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Healers and The Corona Virus: by Tarun Cherian, Co-founder, Devadhara Healing {article 2020}:

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corona weighing our options

Among deadly viruses & bacteria The Corona Virus {Chinese Strain} is relatively lightweight, with a mortality rate* of just 2-4%. It is far behind The Ebola and Maburg that knocks off 80% of those it infects. Far less debilitating than HIV. Small fry compared to bird flu with a 30-60% kill rate. It lags behind a far more deadly Corona brother the middle eastern MERS which kills 40% of the infected, an outbreak which in Saudi Nov 2019, has claimed 3000 victims. It is comparable with Dengue which when treated has a 2-5% kill rate which soars to 20% if untreated.

That is good news and bad news.

Good news because if you are young, in decent health you may just think you've had a flu, which is what it is. The Really Good News is till now young children are rarely infected by the virus.

The Bad news, for if you are elderly 70+, have a loved one who is older, or are middle aged with co-morbidities or other illnesses like cancer, even chronic illnesses like diabetes your vulnerability increases. The really bad news: The fact that the Chinese Corona Strain is probably air borne, means that though it has relatively low mortality, has high infectivity. Since {tentative info} one may have the virus for as long as a fortnight before symptoms appear, and one maybe infective for weeks after you return to health, the virus can spread. If unchecked it means we are looking at thousands, even lakhs of deaths in the worst case scenario.

But the Truth is that as few of us realise that the normal flu on an average year kills 300,000 to 650, 000* patients. Yes the normal Flu! So the 30,000-40,000 that the Chinese Corona has today claimed is worrying, definitely calls for action, but that action needs to be thought through.

Now many epidemiologists are claiming that The Corona can be as deadly as The Spanish Flu which devastated the world in 1918-20 killed 50 millon. Is that true? That is a presumption. We need to carefully evaluate our future options. For by slamming brakes on, the global economy can go into a deep depression. The resultant job loss, prolonged uncertainty, malnutrition, starvation will make us vulnerable to virus, bacteria. Malnourished, underfed, terrified, suspicious... The world will become ripe for the picking.

In just months, medical infra-structure will get beefed up. Working from home will be more noormalised. Vaccines and retrovirals will appear. The virus a relatively young one will mutate and die out. So all we really need to do is to stay safe and healthy for a few moths... 6 months.

The Very Good News: The first thing a Devadhara Healer must remember is that we have successfully empowered patients with far poorer chances. Buffy came through Distemper which kills 90% of pups. We have dealt with an AIDs Patient {We believed he was misdiagnosed, but was medically was considered HIV+. Two months of healing later the condition vanished.}. For years we have combatted illneses where the survival chances have been 20% or less. So if a loved one is targetted, tell them the empowered body, mind & spirit has taken on far, far worse. You are not helpless. Hold that thought in your mind. We are not helpless. Diet, Herbal Help, Self-belief, Healing, Innate Vigour with MediAssistance can blunt the most deadly disease.

Basically the broad approach to the illness must be

1. Strengthen Immunity, Reduce Stress, Control Chronic Illness, Build Family Bonds & Believe.

2. Reduce Contact, Wash Hands.

3. If someone is infected Fight knowing we have beaten worse, Empower, & Triumph.

4. Prevent Panic, Defuse Social Pressures, Manage Economic Pressures, Help Others.

5. Go Green. Think Ayurveda, Yoga, Healing. Rejoice. Look Beyond Death.

Since this is a follow up article, we add new insights, new techniques, but there will be some repetition and as new insights trickle in, and as the virus mutates, we will see fresh perspective.


1. Strengthen Immunity. Reduce Stress. Build Family Bonds. Believe.


1. A. Diet. Herbs. Vitamins & Micro-minerals. The best way to get well is to not fall ill. Or to reverse it if it appears. For example scientists Gorton HC and Jarvis K discovered Vitamin C in megadoses administered before or after the appearance of cold and flu symptoms relieved and prevented the symptoms by as much as 85%. Will mega vitamin C doses work with Corona, Mers or Bird Flu? We can't say. But it will prevent colds and flus on which these more deadly viruses can piggyback.

