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Cosmic Nowness
and Living Beyond The Limits of Time.

By Tarun & Celia Cherian, Using examples of 30 years of Creator's Child Seekers.
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What if you can change yesterday? What if you can contact tomorrow? What if you can reverse ageing? What if a past life can wander in this one? What if you could connect with a parallel world? These are not what ifs. For the last 3 decades these are realities we have explored.

Changing the Future.
Case 1 Arcane Middle Eastern Cult: In a liberative reincarnational case, that we have related earlier, Sameer* was under psychic pressure. But from where?

We realized it came from a set of magnificently powerful, arcane spiritualists from 10,000 years ago. Sameer* had belonged to their sect, they had engineered futures so he would be born at a particular time to fill a particular role. But Sameer* had to reshaped if he had to carry out their grand plan. They were reshaping his mind to suit their agenda. Irrespective of what Sameer* wanted.

We offered him a choice fulfill their agenda or reserve the right to shape his own destiny. He chose his freedom. We had to block the access to these powerful magicians had to Sameer*. 

Arcane Masters

At every level magnificent possibilities are revealed. While these energy wizards were ugly, quite prepared to ‘mind-morph’ Sameer* to suit their purposes, they were magnificent. Most of us plan a few years ahead, most spiritual teachers and tech wizards capable of thinking a decade ahead. Here were beings who not only planned 10,000 years, 50,000 years ahead. They were also capable of acting in the future, 10,000 years from now.

To these superlative psychics past-present-future is not opaque, but merely close or distant, just as Whitefield, Banaswadi, Malleshwaram, are simultaneous. And this is perhaps how you can wrap your head around time. Whitefield, Banaswadi, Malleshwaram, are all simultaneous, but if you wish to travel given traffic conditions {read time} it will take 2.5 hours, if you send a carrier pigeon it will take 20 minutes. Given that time is simultaneous, one can technically if one is tuned in, throw a stone 20 years away or 10,00 {read breath of energy}, however if we get it wrong and there is no place to where we are sending the stone, it can bounce back and return with multiplied force.

atom in 2 places

Scientific Proof for Retrocausality…  
Now is it just us mystics, who the scientific world will dismiss as non-rigorous, who believe this to be true? About a century ago, the triad of {meta} physicists Heisenberg, Born and Schrödinger conceived of a new physics –  quantum mechanics. In the quantum world view objects can at the very same instant, move on different paths and land up at different destinations, all at once. To cut a long story short it means that an object can be in position A & B simultaneously, in different space-time continuum. But is this anarchy true of space or time too?

While many scientific experiments have shown indeterminacy at a subatomic level, more recent experiments argue this happens at atomic levels too. Associate Professor Andrew Truscott & his team at the ANU Research school of physics and engineering crafted such an experiment. They isolated a single helium atom. Then dropped it through a pair of counter-propagating laser beams, these formed a grating pattern that acted as crossroads for the atom. As the atom dropped along the laser path they were confronted by a choice. The atom chose either path A or B.

Now the experimenters added a second laser light grating designed to recombine the 2 paths. I guess we have to consider it like a path that splits and recombines. When this second laser light grating was introduced, constructive or destructive interference was observed as if the atom had travelled both paths A & B.

But the experimenters introduced a twist in the tail. The second light grating was added only after the atom went on Path A or B. And also the second grating was added randomly. Point 3, the choice to apply or not apply the grating occurred only after the atom had passed the first crossroads. By then the atom had already chosen to go in either path A or B.

What does this mean? Explains Professor Truscott: “If one chooses to believe that the atom really did take a particular path or paths then one has to accept that a future measurement is affecting the atom's past”. When the atom had passed the first crossroads it couldn’t know whether it would encounter a second grating, and yet it behaved as if it did. There are infinite possibilities that emerge from such an experiment. But one of the most vital is this, what we will encounter even if we do not know we will encounter it, is known at an atomic level. Our choices are richer than we think. Faced by a crossroad, the atoms in our body may go A, go B, go both A-B, and may choose to be particle, or be wave. And at every crossroad what may or may not happen impacts us.

