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The other day we were conducting a chakra workshop and the question came up, what chakras do healers focus on if we are facing a covid patient? And our answer was "It depends on whether we are attempting to boost immunity and prevent infection. Or helping a patient survive a bad bout of Covid? Or we are helping a patient recuperate?

At the beginning of 2020 when the world was just taking Covid seriously we had shared with you thoughts and aura insights. We had seen the Corona Virus in its initial stage targets the abdomen chakra and throat chakras.

Corona Aura Pattern

So if we are in a prevention mode, the Chakras we will need to focus on 1. The Abdomen Chakra. {Ok question for Devadhara Chakra healers what all does this chakra rule?} 2. The Throat Chakras. {Ok question for Devadhara Chakra healers what all does this chakra rule?}. We now bring in an unusual third. 3. The Armpit Chakra: {Why? This secondary chakra regulates immune response?}.

But what if we are facing a full blown Covid infection? As we have struggled to help patients struggling for their lives we see the aura shifts. There is darkness in 1. The Heart Area. {Ok question for Devadhara Chakra healers what organs are part of this area and whatdoes the heart chakra regulate?} 2. The Root Area. {Ok question for Devadhara Chakra healers how does this chakra link to blood's ability to carry oxygen?}. 3. The Navel Area: {Digestion}.

So how will you convert this knowledge into an active healin g plan?

Covid Healing Chakras

Chakra Healing. For Blocking Covid Infection.
A} Healing to Key Chakras: Basically as healers we will focus on Key chakras.
Left armpit.
Throat: front & back.
A pattern of healing works well and reduces time. 20 seconds to abdomen. 5 seconds to armpit. 5 seconds to nose. 10 seconds to throat. 5 seconds to crown. Now return to abdomen. Do this just 6 times. It will boost chakra activity hence physical vitality.

Now Devadhara Healing uses multiple modes to tackle illness and empower patients.

B} Questions will be asked about masks. Patient behavior and public spaces.
We would ask about Exercise schedules,
Sleep patterns.
All vital to boosting immunity & staying safe.

In addition we would suggest patients use

C} Vitamins & Herbal boosters There are numerous, herbs, vitamins, minerals that protect our health and keep Covid at Bay. One we particularly look at is Vitamin C with Zinc as it prevents easy access for viruses into the respiratory system. It strengthens 'the nasal passage, mouth, throat,' where infections enter from. Vitamins A & D and E are also advised and various minerals.

The aura effect of Covaxin versus Vitamin C

Some would argue that with turmeric, ginger, amla, tulsi one can sufficiently protect ourselves. Others point to early studies that show Ashwagandha as possibly effective in being an antiviral agent. We have conducted our own aura research into a range of herbs and plants. We have no direct knowledge, but news reports claim that products Aayudh Maintain are effective and clinically tested.

Western Vaccines versus Ayurvedic n herbal formulations

Devadhara Healers would look at various empowering tools. Take for example...

Corona Resistance Mudra

Above is an empowering yantra we shared with you that targets {Which Chakra Devadhara Healers?}. We gifted it to you a year ago. How many recopied it and shared it?

A highly useful psychic practice are...

Mudras – Remember the set of life saving mudras we shared with you, a year ago? Look at @ Corona Time Open your eyes to Mudras -- Empowering & Life-Saving! {2 April 2020}

Chakra Healing. To Boost Survival of a Covid Patient.
The vast number of patients with Covid are asymptomatic. Anywhere between 95-99%. But those with significant symptoms it can be a nightmare. The medical fraternity will give the patient oxygen, antibiotics, antivirals, blood thinners, and blood plasma. So what do healers do?

From a chakra-healing viewpoint. Basically in the beginning the Covid patient has darkness in throat/chest-abdomen. It then spreads to Throat/Chest, Navel, Abdomen-Root.

Root Chakra. When healing the patient we look at giving healing the root chakra first to boost RBC, and blood carrying levels.
Heart & Throat Chakras. We then focus on the heart and throat to heal the heart & lungs.
Armpit Chakras: We focus on the armpit chakras, secondary immune chakras. We leave the main endocrine system chakra, the abdomen chakra till later as the person in hospital will be pumped with antibiotics.

You will in addition to healing: give the person the Garuda Mudra, as it expands lung capacity.

Now since most serious patients are in the ICU, the number of herbal remedies we can offer is limited. Many docs simply don't approve of herbal supplements. We have no direct experience of this but media reports claim that an ayurvedic product AYyudH Advance reduces viral load of Covid, 4 times more powerfully than resmedvir. Tall claim or real? You decide:

But many medicare pros do not mind: revelant Bach Flower Remedies.

You will share the Yantra from earlier.
Or use a Shakti Meditation art set image.

Keeping The Faith.
At last count, the Covid virus and its variants have had a death toll of 3 million people* globally. Given the dynamics of the next 2 waves we will probably have 10-20 million Covid related deaths.  And these rapidly mounting figures can paralyze us. Remind ourselves. Nope. We’ve beaten worse.

One of the reasons Celia & I became healers, or focussed tremendously on healing, is because Buffy our Doggy-daughter arrived into our lives, 20 years ago, with Distemper. the death rate is roughly 90% in pups. Compare this against the 0.23% for Covid. The death rate of distemper is several 000 times higher than Covid. We healed it with intense Healing, good food, hydration, once a drip to rehydrate. In 3 months Buffy beat off an illness that is comparable only to ebola for humans. The other viral patients we have helped heal is Hepatitis {Improvement}. Dengue {Better platelets}. Bird Flu. Swine Flu.

Tail Piece:
The mortality rate of Covid & variants is 0.23%.
Seems minor. But this becomes huge given its spread.
By the end of the 3-4 waves the global death toll currently at 3 million will reach 15 million, 23 million or is it 30 million?

In addition to vaccines, antibiotics, oxygenation, antivirals, healing, yoga, exercise, nutrition, trad medicine, can be part of patient empowerment. Many of these leverage the chakra system. But which chakras should practitioners focus on?
We have identified specific chakras that will help. And shared it with you freely. May this information prove useful to you. And the people who trust you with their lives.

Love & God,
Tarun &Celia


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