Numerous studies reveal that in much of the herbs and spices in our kitchen cabinet are potent anti-virals. We have formulated 2 powerful herbal immunity boosters packed with ingredients proven to bost immunity and fight viruses. One we have already shared with you.

Iimmunity boost

Earlier Herbal suggestion: to Boost Immunity. As mentioned in the article before "there are innumerable ways to boost immunity. We then shared that pychically we got that having lime, turmeric, pudina with green chilly can effectively boost immunity. Grind together and eat that amount a day for 3-4 days. Note some maybe allergic to chiily, reduce or avoid."

As we experimented we discovered that adding a few ingredients gave it greater vigour. The other slightly improved formula we now share with you.

Another Herbal Suggestion: to Boost Immunity. Lime, turmeric, ginger, garlic, coriander, half a banana with green chilly can effectively boost immunity. Take 1 large Lime. Thumb size of ginger. Thumb size of Turmeric or 1/2 dried turmeric. 3 garlic pods. A bunch of coriander. Or handful of Pudina. 1/3 ripe banana. 1/2 green chilly. Grind together and eat that amount a day for 3-4 days. Note some maybe allergic to chiily, reduce or avoid.". Also have it with other food like rice.

Ask Grandma. But beyond this every community in India has a compendium of knowledge that may prevent one from beng vulnerable to illness. For example the humble rasam.

Exercise. Even though you are housebound do exercise. Clearly daily short term exercise is an immunity booster.

1. B. Yantras. Mudras. Meditation. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Mudras: The Cost-Effective Option. There are n number of mudras that strengthen immunity and the respiratory system. Healers look through your notes, the universal mudra will help energize one's spirit, the anti allegy and throat mudras are effective.

Mudras the corona fighter

According to researcher Saravanan and team, from a range of reputed Tamil Nadu Medical Colleges that studied the effectiveness of lung specific mudras on asthma they discovered that Lung-specific hasta mudras significantly increased all the parameters of respiratory efficiency after 6 weeks of mudra practice.-- National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology

Yantras. Devadhara Healing Image, Strengthens Abdomen, The Immunity Chakra's Defensive abilities. When we asked for a way to help those vulnerable, psychically we got an image that sensitises the abdomen chakra. As advanced healers know it is responsible for WBC and resistance against illness. When we tested it out we realised it helps the ab chakra/ Swadisthana get charged.

Corona Image

How use the image? Focus on the blu-white spot in the V, Chant Devadhara Sariha or your Cosmic Heart Chant.

Alternately to talk to the virus focus on the yellow spot velow the V. This is only for advanced healers and seekers.

Candle of Healing

1. C. Mantras & Meditation: Devadhara Mantra. For decades we have given the Devadhara Mantra to those facing troubling, even life-threatening situations. Play it for them, chant it from them. What does it do? It helps The Sushumna come alive, and so rouses the person's spirit.

For the mantra click on candle of healing at corona time { or use} You can share this with the world.


Corona Virus Effect

Manage Secondary Illnesses. Bring secondary illnesses into better control. Easier said than done. Upmedication with Doc's permission.

Reduce Stress. Many are panicking because the media has made Corona into a terror. Yes it is serious, but for the individual patient far less dangerous than Bird Flu. The key phrase is: Get Serious. Not Scared.

Heal Emotion. Build Family Ties. Find Purpose. Resolve Past Life Issues. From our aura scan we shared last time, heavy family issues tend to make one vulnerable to the virus. You may need to address it or use the technique given below to postpone it. Advanced healers please use healing to address both deep emotions and Past Life Issues for yourself or others.

1. D. Lock Difficult Emotions Up Temporarily. Now many may have deep family torments, which cannot go with the snap of a finger so what do you do? Visualise a dark green box where you put family hurt into it. Bury it. Promise yourself you will reexamine it.


2. Avoid Virus, Block Virus & Clear Virus.


Basically the medical profession has emphasized one avoids human or social contact, keep a distance of 2-3 metres, cleans one hands after contact, even surfaces that many touch like bannisters or lift buttons, avoid touching one's face or do so with the left hand. The medical profession is in 2 minds about the usefulness of masks. It may have some or no effect but if nothing it serves a social function.

