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The patient we are healing has one of the most difficult conditions we have encountered. It is intractable, and resists all our psychic weaponry, all our healing blandishments.... We realise that it is time to bring in the heavy artillery. We call... the response is incredible, glorious, ferocious, wondrous... It looks like a great whirlpool of force. Copper-gold, and seething with potency... Something impossible has arrived. "Who is it?" We ask the patient to ask. "MAA... I cannot get the rest..." the patient replies.

The Mother... The Mother of All Creation has arrived... and with her comes hope. "Will the illness vanish soon?" we plead. The Goddess replies "You have an opportunity to get better in 15 days... to achieve it you need to show discipline, resolve, faith, joy and caring..."

Yes, in many primal descriptors of The Goddess she is often described as The Force. As pure power. Ancient Indian spiritualists often describe The Goddess as Shakti, AdiShakti and Parashakti... As you read this the long term follower of Creator's Child will exclaim this reminds me of Vasundhara's experience... "It screams like a buzzsaw  with a thousand blades unleashed in terrifying fury." To read more of Vasundhara's ferocious encounter, click here}





But are these descriptors exaggerated? Far from it... "We were taking Tanya deeper and deeper, till suddenly her body began to tremble and her aura flamed with the strangest colours... When she emerged she cried out "I became a flock of birds... a being so huge... the sun and moon were my anklets."

'But' you may say 'having the sun & moon as anklets are fine but what can it do in earthly terms?' There was a time when R was under pressure, she had just moved countries, social & financial pressures dogged her... "It was crazy, there were days when I'd walk through the house and the electricals would just go berserk... and this is in a country where electricity does not fluctuate, power cuts are rarer than blue moons..."

The deep anguish in us taken to another level can tap a level of existence so deep it stirs the very foundations of life. It can cause electricity to leap. It can also attract beings to whom this world is but a paper palace...

"What the patient was experiencing was terrifying... strange, creepy things were happening like a water glass cracked without reason, strange shapes were appearing on the mirror, a dark mist peered through the door, the corridor whispered with claws...Of course we would see her, the trouble was it was the middle of the night and she was in another city... we called on The Divine for help... "I can see a red saree clad figure appear arrive" she said, and in moments the terror dissipated... the world around that was misbehaving quickly wagged its tail. Interestingly, the patient was blessed with two divine figures, if the first is straight out of a Kolkota pandal, the second was a white ethereal figure, a Buddha like figure..."

Now the feminine in our usual patriarchal human expectation is seen as a lesser force... but here we encounter her as force impossible... And sometimes one wonders how and why should that be so? Surely it should be the other way round? And as we study the case above we realise we are seeing the cosmic drama as encapsulated in Shaivism or Wiccanism where one is the ultimate force and the other the ultimate consciousness being played out in front of us.

'She was in despair... her life was falling apart... on every front things were imploding, love, family, money, career... she only had to touch it, for it to disintegrate... We laughed and said you should hire yourself out as a psychic destroyer... The healing was titanic... "I felt shivers all over" said the patient... That night she had a dream, a vision so real it has become the pivot of a new life. "I saw a red saree clad figure dancing wild with joy..."'

It is in this case, confronted by the red saree clad figure dancing wild that we understand why The Goddess embodies the supreme power... For She is life... We realise The Divine in Feminine Form is the very pulse of life, the blood of our blood, the joy of our existence, the refusal to be put into moralistic cages... Whereas the male force is that which seeks to tame life... the feminine is life's blood itself. The divine is divine, when presenting itself to our egos the masculine and feminine take on different aspects of force... Translated into physical terms one is sympathetic control, the other parasympathetic power... the feminine force rules the heart beating, the male claims the strength of arm... the feminine rules through the bonds of family, the male rules by strength of reason...the male seeks to tame nature... the feminine trusts nature...

Today many on the spiritual path despair for they cannot meditate for hours, but when we look at them we see a glorious divine glow... We assure them that there are many ways to reach the ultimate, sitting and meditating is but one of them. One of the most potent meditations we have given many is a dance meditation, one of the most potent meditations Osho gave disciples moved the body, celebrated the physical. In the early Christian Church, worshippers danced. Jesus at a wedding turned water into wine. When, you may ask, did we believe we can praise the life of Life by kneeling and raising doleful hymns? And so here we discover another key to cosmic power... we can claim power 'the male way' through discipline or it can be claimed The Goddess way through celebrating life, through trusting joy, through dancing, loving, singing, rejoicing, or through sharing life's sweetness...





In primal encounters with The Divine Goddess there is one aspect even more fundamental and potent than the supreme force... But what we humans may wonder is greater than the supreme force? And then we realise that it is... The Supreme Reality...

