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The other day we picked up a giant cauliflower for just 25 Rupees, at our local supermarket. As we studied it psychically, we got numerous insights.

Chakras: we asked ourselves which chakras, does cauliflower consumption stimulate we got primarily, knees, root, stomach, chest. Knees {Minerals}, Root {Immunity boost, Skin Health, plus psychically sensitivity to pre-earthquake motion}, Pancreas, Liver {Detox}, Left Lung {Positive cardiovascular health, and social intermixing}, Throat {Positive for cardiovascular health }. Left Occipital {Coordination}.

Then we asked what chakras would be stimulated just by living near cauliflower fields? The answer was the 3rd eye. Or deep head chakra.

We looked at the varied energy bodies and found a marked effect on two, the etheric and emotive. We realized The Presence of Cauliflower Fields or ingesting it made a difference to ‘emotional molecules’.

We then moved further afield and began to study it as a psychic helper and realized at a deep psychic level it allows communication with insects.

We then moved deeper still and at an earth level we got that psychically the Cauliflower consciousness is sensitive to earth crust shifts, especially earthquakes and interestingly it is linked to Strontium, Minerals. When we looked at strontium we realized that it is a mineral often tied to earthquakes in watery areas, presumably because of deep earth basalt mingling with water.   

When we asked The Cauliflower consciousness when and where it emerged on earth it showed a hill from Mediterranean area and gave a figure of 2 {or 20} million years ago. When we crosschecked with Science Direct we got that “All of these were, however, domesticated from one ancestral species, the wild cabbage, Brassica oleracea. This is native to the coastal cliffs of the northern Mediterranean and western Europe, from Greece to the British Isles.” Here is yet another amazing psychic confirmation.

The goodness of Cauliflower as a rich healing and nutritional source emerges from across the spectrum. From science, Ayurveda, tribal knowledge.

1. Rich Source of Vitamins and Minerals: {Knee & Root Chakra Plus.}
The Cauliflower is rich in minerals like Sodium, Potassium, Calcium Magnesium, Phosphorus, Manganese, in Folates, Biotin, Omega- 3 fats, Vitamins especially A, D, B12, k C, and Dietary fibers.

Good for The Skeleto Muscular System:

2. Cauliflower: Arthritis Relief.
According to tribal knowledge, the juice of crushed Cauliflower leaves had every day for a few months can greatly relieve arthritic pain.

The Cauliflower when eaten stimulates the knee, root and navel chakras. All 3 implicated in arthritis. As advanced Devadhara Healers know Knee chakras come alive when one is well nourished especially with minerals and vitamins.  Which in turn helps the function that the knee chakra rules being active, fluid, dynamic.

3. Good for Skin and Hair.
The antioxidants in cauliflower have an anti-aging effect on skin, helping keep wrinkles, and rashes, pigmentation at bay. Now when it comes for hairs, then we all know hairs are like the crown on our head. Baldness and hair fall is very common among all. The Vitamin A, E, C, B12 and K, niacin, copper, iron and varied minerals cauliflower contains helps nourish hair and prevent scalp itchiness & dryness in turn keeping dandruff away. As advanced Devadhara Healers know Root chakras are key to skin health..

Good for The Digestive System:

4. Good Detoxifier. Lowers risk associated with drug and liquor excess.
Cauliflower helps in detoxification especially of the liver and pancreas. We believe this happens by its action on the Root & Navel Chakras.

Cauliflower for hangovers

5. Restore Digestive Health:
Most of the digestion in our body is accomplished by gut bacteria. One way to ensure this culture is healthy is Gobi! Cooked Cauliflower has sulforaphane which protects the stomach lining and prevents the excess growth of  Helicobacter pylori bacteria in the stomach.

6. Stomach Pain Relief:
For colitis, for stomach pain tribals recommend a cup of cauliflower juice on an empty stomach.

7. Help with Constipation:
Constipated? Try drinking raw cauliflower juice before going to sleep at night.

8. Jaundice Relief.
Sufferers from Jaundice can try a raw cauliflower and carrot juice. Drink a  glassful, in the morning and evening.  

Good For The Immune System.

9. The Stress Buster.
Stress is the modern devil. Which Cauliflower rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients can help combat. It contains: Vitamin C {in Uncooked Cauliflower}, beta-carotene, kaempferol, quercetin, rutin, cinnamic acid... All these help the body deal with free radicals implicated in tissue and organ damage.