1. Avoiding unnecessary human contact. 2. Keeping a distance of a few feet with strangers especially in poorly ventilated areas. 3. Use Sanitisers Or Just Wash Hands after contact with others or public places. 4. Perhaps try masks, especially if you have a respiratory illness. 5. Lubricate one's throat. 6. Agressive testing and quarantining. These are what the world advises.

Let us now also look at the problem psychically. What would we suggest? 6. Use your intuition. Should you do something, or avoid it? For example, we foresaw the virus spread would take a month so we could safely travel out of town for some work. 7. We would suggest you protect yourself psychically, especially the waist and throat area when you go out. 8. Use Bach Flower Remedies like Crab Apple to clear patterns. 9. Try wearing copper on the left wrist. Obviously few of these psychic methods have scientific ratification especially with corona treatment.

devadhara healing


3. Devadhara Healers: If someone is infected, Fight knowing we have beaten worse, Empower Patient & Triumph.


We have started with this article by pointing out that The Corona is dangerous because it can spread enormously. We tempered this with the fact that it has a relatively low mortality. And reminded ourselves that we have faced illness with far worse prognosis.

Now let us go step by step what you as a healer need to do.

A. Protection. Given quarantine restrictions, anything but long-distance healing is inadvisable. Even when doing this ensure you are strongly protected. Give yourself Bach Flower Remedy Aspen or Crab Apple for additional protection. The trouble with giving healing to virus infected patients it leaves you vulnerable psychically.

B. Healing Focus. Focus on throat, ab, hip areas, and solar plexus chakras. Also the armpit chakras.

C. Energy Body Focus. Advanced Healers focus on the emotional body to the left side. Adepts may clear past life level. Alternately use the emotional post[ponement technique given earlier.

D. Healing Frequency. 3-6 times a day, one at night.

E. Empowerment. For the Patient: Try Vitamin C mega doses. Ask them to try the immunity Booster. Try Ginger additions to tea to reduce inflammation. Try Bach Flower Remedy Crab Apple. Ask the patient to check with his/her health practitioner before taking any oral medication.

If the person has strong emo baggage recommend the emotional postponement technique given earlier.

F. Empowerment. For the Patient's Close ones and carers: Recommend the herbal remedies, for those exposed to the virus. Ask the carer to check with his health practitioner.

G. Nadi Strengthening Suggestions. Any techniques using the cooling ida nadi should help with someone who has emotional baggage or who already has the illnesss as it is said that the virus causes many organs to get inflamed.

H. Divine Empowerment. Of the many divine forms ask the patient to either Keep an image or statue of a wooden Ganesha or image of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati and Ganesha. Or an image of The Black Madonna. Here below is one powerful image of Lord Ganesha as he came to us.

Lord Ganesha


4. Prevent Panic, Defuse Social Pressures, Help Others


The WHO are naturally pushing panic buttons. And naturally Governments forced into panic mode are pushing the panic buttons. But we humans, healers, seekers must not panic. We must stay steady and strong.

There are 3 alternate Governmental reactions to Corona: A} Korean Response -- Test, isolate, treat intensively. B} USA Response -- Promote work at Home. Treat it like a Difficult Virus. C} Indian Response -- Total Lockdown.

Obviously each country and each nation needs to evolve its own mechanism... Given its population, disease dynamics,

But consider The Dangers of Prolonged Lockdown:: The Global Pandemic of Fear that Results in Closure of International Trade, That results in Governmental Overreaction like Extended Lockdown, That results in Job Loss, That results in Poverty, Debt, Malnourishment, That results in Stress, and Immune Weakening,Will make us truly Vulnerable. Not just to The Corona. But To Every and Any Bacteria That Chooses To Poke Its Head Up. One needs to consider alternate models and strategies.