Deja Vu

Déjà vu. And The Bridge Between Tomorrow and Today.
Now one of the commonest ways in which people see Past-Present-Future’s linearity being visibly violated is Déjà vu. Here we may encounter The Future triggering a Past event, Or a Past event which does not impact the present but shifts the future which then shifts the present.

Case 2: American Snapshot. If you are an avid follower of Creator’s Child, from the many decades of cases shared with you, we ask you to recall two Déjà Vu events. In one Jayalakshmi, Scientist and Journalist when on a trip in USA had a vivid dream of a particular landscape with a road dipping through hills. The next day a friend took her on an impromptu drive into a landscape where astoundingly she saw exactly such a scene. She had seen tomorrow, yesterday. Tomorrow had already existed yesterday. Now someone who acts on such a scene has triggered off a retro-causal action. Precisely what happened with Zahid.

Case 3: Shah Rukh And The Warning. Zahid had a dream that involved Shah Rukh Khan being attacked. He asked us for an interpretation. We offered him 3 choices from the dream being events in his mind, group link, to precognition. Shah Rukh was actually attacked with elements similar to Zahid’s dream. A few months later, Zahid had another dream in which Shah Rukh was again attacked. This time we urged Zahid to contact Shah Rukh Khan and warn him. Using media contacts, he connected to Shah Rukh’s secretary. The secretary agreed to pass the message to Shah Rukh, with the caveat that Shah Rukh did not believe in Foretelling.  A week later we saw a news report that quoted the police saying Shah Rukh was threatened by D company, and extra security measures were being instituted.

So a warning from tomorrow changed today's actions and hence tomorrow. But, if tomorrow changes today so much that tomorrow doesn't exist then what happens to that tomorrow?

future lives

Future Lives Help Today.
Is the idea of future lives really new? Speaking of his return to The Earth, Jesus said 2000 years ago: “Then they will see The Son of Man coming in the clouds with great power and glory”. A statement of future reincarnation that is deeply believed in by both the Christian and Islamic Communities. Jesus goes onto qualify that it will be marked by great tribulation and certain signs. {But since neither mainstream tradition believes in reincarnation, it can be interpreted both as actual reincarnational return and also as a judgment day call.}

Jane Roberts, Bruce Goldberg, Brian Weiss are among the better known theorists known to reintroduce the idea of future lives to the modern world. Real lives... only happening in the future. So if the future life is potent enough can it reach back and help the past? Not unlike Harry Potter and The Patronus’ phenomenon. Yes, as we will see the future can reach back.

Case 4: Future Support. One of Tarun’s future lives is a figure that takes care of polar bears in a world, 6 centuries from now. A silvery-white figure with enhanced body and stamina. Anyway a few years ago, Tarun sprained his ankle, painfully. While Celia and a few students helped him back, he got inner support. The Future Life inserted her strength temporarily into Tarun’s ankle. When relating the support he got, a psychic student spoke of a white astronautish figure, an angel, we wondered? No not an angel, a white astronautish figure.


Aura Healing Shifting The Nature of Causality.

Case 5: Today’s Healing Affecting Yesterday.
Let us start the discussion with a healing with huge implications. A few years ago, friend and co-seeker Nishi was unwell and told us about it on a Wednesday. It was on Thursday that we actually gave her healing. We talked again on a Friday.  She said she felt a huge relief on Wednesday evening, 2 hours after she talked to us. But we had actually given healing on a Thursday. So either Thursday had touched Wednesday or...

