Creator's Child Logo Standing up to The Corona Virus with Devadhara Healing. by Tarun & Celia Cherian, Co-founders of Devadhara Healing {article 2020}:

From 2010 we have been communicating that waves of viruses, bacteria and funghii will hit the world in 2019-2023, and later in 2027-2033. 'Was Corona' asked Amita 'the deadly virus we had seen?' There is not one but 3 such that will threaten over the next few years. Whether you look at it psychically, or see the decine in forest cover, rationally or psychically we humans are vulnerable to viruses in the next decade. So what are we suggesting one does about it asked Jaya? This article contains suggestions on what can be done...

Now as healers, much of our work is long distance, sometimes scanning the auras of people literally across the globe with nothing more than a 10 year-old photograph. And doing healings for severe, degenerative and chronic cases across the world. We set ourselves the task of attempting to map psychically the Corona virus To try and uncover possible tools that people can use.

  Corona Virus Effect

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Insights from The Aura Pattern.

The first thing we do when looking at an aura is to look without knowing much, then to seek confirmation against what we know. This allows us to see whether we are seeing accurately on that day.

The 3 areas that the corona virus hits the aura is the throat, abdomen {hip}, and solar plexus. Indicating that it hits the Respiratory and Digestive system, as scientists have uncovered.

1. Reduce Stress: But the fact it affects the hip means that the person is stressed out and worn down.

2. Deal with Family Stress: Another aura area that is dark is one to the left of the body in a place of family connections. Either it targets those without family or with familial pressures.

3. Sleep? Psychically The Corona Virus appears to spread faster when the patient is sleeping. We have no confirmation of this.

4. It principally affects the etheric body and the reincarnational. Standard healing methods like salt should help.

5. The Virus seems to work with those affected by other viruses or bacteria. This has not been confirmed by science. But one can confirm by looking at treatment pattern of patients.

Some Healing Suggestions>>>>

Devadhara Healing Image, Strengthens Abdomen Immunity Chakra's Defensive abilities. When we aked for a way to help those vulnerable, psychically we got an image that sensitises the abdomen chakra. As advanced healers know it is responsible for WBC and resistance against illness. When we tested it out we realised it helps the ab chakra/ Swadisthana get charged.

Corona Image

How use the image? Focus on the blu-white spot in the V, Chant Devadhara Sariha or your Cosmic Heart Chant.

Alternately to talk to the virus focus on the yellow spot velow the V. This is only for advanced healers and seekers.

Herbal suggestion to Boost Immunity. There are innumerable ways to boost immunity, pychically we got that having lime, turmeric, pudina with green chilly can effectively boost immunity. Grind together and eat that amount a day for 3-4 days. Note some maybe allergic to chiily, reduce or avoid.

Iimmunity boost

Herbal suggestion to Fight Virus Effect. It is said that the corona virus causes many organs to get inflamed. Consider ginger juice that reduces inflammation.

Emo suggestions. Psychically we see emotional family baggage to be a factor. So essentially we would suggest placing these psychically away. Deal with it another day.

Nadi Strengthening Suggestions. Any techniques using the cooling ida nadi should help with someone who has emotional baggage or who already has the illnesss as it is said that the virus causes many organs to get inflamed. .

Healing Suggestions. Focus on throat, ab, hip areas, and solar plexus chakras. Also the armpit chakras.

V Imporant; Protect yourself as you give healing.


Suggestions by The MediCare Industry.

Prevention. While many appear to favour face masks and there will be some preventive effect. The fact is if we can keep our hands clean and restrain from touching one's face, one can reduce chances of contracting the illness.


Imperative for The World at Large.

Forests Protect Mankind. Forests are the earth's immune system, and the systematic degradation of forests, especially the lush forests tropical forests leave us vulnerable to a host of bio-threats. Conserving, growing and protecting such resources are the most single greatest health boost we can give the earth.

Green Bathing. Spend time with nature. Just 15 minutes in a day ensures your immunity is boosted. Plant pheremones, and calming aura have a wonderfully proven effect.


Death's Lessons for Life.

The Attitude of Gratitude is the very basis of healing and spirituality. So why would anyone be thankful for a killing virus?

Because we get out of the false illussion that life is 9-5. That economic growth is all that is important. The fear pushes us to look at the value of our lives. Specifically Corona pushes us to look at emotions, family and its worth.

Because we can reexamine the false idea that economic growth is all that is important. The reasons why we are vulnerable is in part because our forest cover has been assaulted by what we call progress. In fact the area where the virus took root is one with mega pollutants.


Ratify with a Health Specialist:

Note: We are beginning to map psychic possibilities surrounding the corona virus and possible lines of treatment.These are inspired lines of thoughts, confirmed aurawise, rather than definitive scientifically-proven treatments. All suggestions offered must be ratified by the health specialist you entrust your life to. Allopath. Homeopath. Unani. Siddha.... Healing... Self or God.


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