10. Anti-Inflammatory!
Sometimes the immune system is an eager-beaver treating every passing challenge as code red.  Cauliflower contains a treasure house of anti-inflammatory nutrients like indole-3-carbinol or I3C. These help the immune system stay healthy, preventing it from triggering unnecessary inflammatory responses which significantly affect organ systems, this damage is an invitation to more serious illness.

11. Bleeding Gums.
The juice of crushed cauliflower leaves can be used as a rinse to help with bleeding gums according to Indian Tribal Knowledge.

While many studies focus on Cauliflower’s ability to help with cancerous conditions, there appears to be little direct evidence currently. So cancer patients can use cauliflower as a nutrient plus rather than any direct benefit.

Good For The Excretory System.

12. Good for Kidney function. Relief in ‘burning urine’.
Sulforaphane in cauliflower significantly improve kidney function and kidney function. According to tribal knowledge cauliflower helps with those who experience burning sensation when passing urine. Remember how Cauliflower helps in booze and drug detox. While we put this in the digestive section its real action is on a root chakra plus.
For advanced Devadhara Healers they will see Cauliflower’s action on root chakra as significant. Also a lesser chakra that cauliflower touches is one in the left abdomen.  

Good For The Circulatory System:

13. Boost Heart &Arterial Health
Sulforaphane present in cauliflower significantly improves blood pressure and assists in repairing the endothelium, the inner arterial lining of arteries & veins. Also the Vitamin K and Omega-3 generously present in cauliflower  strengthens both the heart and blood vessels.

14. Blood Cleanser
According to traditional tribal knowledge, raw cauliflower acts like a blood cleanser.

Good For The Foetal Nervous System & Pregnancy:

15. Boost Foetal Brain, Pregnant Mothers.
Cauliflower has been shown to boost brain activity of foetal animals in the uterus. Cauliflower is a fine source of Choline, a B vitamin, vital in brain development. Cauliflower assists both mother and child as the Sulfur present in cauliflower strengthens the placental tissues of the womb.

Cauliflower’s Spiritual & Mental Benefits:

16. Mentally Accept Mutiple Viewpoints.
Remember we asked what chakras would be stimulated just by living near cauliflower fields?  The answer was the 3rd eye. Or deep head chakra. But how does it stimulate the 3rd eye?  It helps one assimilate known knowledge. So for example you may have read a lot, but it is still disparate fragments of information. Here Cauliflower can help, it assists in intermixing, bringing different viewpoints to the same table.

17. Enriches Family ties. Strengthens Cultural Circles.
We saw how Cauliflower helps the head centre look at many views and find connections. This would have great significance in family dynamics and cultural connections. But remember how we looked at the emotive body level, here we see eating Cauliflower or growing it, makes the emotional structures much denser and interconnected. These are especially true of structures that help sustain cultures and connections.

18. Greater Sensitivity to Shifts in Combative Situations:
Remember the Chakras that Cauliflower Stimulates? Well the most important ones when ingested were knees, root, stomach, chest. Remember how we pointed out that cauliflower also helps one sense earth shifts? This sensitivity is useful in combative situations. It helps one be sensitive to shifts in ground realities.

19. Communication with Insects:
We had in the beginning of the article spoken of how Cauliflower as a psychic helper enhances communication with insects. This can be dangerous. As insect consciousness is very different from ours. For advanced Devadhara Healers, and Creator’s Child Seekers, keep a Cauliflower plant to your left on either a dark moon night or full moon night.

20. Greater Sensitivity to Earth Shifts:
We had in the beginning of the article related how psychically the Cauliflower consciousness is sensitive to earth crust shifts, especially earthquakes and Strontium. Again, psychically, this can be dangerous. For advanced Devadhara Healers, and Creator’s Child Seekers, a further piece of advice is to get such power you need to bury your hair, or an ancestor’s bone beneath a Cauliflower’s roots on a particular night. It offers a verifiable piece of information saying the vein structure of Cauliflower leaves show a slight difference days before a major earthquake on a particular magnetic axis.

21. Cauliflower Consciousness: Sakrashti or Sakra Devi
The Cauliflower Consciousness shared something very precious, it’s third name. Sakrashti or Sakra Devi. Advanced Devadhara Healers, and Creator’s Child Seekers this should be more than enough to get in touch with her. The Cauliflower Consciousness also gave a few messages. First, that “mankind is in trouble”.  And second “The Walker is here”. ‘Walker who?’ we queried. She elaborated with the words “The Star walker. The Ancient One”.  


By Tarun & Celia Cherian



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