Now there is a simple explanation. Speaking to us on Wednesday and feeling supported triggered off a healing reaction. But as we looked at it psychically, we realized that it was more complex than that. Yes, the Wednesday conversation was helpful, the sense of support triggered off a physical reaction. But there is more to it. While Nishi called us on Wednesday she thought of calling us very intensely on Tuesday, but she did not call on Tuesday because she did not want to be dependent. At that moment, the yes-no within triggered off a powerful, silent call, a cry for help. This went out on Tuesday and connected to the moment of healing on Thursday. Drawing the healing energy back into the past. Basically Tuesday and Thursday formed a circuit of energy and held hands, bypassing Wednesday.

Let us look at the sequence of events carefully. Again.

Friday: Deep isolation, rage, upset triggers illness on Sunday.

Sunday: Beginnings of Illness. Knows she can heal it with herbs and aura healing. Especially as she has called on her favourite God Form Shankara. But Shankara instead of assisting, blocks the healing. As he wants her to shift her egoic response.

Tuesday: Herbs and aura healing have not worked, feeling helpless and angry sends out a call that connects to Thursday.

Wednesday: Puts pride aside and calls us. Feels intense shift 2 hours later. But we have not given a healing on Wednesday. So is it relief from feeling support? No. That was 10% of the story. Her humility in bowing her head on Wednesday caused Lord Shankara to reverse his action on Sunday. And permit healing to flow on Tuesday the energy boosted her appeal to us and drew the healing strand from Thursday to Wednesday.

Thursday: We give healing to Nishi. It was normally going to impact her on Thurday have an effect on Saturday.

Thursday: We give healing to Nishi. It was normally going to impact her on Thurday have an effect on Saturday.

Case 6: 2019. Devadhara Healing Session. Today touches tomorrow.
During a Devadhara Healing Session in late Jan 2019, we were teaching long distance healing to Abhishek. He was sending healing to his grandmom, as we were monitoring the healing we saw the energy path go into the future. Today was directly touching tomorrow. Why? Because as he gave healing to his grandmom at a deep energy level they realised she would be more challenged by an event 5 days ahead and so it would help maximally there.

What happened here? Today was not touching today which would shift tomorrow. Today looked ahead and saw time's spread and so touched tomorrow.

Healing and the demand for healing can create connections that go back and forth in time.

Now as we consider these possibilities the mind writhes helplessly trying to come to terms with the ideas involved: Consider two statements.
1. The boy threw the stone into the lake and ripples formed.
And 2. Because the ripples formed the boy threw the stone into the lake.

But there is a twist here and we need to reflect on it.

From Changing Events To Changing The Timeline.
We are now going to go into the next level of the discussion. And it is a momentous step. Till now we have been talking of healing going back and forth in time. But we saw it in Zahid's explanation. In the Future Shah Rukh Khan has been attacked. Since The Future sent back a warning to Zahid and Zahid got the message to Shah Rukh, who presumably was stirred to action, Shah Rukh foiled the attack and so the future was changed.

And that allows us to do two critical things. If today changes yesterday then The Future can shift. It also helps us conceive that time is not a single line but like traintracks that can shift to another trainline, another timeline, another future.

Healing the past or healing old hurts is one of the most used spiritual methods we humans have dealt with time, it is a technique popularized by Reiki. In it you go to the many events in your history and heal it. In this many let go of old baggage. A most useful tool. But is this the same as really shifting the past? There are two ways of looking at it. In one the person travels the same path forward only lighter. In another he decides to take another pathway completely.

Let's study the issue with a Bear Path metaphor. Let’s say you were on a trek you are carrying a heavy load. You are terrified by a bear and barely escape. You come back but are so shocked you do not realize you are carrying the heavy bag. You freeze and find it difficult to function.

- In variant one Healing the past helps you put down the weight. And so in the future you travel lighter.

- In variant two of Healing of The Past your healing is so potent, the fleeing you is so charged up, you do not feel as frightened by the bear. you are less traumatised by the incident.

- In variant three of Healing of The Past you go back and run with yourself, it becomes a game and so you carry less load, and you do. But whereas earlier there was one man running now there are two.

