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It is one of those glorious mornings.
The Posterboy for Peace.
Leaves giggling.
A tiny nip in the air.
Blue sky. White fluffy clouds.
Actually more gold than white,
For the morning’s toasted them, just so.
Yup, The Posterboy for Peace.
And then you look up and your head reels.
The clouds aren’t moving, they are racing.
Correction they aren’t racing they are careening
In drunken fashion from one corner of the sky to another.
It was dizzying. Bordering on gut churning.
To add to the xcitement the clouds were moving
in 3 different directions at the very same time.

At a very low-level we had clouds that looked like crochet,
Cirro-stratussy wisps that seemed to have got altitude wrong,
moving west.
Then are the usual white clouds, racing East,
As if late for an appointment with The Sun.
Higher still are clouds determined to go their own way.
A South East.

As we pause, we realize that this Peace,
Is a rambunctious peace.
High on Peace. And extravagant with Josh. And Full Confusion.

We extrapolate and realize that beneath the most halcyon of days
Are gigantic forces, is a great beast of Life.

As we add aura-sight to the picture, things get even more dizzying.
Start with the trees, they begin with coy veils,
then reveal jhingree underclothes and molten hearts.
The Sky is worthy of a Circus, if not Las Vegas.
And the acrobatics of light lean towards ballet superstars with anti-grav shoes.
But it’s when we look at the ground that things become hairy.
We see great coppery-gold snakes stirring and moving.

Just then we hear-see-know  a meteor strike the moon 3 months ahead in December.

Is it the Moon? Or Earth or Venus?
Will it be minor or Major?
Celia checks with The Moon he says ‘He is a Big Boy’.

If The Moon is Hit will The Earth Tremble?
Or will there be a spume of dust?
Or just a scientific paper brought out?

So what can we do about it?

Smile deep.
Smile right down to our real toesies, the shaktis a 100 km below.
And to our real tops some several thousand feet away.
Our galactic bodies are considerable.

Once that is done we listen
and realize that the meteorites coming to the earth
is like a rain of rock.
Something like 25 million meteoroids touch the atmosphere everyday.
500 hit the earth.

We listen and the touch of them are like drums.
To the earth, their approach makes great groaning noises,
The stretch and pull and shift as the entire galaxy
Pulls at us makes a great noise like “ankwayaanghyaghreenddhvankru”.

Now there are times when many of us feel like we are Stuck,
Going nowhere like Columbus in the Sargasso sea,
with fearful sailors about to throw one overboard.
And it is time to remember the great forces that lie beneath.

Even a relatively a Peaceful Day like Sep 9, 2021,
Is a Great Beast.
You & I are riding a Great Beast.

And that is something invaluable to know.

-- Celia & Tarun Cherian



Gathering The Many Secrets of The Power of Peace…

Whether you look at it as Scientist. Or Mystic. Or Mystic-Scientist.
You will come to the same realization.
That even the most peaceful, placid, boring or exhausting moments conceals
Extraordinary power.
The scientist sees the stolid earth as lie, for we race through space trailing a speeding sun
Through a careening galaxy as thousands of meteors rip past.
The scientist sees in every atom, limitless force.
The world as dance of energy.
The Mystic sees the same.
Every stone dances with Life.
In every moment a million threads spreading out.
The world as a dance of glorious wonder.

And so as we ride great power,
We respect the quiet moments as much as storm.
Value the forest temple as much as a pyramid.
We learn to be better riders.
We learn more about the magnificence sleeping within us.
And around.
We learn to be more.
And we seize our power.
And we value peace.



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