'There came a time when I went so deep the 'I' disappeared... or got lost... all that I could see or experience was a vast ocean, an endless rippling... an infinity if I peered at the ocean it would become filled with reflections, galaxies, worlds, entities, trillion lives, and yet if i stared deep I returned to that which indescribably describes itself as an ocean... I realise I stood on the ocean of existence... the ocean of emptiness... the supreme reality... the trick I realised was that I needed to be able to walk on water, to swim breathless where there is no breath, to dance where I have no feet..."'

The truth is that we think we stand on ground, but in reality we sit on the lap of the Divine. We think we stand on solid earth, the truth is we stand on a frantic mass of whirling atoms... We think we live on boring earth actually we live on a ball of mud hurtling across empty screaming space... We think we are matter, but truly we are ripples on an ocean vast. In the ancient Greek Spiritual approach the unified cosmos has dyadic aspects... Chaos or the Goddess is dark, vehement, unpredictable, fertlile while Order is male is structured... In this Order emerges from Chaos... The feminine far from being secondary is primary in existence... In numerous American Indian spiritual traditions the cosmos is seen as primarily feminine from which the male emerges...

As we absorb this we realise we live in a world with such cruel edges because we have bought into a lie... The day we realise we sit in the lap of The Goddess the whole of creation becomes our playground...



Many spiritualists born into religions emergent from the middle east find The Goddess difficult to deal with... The Divine as feminine, to many is anathema, blasphemous even.. To many, God is male... But "It may surprise many people to discover that a goddess was associated with Judaism from its conception..." To quote Ilil Arbel, Ph.D. in The Encyclopedia Mythica: "The goddess" She says "is best known as Shekhina, a Talmudic term describing the manifestation of God's presence on earth.... {She} was often referred to as Yahweh's Consort." The article goes on to argue that to the Israelites Yahweh existed above, in the clouds, standing above humanity and our mucky earthly life, it was 'when the Israelites built the desert Tabernacle, the temple, their notion of God descended and dwelt on earth. "The word Shekhina, in Hebrew, is derived from the Biblical verb shakhan, meaning "the act of dwelling"." So the transcendent divine is male, the earth-dwelling divine is feminine.

"The other day we were advising a human parent about her very sick cat... incidentally we told her, a great cat goddess is speaking to your cat... educating her about life, death, the price and the world beyond..."

The Goddess often appears to us creatures of blood, in our terms, as dark obsidian panther, many armed spider, snake, butterfly, tree, or potent human shape... Now some sniff at these representations as provincial figures from village shrines, a grave mistake. For the organically presented divine encourages great engagement. In a sense it is closer to The Goddess's heartbeat than the earlier purer abstract shapes we saw above... and why is that? you may ask. And the answer is, only those who in their bones know the reality of The Greater Existence are gifted with this revelation... This is The Shaman's Goddess, The Witch's Goddess one who isn't just there, but is there at a deep physically potent level.

Whereas the male impulse is to raise steeples that impress mankind, the feminine impulse is to create little shrines that create oases of life in our life. The Tulsi plant in every courtyard, the shrine in a prayeful home, the candleflame that flickers in quiet corners, the humble prayers that ask for a cow's health, a crop's wellness, a child's joy...

"I am" she says "blood of your blood, I am ground beneath your feet, I am the tree that feeds your breath... I am the lost child, woman weeping, I am man despairing, I am cow crying for its calf, I am rabbit tasting grass, I am bacteria eating bone, I am cloud kissing earth, I am stars singing their songs, I am snail leaving silvery trail, I am storm raging forth... I am in each child... and so any who disrespect life are by that circle held..."

But how do I use this knowledge? you may ask. She offers an answer... "Draw a red dot and above it draw three arcs of haldi... at the close of each day approach it and offer to this these true life offerings... to the first circle offer joy, a time in the day you revelled in life, to the second arc offer a time when you cared, fed a child with patience, nurtured a cow, put water for a bird, to the third arc offer a song, a time when you in your heart included all in the family of earth and wished them well... Last take your despair, your weaknesses, your unkindnesses, your hates offer it to the centre red dot... but know this" She says "I shall not always reply in sweetness, for with one breast I give honey, with the other I give death... with every act however I nurture life...

"I am the guardian of forest, have you cared for tree? I am queen of flowing river, does it arrive to my lips filled with goodness? I am the rage in every creature, have you fed one bird in my name? Praise me not with lips but heart, praise me not with hymn alone, but love..."




A patient had come to us with an intractable financial condition, in despair, with health failing... During the healing, a cluster of Golden Goddess shapes appeared behind him... in months his problems dissolved like morning mist.