- In variant four of Healing of The Past, the energy triggers a dream, warning a bear will attack you. But you do not listen, but are still attacked by the bear. But because you know you were warned realise one part of you can shift time. It shifts how you look at time.

- In variant five of Healing of The Past, the energy triggers a dream, warning a bear will attack you. You listen, and are not attacked by the bear. You hear about bear attacks, tell everyone about your dream. You are on a new path, but the vividity of the dream is such, your mind was chased by the bear though your body wasn't. So you were both chased by the bear and not chased by the bear. In this case interference patterns occur, and some confusion.

But then you stop and think, and think what about the bear and the steps on the forest floor? Imagine you go back to the area and find fleeing steps on the forest, did the bear chase someone else? Were your astral steps so strong they marked the forest floor?

Now that the metaphor has made things clearer. Let us go into real life examples.

We are beginning to realise we can not just shift the way we walk the journey. But the path taken. We can shift the entire timeline.

Changing Timelines

Timeline Shifts.

Case 7: Shifting from Corporate Success to Family Joy. We met this glorious woman, married, divorced, on a path of great corporate success but caught up on an assembly line of endless sexual affairs, some marvellous, but all short term. When she first came to us, she felt dirtied by the terms of the divorce. and betrayed by a relationship that just crumbled. the very first healing was spectacular, she encountered a goddess, red sareed, free-spirited, glorious being. The years of feeling filthied by the divorce, and affairs cleared. Her desires cleared, her joys and passions cleansed, she resumed her life. Her road to success went upward, her affairs continued, many brilliant but all short term. As life went on the weight of emotional hurt became greater. And the pressure from ailing parents became shriller. The death of her father was the turning point.

But as we looked ahead we realised she had a choice. Both had great joy and challenge. In one she'd become a stellar coroprate boss. But never have a family. In the other, she would have a family, love, but her career would implode and her sensuality would become a shadow of itself. Naturally as we looked ahead it doesn't reveal itself this neatly. Meaning in energy terms, TIMELINE ONE was red-gold and thorned with grey. And TIMELINE TWO was green-purple with pink, and later streaks of red. Does she choose red-gold or green-pink.

What way should she move? An accident, near death convinced her to choose TIMELINE TWO. Now when we were choosing between TIMELINE ONE & TWO, it isn't as if every tone of the choice is spelt out. In 3 healings we shifted her timeline from ONE to TWO. But to make the shift implies disruption. She nearly died, an event which wasn't on TIMELINE ONE. Nor on TIME LINE TWO. It was on the connect between the two.

She is today, without peering too deep, happy in the heart, low in the solar plexus {resources}, low in the upper abdomen {taste of success}, dark in the root {sensualitty/ security}.

soul scripts life

Not Just Changing Time: But Shifting The Self.

Case 7: Changing Yesterday: Shifting The Self. In one of the most beautiful healings of timelines we completely erased a negative event. There were 4 of us in the healing room. All of us were healers.  Renu* the sufferer who had experienced violence and husband’s alcoholism, Kumar* her new partner. And we Celia & Tarun. In the healing because the issues were complex and dangerous, Celia played the role of watcher and interventionist. As the healing progressed the energy grew till there was an enormous surge of lyrical energy. It was magnificent. Also as we were swept up in the force we were raised up into a state where the individuals in the healing stopped being individuals, we became a part of an incredibly magical cloud. A transegoic state, deeply connected. We often think of healing as a kind of psychic aspirin. We sometimes forget that it is transformative. Meaning a change means a total change moving us away from a fort-like existence.

Remember the two statements we made:
1. The boy threw the stone into the lake and ripples formed.
And 2. Because the ripples formed the boy threw the stone into the lake.

