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Does Death Have
a Sense of Humour?

Death Has A sense of Humour

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Kammannahalli Main Road, and Celia & I do a double-take. It’s real. Heaven Ride Funeral Service is emblazoned on a black dusty pick-up. As we chuckle, at the seediness of the funeral service, and its grandiose claims, death’s grimness, and marketer’s greed... We reflect on death, on the funny-sadness...

We have over the last 35 years as spiritualists escorted many into the deeper zones of death. And it can be funny, and sad, and quixotic.

We recall a dead man peering in at his funeral and counting the mourners. Then zipping off trying to coax lazy friends to attend.

We remember a dog trying to meet old friends utterly perplexed why they don’t listen.

We recall a man walking, only to find that he keeps dropping hands and legs.

We remember a woman reaching her soul, {a real feat}, only to complain that her stool is too tawdry compared to her soul’s throne, mucking up the opportunity.

We recall, a spirit seeing that she is a spider’s web, in infinity’s matrix, and giggling, ‘this me, that me, all me, how be? Hee, hee, hee, ha, ha...’

We ask Death itself, or at least one of the many beings deputed to make the Death process easier, whether it is funny.

And one ‘Immrtal Death Manager’ who often dolls up like an arch angel, says “To us immortals it’s sad that so many think Death is the end, the anguish is so real, and the reality that there is no death just fields of light by contrast is humourous... But to us it is... satisfying... We do not see your life as a good place... Sometimes to us it looks like a buffalo slushy pit... Very rarely do we see it like a spider’s web glittering and beautiful...”

Now it may seem depressing to talk about Death on New Year’s Eve... But to us spiritualists, the flow of energies now is not of Spring, of new hope... It is of diving deep past hurts, hates, anguishes into real certainties, the light when all candles are snuffed out... It is about the laugh that a brave prisoner sentenced to death has on the gallows...

We are all immortal beings... some of us know we are mortal, some suspect we are not going to die... but... er... will the ride be pleasant?... And where will it take us??? Hmmm, we are immortal beings to whom death must be taken seriously... Sure we are all on a Heaven Ride... Er... Hmmm... Heaven? Hell, Limbo... Endless Lives... Or... Endless Ascent???

Well, at least we can laugh about it...


-- Celia & Tarun Cherian

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