Alternate Perspective: Complete lockdown would cause more harm than good, dissenting {Israeli} top doctor claims. More people die from the flu than will from COVID-19, says Leonid Eidelman, and exacerbating damage to economy will ultimately hurt already dismal state of Israel’s health system. Now again we do not know if Corona will be only as deadly as Flu.Or worse. That only the next few months will tell. And what is true for Israel, may not be right for India. What is true for each country must be formulated. But looking, engaging, considering alternates, working together is a must.

There will be information, counter-information, new possibilities, for example according to one source malarial drugs are showing promise. According to another in just 2-3 months anti-retrovirals will emerge.

One of the best ways you can help is simply each day call those who are alone and isolated, the elderly, those who are afflicted with other illnesses. Be there for each other.

corona and love


5. Go Green. Think Ayurveda. Rejoice. Look beyond death.


There are 3 difficult viruses {Corona. Bird Flu. And Mers} floating around, apart from innumerable funghii, bacteria, viruses, pollutants. With luck the quarantine measures will prove effective and the virus is restricted. Also it will take months before an effective Vaccine or treatment is formulated. So do not think like a sprinter, but as a long-distance spiritualist.

Boosting Immunity has to be a Priority. And in this Ayurveda, Yoga and Traditional Medicine must take a lead. For example numerous herbs are powerful anti-virals and antibiotics. Numerous herbal combinations can offer prophylactic support. Why is Indian, Chinese, Brazilian Herbal Remedies not studied for prophylaxis? It makes it more local, accessible? Indian Ayurveda has long used Tulsi in numerous flu conditions. Will it work here? Of course. But research is needed now. But before conclusive research comes in why wait? Why not deploy Ayurveda on a mass scale now?!

We know that respiratory mudras work. Why not now?

Corona Fighter herbs

As we mentioned before: Forests Protect Mankind. Forests are the earth's immune system, and the systematic degradation of forests, especially the lush forests tropical forests leave us vulnerable to a host of bio-threats. Conserving, growing and protecting such resources are the most single greatest health boost we can give the earth. The reasons why we are vulnerable is in part because our forest cover has been assaulted by what we call progress. In fact the area where the virus took root is one with mega pollutants.

As we mentioned before: Green Bathing. Spend time with nature. Just 15 minutes in a day ensures your immunity is boosted. Plant pheremones, and calming aura have a wonderfully proven effect. But this may not be possible with serious travel restrictions in place.

Death's Lessons for Life.

The Attitude of Gratitude is the very basis of healing and spirituality. So why would anyone be thankful for a killing virus? Because we get out of the false illussion that life is 9-5. That economic growth is all that is all-important. The fear pushes us to look at the value of our lives. Specifically Corona pushes us to look at emotions, family and its worth.

As some would know Tarun's mother passed away recently. As mentioned in Death & Rebirth, she used to keep a suitcase ready with clothes for her funeral. While we kids used to laugh, we saluted her inwardly. She had lived well, and was unafraid of death. The simple truth is that we survive death. We will be reborn. Either on a plane like earth or a higher one. Many of you who have come to us have glimpsed past lives. Some have gone out-of-body. Some in deep meditation have plunged into zones so free that gravity is an illussion.

The world we are entering into is what Huxley called a brave new world. In this world each of us has greater challenge, but also greater responsibility. You as healers, spiritual seekers carry this to an even greater extent. For to you is given the task of living as immortal beings, commanding the cosmic.

-- Love & God, Celia & Tarun.



Ratify with a Health Specialist:

Note: We are beginning to map psychic possibilities surrounding the corona virus and possible lines of treatment.These are inspired lines of thoughts, confirmed aurawise, rather than definitive scientifically-proven treatments. All suggestions offered must be ratified by the health specialist you entrust your life to. Allopath. Homeopath. Unani. Siddha.... Healing... Self or God.

*Figures based on WHO & Global Estimates:

Note: The mortality rates quoted here for Influenza deaths are based on early estimates by WHO. Mortality rates for the Corona virus is based on WHO and world medical reports. However, these figures are guesstimates, as these are based on confirmed cases and does not include unreprted, and unseen cases, for most people have a mild infection with minimal or no symptoms. And so the mortality rate may be far lesser or mildly greater.



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