What does Case 7teach us? If the boy is just a boy, even though time is simultaneous, the boy is passive. He is being dictated by events. So a feeling of discontent, lake’s stillness are impelling him, the ripples of life, the pressures of reincarnational and ancestral inertia dictate action.  it is more true to say the boy threw the stone into the lake and ripples formed. So it is tuer to say circumstances necessitate the boy’s action or, when the ripples intended to form the boy was compelled to throw the stone into the lake.

But if the boy is THE BOY, a trans egoic entity, like an amalgam of Renu-Kumar-Celia-Tarun he is no longer localized in time, his grasp of time is larger. He moves from brick on an assembly line to a doer he who sees the assembly line and therefore some of its freedoms. So boy 2 throws or doesn’t throw a stone dictated by life. He may throw the stone because the lake wishes to laugh. Because the ripples will go back and forth in time. Because a bird in a hunter’s sights will take flight.

We now begin to understand that if we dislocate cause and effect from time it begins to make sense. We will offer a clearer diagram later, but only till you have struggled mentally to understand what we mean. Each of us will have to struggle with this as we seek to transcend the life-death-life-death chain.

Changing Life After Death.
When we are physically alive we often see time narrowly, not unlike how a rat in a maze is caught by the walls of the cage but as we start dealing with realms after death, astral travel or deep meditation we begin to realize how open time can be.

At the lower level, many post death experience what may be called stuck time, not unlike a record player or CD player giving trouble. At a dark level many experience grey mist time. Here time doesn’t move just an endless shift of emotional pain. At an etheric level many experience jagged or branching time. Here because of the absence of the body’s focusing power one leaps like grasshopper. One can experience astral time or dream time, where beings from many time zones may come together. We would like you to reread The Chronicle of Death and Rebirth, from page 80-98 we detail the incredible freedoms possible as we progress from body to body.

Case 9: Changing The Rebirth Cycle. Recently Kanak’s mom passed away. In the month before, he had a tumultuous argument with her. While he asked her why she seemed so distant, she told him she was proud of him, and had always been proud of him. Was the separation on her side? Or just the fact his querying mind was closer to his father’s? Naturally post her death he was wracked by guilt. As he connected to her being, the conversation deepened. And as the conversation grew she began to change. If the conversation hadn’t occurred she would have been reborn. But because the conversation intensified she began shifting from an egoic perspective to a transegoic perspective. As that happened her future shifted.  She has become one can term a spirit guide or junior Devi. A goddess. From humanoid she now appears in her purest form as yantras created out of triangles. She has moved from linear time to above time.

So if we look at it from a distance, Kanak’s confrontation before his mother’s death while obviously painful to her, triggered a trajectory in which she found the wherewithal to change her soul trajectory. Has she completed all her life lessons? No. Hence she is given a role where she deals with abused children.

The Incredible Freedoms of Simultaneous Time.

Case 10: Past Continuous Message. A seeker had come to us, during the discussion she asked us to locate her Guru. She kept getting a call periodically. As we did so we realized her guru had lived in time, but had left earth 5 lives earlier, possibly 150 years ago. So where was the message coming from? He had done something interesting. He had mapped the lives of 8 of his key followers, looked at them 5-10 centuries ahead, seen the challenges and gone deep into time, above time and sent messages from there to his disciple’s lives in the future. Why had he done so? Because after leaving the reincarnational cycle he had to undergo a difficult inner tapasya which would take up, 10-12 centuries in our time.

Case 11: Multi Life Existence and Action. Sunhera has been coming to us for the last 7 years. She has been simultaneously wrestling with difficult crisis and growing spiritually. She was caught up in a very tangled relationship thicket. And financially faces a frustrating time, heavy debts that take unduly long to lessen. Complicating the process is she increasingly follows an ascetic form of spirituality that is personally punishing, and socially alienating.

As she grows spiritually she is connecting to her soul, this in turn draws together 3 potent past life forces. First a highly intense animal personality from the mid 15th Century which battled for the survival of the species. Second, a scribe from an intensely ascetic monastic sect. Third, a self that was very free, orgiastic, multi-partner. Her spiritual practices intensify the past life impetuses which begin to act across time on different lives. So in a sense she is being flooded by someone else’s morality, an animal’s reproductive desperation.

