Celebrating Freedom from Gravity…​  Article first published Aug 13th 2016


This independence day {Indian} let us not just celebrate our freedom from the British, but our freedom from a more pervasive imprisonment… Gravity… From the hate, hurt, pain, fear, timidity, lovelessness, foolishness, pettiness, cruelty, directionlessness, soullessness, inward deadness that is the real reason we are bound to the earth, compelled to return.


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Let us remind ourselves that we are more… That we are indeed, all of us, versions of an indescribable magnificence. This statement spoken through Celia & Tarun, has been dictated by our spirit Guide, Yahumma,  maker of worlds {Not all worlds}, guide to many, in many different universes, in a hundred different guises. 

Now you do not have to take our word for it… Each of you has seen this for yourself, directly in your own way.

Perhaps you have glimpsed this through dream, aura sense, intuition… or  feeling… For example, Arpana was thinking of calling us up… but hadn’t vocalised it to her husband or picked up the phone… and her husband that night dreamt we had a conversation with them. Revealing that they are beautifully intertwined, and we are all deeply connected. While doing an aura scan for Soujanya we got an arbit message that her team leader was depressed, it was indeed so… there was no connection, but there was… {We have related a few amazing intuitions in an article titled Useless Intuition, Priceless Revelations. }


But we do not need intuition to realise the magnificence, we just have to open our eyes…Every inch of creation is packed with deep intelligence…

In fact so deeply is the embedded intelligence of the Universe obvious, a vast number of scientists are gravitating towards the idea of pan-psyychism or the idea that intelligence is embedded in the universe…

Some of you have seen your greater fullness in healings… Times when you touched people and were amazed by the force blazing through… For example, Divya spoke of a time when she and Shalu were giving someone healing and the whole room heated up, became like a furnace, they were sweating… They called us and realising they had called Lord Vishnu, we called on the great presence and asked it to tone its force down. The room immediately cooled.

We do have great power at our fingertips… But people will say, that is the problem… We have too much power and not enough… love, light, joy… “It’s as if the whole world is in a deep and terrible rage…” To quote Zahid, Depth Devadhara Healer and Editor. And as we trace the roots of hate it seems impossible that we can emerge.  



But often we think the problem lies with others… forgetting that the rage often lies within us… In an article ‘Thoughts on WashingDishes. And Hearts.’ we see how anger and frustration may be ingrained in our actions and lives and we can turn things around…

Hmmm… some will say that’s all very well, but what happens when hate envelops a whole family… When frustration, greed, sexual abuse, and generations of pain, seems embedded in the very walls… in ‘Healing Homes Darning Worlds’ we see how sometimes tiny little shifts, can change the very atmosphere of a home... like changing the place of a statue... 



 Yes it can change a home but what about a city, a world? As greater understanding comes to the fore as we begin to respect the others in this world, those with other languages, other ways of life, a deeper harmony is possible… {In The Monsoon doesn’t speak English we spoke of just this, of how by being proud of ourselves, yet appreciating differences we can enrich our world.}   



But do we just listen to other humans, or is there someone else we must listen to? As we see in numerous media reports our world is at a dangerous place. Pollution, Water, Animal Extinction, Famine, The Possibility of Flooding, Massive Earthquakes all signal difficult times… a nightmarish End to Man. In the 'World is Singing'we outline our choices psychically. Underline just how real the dark possibilities are. Yes we must listen to nature and if we do there is so much we can gain… Through songs like "Why can't Humans learn to wag their Tails.' Creator’s Child has been reminding the world that if we have to survive we need to talk to nature…


Do we just talk? Or do we do something about it? Well, starting with your street can make a big difference… Like how Manisha and Zahid’s campaigning for greater environmental caring in HSR layout was an inspiring action that has spread to many wards in Bangalore… Fewer plastics gives nature a better chance. And this is all essential. 

No, we are not helpless, abandoned?  Great power lies at our command. In Healing for Japan we see how mantras can make the physical move, make water stir…  we remind ourselves that change is possible real change is possible. More recently when we were having a powerful spiritual awakening session with Trishla, long-distance, as we were directing a chant to her root chakra the bells in her house began to ring, when we moved our attention away… the chimes quietened!    



Beneath our world are great forces… this Naga Panchami we spoke about the shaktis, the weavers of the universe that listen to us… to  our actions, words and thoughts… If we can address them, deal with them we can reap a tidal wave of joy not a harvest of pain...

Calling on deep forces, incredible shifts can happen. During a recent healing we realised a demonic force lurked beneath the surface. Not surprising, for the sufferer who came to us had one friend commit suicide, another friend murdered… During the healing we called on The Shakti to swallow the ‘demonic force’. The difference was instantaneous. The sufferer trembled, and he felt an instantaneous relief. ‘It’s like a weight has been taken off my shoulders’ he said. In another case, Indroneil who had attracted a challenging energy wrote on his FB page… ‘Thank you Tarun and Celia ... For relieving me of this prolonged misery... Feeling much better ... though a little tired and sore .. Which I understand will go away soon... ‪#‎Devadharahealing rocks!!!’

The truth is that many of us wrestle with gut-wrenching problems at a personal and public level... Terrifying illness, impossible financial crisis, ugly relationship issues, addiction, decades of child abuse, families from hell, violence, betrayal, murder... We salute you... Shivers go down our spines, for you have taken our 1% healing energy and support, and added to it 99% faith and perspiration. So many of you have triumphed over situations that Medicine says is incurable, common sense says is intractable. Many of you have given us the courage to inspire others. The incredible fight of Pramod, Shweta & Shalini confronting intractable illness, the way Palli & Mala have faced financial crisis, the caring of so many like Ushachechi, activists like Zahid & Manisha...  It is your victories that gives hope to many...  But its important we don't equate the miraculous with cheap magic wands... for there is a great price that needs to be paid... In 'Learning to Smile again Doggy Style.' We reflect on a the great calm a 3 legged dog has... and the lessons it has for us...  

Yes, but the incredible news is more that we can demand miracles, or live on a living universe, the body of God... At the very heart of our vision is the realisation that we are all divine... we are all part of a great web, one with a marvellous oneness... we describe one such in an article Oneness with Everything, a socratean session... 



 But there have been so many spectacular sessions where you have glimpsed God... Where with chant, symbol, blessing or healing, we lit the wick of your soul and were amazed as the divine flared and danced in you... {But this isn't just stuff that happened in your skulls, in so many cases we have asked you to crossconfirm, often Bela would be exasperated as we asked which side is the figure of the divine standing?}

Yes, we are all versions of an indescribable magnificence... 

Let us Know it, Use it, Become it. 

There are extraordinary freedoms and extraordinary challenges beckoning us. “In 2011, I {Tarun} was trying to dissolve into light and back. Suddenly one day as I was lying down in bed, my body began to disappear, my legs vanished, my lower half was fuzzing out when I panicked. The moment I did that my legs reappeared. There was no use my telling the light please return, I just panicked a little. To claim inward freedom I had to have been inwardly stronger. I had to be grateful I hadn’t lost use of my legs. ”

Yes we are lights. But not just lights with legs. For our journey does not stop with this life and this world... 

Many have gone before us into the light, and from that place returned bearing amazing gifts...  In Useless Intuition, Priceless Revelations. we relate how someone who could have left the circle of life came back to protect someone he had travelled many lives with. In Buffy's Gift: The Spiral of Resouling we speak of Buffy's journey as a spirit guide and her gift to us humans. 

As we soar above deeper into our indescribable magnificence... our freedom and light becomes ever more brilliant... 

Love & God
Tarun & Celia