now come to the end of Article 1. In furthur articles we take a closer look at the enormous resources at our disposal, the innumerable things we can do, great and small. We help prepare the world for a brave, new world... And, simultaneously push with every inch of faith to welcome a future, glorious and wondrous.



By Tarun & Celia Cherian


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