In a sense the greater her spiritual growth, the more her inner being is able to move many pieces on her mind’s chessboard. But equally the greater the crisis.

Our solution was a multi-life action. We got all the other past life personas to shift position. Each had to be blessed. We are no longer changing linear time, or going back and forth in time. We are changing the overall pattern. Yes, we are changing the pattern in totality.

The Timelines before The Earth

Shifting World Timelines.

Case 12: Looking Ahead. Sensing World Timelines. What does the face of time look like? Imagine a landscape with many rivers, or space with trails of smoke lifting and falling, here branching, here whirlpooling. As we trace the path we are on, we sense the branches ahead, the path ahead.

- We have done this before in an article titled 201?, at the time there was a fear that The Mayan Prediction would end the world in 2010. And we had revealed that the world wouldn't end then. That was a huge confirmation of our ability to sense timelines.

- On a broadscale we maintained that there was a greater tectonic activity threat globally and spoke of a general phase from 2010-2050. Geochemist Kent Condie and team of the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology in Socorro have shown that contrary to popular scientific opinion, tectonic activity is actually increasing. {read: Earth's tectonic plates have doubled their speed:}

- We had said 'shifts of the magnetic pole will happen but {a complete flip flop will...} possibly not {happen} in this one but in the early next century'. According to reports the Earth's north magnetic pole is on the move to such an extent with such 'unpredictable lurching away from the Canadian Arctic and toward Siberia... that the current representation of the entire globe's magnetic field, just updated in 2015, is now out of date.' {read: Earth's tectonic plates have doubled their speed:}

- Ar possible catastrophe we predicted with low but significant probability involved the release of a bio-weapon possibly in America in 2015-16. In June 2015 Guardian Post carried an article on how The Pentagon unsure how live anthrax was shipped out to 51 labs and 3 countries.

- On a broadscale we spoke of the strong possibility of biological epidemics in the 2030's. and 2050's. Both highly likely, consider this: in Feb 20, 2017 - Microsoft founder Bill Gates told world leaders that a genetically engineered virus could wipeout millions. {Read about The Clade X Genetic Catastrophe Possibility}

- We had spoken of a "possible unrest may occur in India in 2013". We saw the Muzzafarnagar riots with 63 dead and 50,000 displaced, but thankfully the unrest hasn't spread globally. Read a wiki article on it.

- We saw a low possibility of a pope or cardinal covered in blood around 2014. Or touching a close acquaintance. In 2013, The Pope resigned. Speculations involve a Butler.

We will give you a more updated version of what we sense ahead... but... as of now the broad findings and choices of the Article 201?, still hold.

Case 13: Calling Parallel Worlds Closer.

To continue from earlier: In the Article 201? we had seen the possibility of a parallel world with technological and moral insights. Ever since we saw this, for the last decade Celia & I have been in the process of attempting to draw the lines together. And remember as we attempted this the colossal scale of it was daunting, terrifying... It is hard enough trying to get one patient to escape illnesses' gravity. Difficult shifting one family's script of hate. Challenging trying to lower the rage of one city. A grievous task lessening the pain of one country. Ugly trying to save a world where we humans are the cancer... Here we were attempting to shift the psychic distance between two universes, with billions of galaxies and sentient beings of towering intellect... And yet we tried. For a brief while from September to March/April and a few years hence, and a decade later the worlds brush each other. Have we actually made a difference? From an anticipated 2 lines of convergence, there are now three, but did we make a difference? We will never know if we actually did... or it is just wishful thinking... Unimportant. What we do know is that a parallel universe is in hailing distance, teaching distance. Read Article Parallel World Interaction: The Aliens Are Next Door.