Now many have an idea of a lazy man's God, or Goddess, one who will arise to help her creatures, her babies. And while at one level it is true, at another it is untrue. "While we love each one of you without reserve," says The Goddess "We are parents interested in your growth, in the triumph of life, of living, of being..." And so we multiply what you have... I unleash your longings, multiply the reserve of joy or life you have, what you call The Lord, does the same only with your knowing... If we offer you grace, if we give you an out of turn winning lottery ticket, you still have to use it well, winning does not guarantee happiness... And so while we hear your prayers we will grant you what will assist your growth. And that may mean a crashed car, or a painful death..."

"We are dealing with a patient with a crippling condition, we discover cildhood abandonment, past life tangles,black magic... but the real underlying cause is something unexpected... The Goddess is responsible for her ill health... Why? We ask. "I am preparing her to be my temple, my channel, my vessel... it is an honour... the greatest gift I can bestow on her...The pain is like a sculptor's chisel... " is The Goddesses Reply.



To repeat ourselves, to many the idea that The Divine can be feminine is difficult to stomach... but it can be a liberating concept. Many religions with 'male' figureheads are committed to male patriarchal values. Religions and spiritual forms with feminine divinities illustrate and embody distinctive values. However, it isn't as if spirituality with Goddess ideals is free of fault or bias... as you digest this statement you begin to suspect we are taking you to a radically new perspective. And we are.going to really raise the stakes...

...Behold The Male Goddess... "We were dealing with a meditating student undergoing an extremely difficult situation... We called on the divine. A male entity. As we introduced the student to the force, one that made infinite sense to him, he asked could he continue to worship The Goddess as culturally his family was attached to her. At which point we laughed, for this male manifestation was the same force that is worshipped as The Goddess in the seeker's part of the world, appearing before him as male."

Now we humans are sometimes so caught up in our Gender biases we forget that the force, the inner reality is neither male or female... it is born from the very nature of primal existence... as it interacts with us, it chooses and develops cultural and personal psychic clothing relevant for the person and time... "G-d has no body, no genitalia, therefore the very idea that G-d is male or female is patently absurd. We refer to G-d using masculine terms simply for convenience's sake, because Hebrew has no neutral gender; G-d is no more male than a table is....The fact that we always refer to God as 'He' is also not meant to imply that the concept of sex or gender applies to God." Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, The Aryeh Kaplan Reader.

"When you move sufficiently away from your human and earthly reality you will realise that you are neither male or female, you instead have intensities, and modalities..." Says The Goddess, "So the shakti you ride can no longer be classified by male or female, the divine too can no longer be neatly interpreted as God or Goddess..."



"On one of our deep spiritual explorations Bela encounters the Bindu, flaming red, pulsing with vehemence, blazing in her skull... and yet as she stands in front of this tiny speck the world is inverted, for it stretches out to tower over the universe... The light blazing in her skull and the flames that ring our galaxy are one..."

And this is the last and greatest gift of The Goddess... the assurance that the divine lives here with us... in us... in skull and womb... Many ancient texts place the supreme force at the root chakra... But why here? How can the scent of our desire be incense for the divine, why would the mess of gut be a place for a temple, why will the cosmic turn its face to a broken-heart, why does the divine dwell in this place of damnation? As we rest a moment with thought the answer becomes clear... who says the beat of the heart, the shiver of the brain is in anyway less than the pulse of desires... Our heart's speech, brain thoughts, life lusts are all blood impulses... it is when we go from body tickle to lust for life, from the dictates of heart to real caring, from skull thoughts to true light that we are getting somewhere...

Yes this the last and greatest gift of The Goddess, the assurance that the divine lives here with us, can be unlocked if we use any of the great keys we have revealed in the article... The Goddess is Real, and so if we plant our feet solidly or leap off cliffs we will be empowered. The Goddess is alive, so if we live, protect life, savour life, we will be rewarded. The Goddess is Joy so if we make Joy our star, or let go of cheap blandishments we will be given a taste of the cosmic. The Goddess is earthy and so if in the mud and muck of our lives we create a bed for her garden we will be filled with colour. The Goddess is a binding force and so if we care, love or unloose ties to falsity we will be embraced.

The Goddess sits in us, will we treasure her, trust her, love her, worship her, awaken her? Or would we rather feel the sickle she carries? We can be grain at the Goddess' harvest. Or be chaff beneath her feet.

By Tarun & Celia Cherian, Co-founders Creator's Child

There are infinite dimensions of The Divine... and with The Goddess these are even more shrouded in mystery... For The Goddess modality works with the roots of existence, the hidden tunnels of the mind... To help us make sense of it, The Goddess reveals she has 3 principal faces that she shows us humans. The first is the humble face, the Goddess behind the scenes that creates our little virtual cup of reality, now and again glimpsed and termed Nagas, earth spirits, fate spinners, the Kundalini. The next, is least recognised, the growing force that grows as the soul raises its eyes to higher and vaster possibilities; this has often been described by metaphors like the coccoon and the butterfly... The last she reveals is her triumphant impossible self.