Now that we are in psychic touching distance we have launched a way in which a first level healer or seeker can explore these dimensions. With The Befriend Aliens Psycontact Protocol Workshop. Now you may turn around and say for a few thousands, how can you take us where even with trillions of dollars and alien technology in hand the great nations are barely able to make contact. Well, 2000 years ago, we Indians saw the shape of the earth was circular and we had no telescopes. 8000, years ago, we humans conducted sophisticated surgery with kitchen knives...70,000 years ago, we Indians saw death was illusory... Millennia on Millennia ago we Indians touched the curve of The Cosmic Mind... Both with soaring mantra and mathematical concept like Shunya...

Befriend Aliens Workshop

Case 14: Inviting Alien Intelligences to Help.
From the early 1970's, whenever Tarun's Mom would take the family to Kerala, she'd point out that India had lost forest cover. As children we would look at the dense forest and wonder what she was talking about. But it was clear since then that if we do not think green, we will think grey, black and ugly. In the 1980's when Tarun was in advertising he'd have clients with a single tree in the campus claiming great green heritage. That one tree would be shot to emphasize the companies green heritage. In the 70's till 2000's most countries were in denial. It is only now that some nations are waking to the fact that Climate Change can result in global catastrophe. And some may say good riddance. But as we go, we will detonate everyone of the 70,000 odd nukes in our arsenals. We will take billions of creatures with us. And that is Karma none of us should dream of sharing.

So when we looked around for some gleam of hope, we wondered if connecting with Alien Intelligences could help. Do they exist? Who are they? Do they care for humans or the earth? Of the 12 alien civilisations only 3 are in touching distance of man. Some are in adjoining galaxies. Some in parallel worlds. Some in an alien universe. We can connect with more. But only these can offer some faint possibilities that may help. Inparticular one that sends 15-30 beings who psychically cleanse our atmosphere of one emotion. So all you Psychics, Mystics, Seers, Intuitives, Healers, Spiritualists, Thinkers... here's a challenge: What kind of alien intelligence are we connecting to? What do they look like? Where do they come from? Why do they help?

Case 15: Nurturing Human and Non-human Masters. One Vivekanda can change the world. One St Francis of Assissi can change a culture. One Gandhiji can reshape a century. If the world can be saved and it can be saved, we need more dreamers, thinkers, inspired scientists, caring journalists... and more masters... One of the tasks we set ourselves up with at Creator's Child has been to create a handful of masters. We are not referring to the hundreds of thousands of mass produced Reiki masters floating around {Yes a few among deserve that rank}. We are not talking of the technocrats who believe just because they can manipulate genetics, or shift atoms, create robots, manipulate media they are masters. {Yes, a handful among them actually sense the breath of Creation}. We are not speaking of saints whom hagiographers have turned into cartoons...

We are speaking of you looking in the mirror and glimpsing more. Trusting that glimpse with such power that the divine becomes the ground you walk on, the air you breathe.But why are masters so vital? you may ask again. Because they look beyond themselves... Because they look beyond death... Because in their actions, thoughts and bodies is a glimpse of the divine no matter how fleeting... Because they bring a whiff of eternity...

When the titanic was sinking and all were scrambling... the ship's 8 member orchestra decided to do an incredible thing, they sat on the tilting deck and played music for the 2 hours 40 minutes it took the ship to sink.. Says 17 year old Survivor Jack Thayer:."We could see groups of the almost 1,500 people still aboard, clinging in clusters or bunches like swarming bees; only to fall in masses, pairs or singly, as the great after-part of the ship, 250 feet of it, rose into the sky, till it reached a 65 or 70-degree angle," he recalled. The music was incredibly reassuring... many passengers scrambling like frenzied rats calmed down, many in freezing waterfound their courage because distant music played on... Each and everyone on the ship's band had dreams, family, loved ones, friends... and yet they played... According to John Carr a fellow musician of The Titanic band leader Hartley“ ...{Hartley} often said that music was a bigger weapon for stopping disorder than anything on earth. He knew the value of the weapon he had, and I think he proved his point.” Each of us reading this article has unique gifts, divine gifts... Let us unleash them...

Case 16: Inviting Cosmic Beings to Help. Last but certainly not least, we have invited divine presences to help us shift the course of history... to a better future. Some may ask but why does God need an invitation to help?

God counters it with a question -- who do you think you are? You are divine sparks placed on a field, so you can unleash your divinity, discover your divinity. The greater the challenge the stronger the opportunity to see what you truly are... Wispy women have been known to lift cars to free children trapped beneath... Life is a game with stakes that appear as grave and great... The real winners are not those who build pyramids, but in the process of climbing mountains unveil the lightning coiled within...

Welcome to Cosmic Nowness. And its Freedoms.
Now the very basis of Creator’s Child lies in the realization that though we think we we exist in time-space-matter, we actually exist at the heart of creation, a place from which time-space-matter are created. 

In the late 1980’s, Tarun was in his mid 20’s, he had already experienced a range of was deep spiritual experiences like going out-of-body, merging with nature, seeing past lives, sensing the world as light. And so by then he already was gifted the truth we are not physical. We are not limited to a well like self. That the world is not a prison that we are born from pure joy.

He was sitting in his drawing room in Hyderabad on a large circular cushions.  For some obscure reason as he did so, he sat in the lotus position for the first time in his life. Even though he had been having a range of deep spiritual experiences for 15-20 years, he had till then never meditated. It began to rain. As it began to rain outside with greater force, something strange happened, he felt it rain inside himself. He could feel the wetness of the rain as if it were inside of him. You could say the veil between outside and inside dropped. Or you could say most accurately he began to realize that he encompassed the universe. That each of us encompassed the universe.

As the experience deepened he was catapulted into a blazing place beyond time. A place, a cosmic Nowness in which time-space- matter do not exist. In fact, he saw that from this point all time-space-matter emerges like ripples from a pond.

Cosmic Ripple

The experience of Cosmic Nowness-Infinite Oneness was earth-shaking, for if it were true, it meant that the entire framework of life had to change. For, by its measure most frameworks that exist in common domain are found wanting. The dust to dust worldview shown as blinkered. The heaven or hell approach limiting. The Wheel of Death and linear reincarnation clearly inadequate.

If each of us sits in the heart of creation, there in the heart of creation existing not as dull me, but a superlatively alive existence encompassing every existence, alive to all possibility, sending out creative impulse into time-space-matter, sending commands back and forth in time, then a terrifying metamorphosis needs to begin. The possibility of a fiercely alive Cosmic Heart, accessible to all, means the very way we approach life, time-space-matter, the world beyond has to change.

End Note: Freedom…  The Price of Freedom…
Time is one of man’s most cruel jailors. Here we reveal, as we have done so many times in the last 30 years in 150+ articles that time can blink. No not just blink, that we are more like spiders on time’s webs. That actually it is a little more. In Greek myths the Goddess Ariadne wove patterns including time. Here we have shown you time blinking, here we have shown you the freedom of walking above time, you see yourself weaving time like a Goddess…

But there is a price to pay when we claim these freedoms. When returning from a place beyond time and space, Chitra spent a week unable to walk. Because time-space-matter were not aligned in her brain. When recently taking in a thousand souls lost in space, Tarun & Celia spent months tasting their despair and rages.

The truth is you are part of The Creator's Child Family and you have shared the freedom of The Cosmic Nowness. Explicitly or Implicitly. It is what we have used in every aura scan. It is what we try to unleash in every healing. It is what dictates every spiritual seeker's journey. As Vivekanada thundered: "Come O Ye Lion's Shake of The Illussion That Ye Are Sheep".

We stand on the brink of a future where billions of humans will die. Trillions of animals will suffer. As you claim your true light, your greater power, your vastest freedom that future can change… You can shift time… Do it. Now.