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Fierce, Glorious Earth Shaktis: And the chance to heal climate change.

  Earth Shaktis

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The earth shakti’s dance shapes the seasons. Supports life. Forms the planet. Though omnipresent, they are only visible at specific times. One such was this October end and November. Many of our advanced seekers and healers looked deep into the earth to see them. Incredibly so many of you saw it with depth. Let’s relate 3 sharings. And the rich learnings.

Says Vasundhara: “When I sat at 2, I was already feeling something shifting as I prepared to connect to the Earth.  “I wanted to put some water on my head and my hands for some reason. So I went with it and did that and drank some water too.

“Within a minute I felt really drawn to the Earth and had a much more detailed vision than I had when I met earth forces a few weeks ago. Then, I had seen myself as the earth and sensed the crawling of worms within my skin as though it was the top soil. Today, it happened in greater detail. I saw the top soil magnify into a thick living carpet. The worms, the roots of plants, the snakes, the eggs, the frogs, the ants, the people....  I felt the gaps within and inside the soil where little whiffs of air are...  And the remnants of us who are turning into soil. I felt how the land experiences the water as something quite electric ... 

“Then there came a yellow snake-like person. Huge and yellow gold. There was another who was more diffused but chose to morph into a snake form... I saw the second person's colour shift from purplish-hot pink to blue... Soon they were both intertwined.... A decision was taken about the future of the Earth... And it was communicated through the roots of the trees to every living being of the planet.

“And with the message from the shaktis came an impulse to do better...for the earth...” The thought was like a wave of water... and it is touching people I know and people I don't know..... And countries.... And continents.

1. It’s Real! What is incredible here was when we gave the exercise to a select advanced group, we told none that there were two principal shaktis who were passing the baton from autumn to winter, and both Vasu and Kanak got just that. Often in exercises we give we withhold crucial pieces of verifiable information. And this helps establish just how real it is.

2. The terrifying power of it! But before we go on with the dance metaphor… Bela reminds us of something which it is wise to recall. When Bela encountered the shaktis it was terrifying, bone-freezing. The awesome force of it came home. This was not a sweet teddybear. This was primal. When Kanak connected his “throat chakra really came alive”, so forcefully that “I did not stop myself from letting out a strong, steady roar!"

We saw this demonstration of power again recently when seeker Soujanya encountered the shakti and felt her body tremble, her being surge with impossible longings, her very existence tremble. Return to an earlier experience with Trishla when the inner force was being triggered, the very lights in the room crackled. {The Windchimes change their Song... And The Lights their Dance...}.

One of the most terrifying healings we have ever encountered was close to half a decade ago for Amita P. The force was ugly, intense and frightening in its power.

3. The Dance between the 2 Key Shaktis of Autumn & Winter. We return to the tango… but with a truer appreciation of what is, who is tangoing… very similar to what Vasu had seen when Kanak reached in he saw 2 forces, one golden and one deep purplish. Kanak too received like Vasu, a revelatory insight that the shaktis were in an intertwining dance.


Our world is shaped by a dance. In ancient Wiccan myths from Britain, Autumn is when the Horned God and minions take over from the Moon Goddess. In Chinese Tao Yin-Yang interactions shape the flow of life. Interestingly the Horned God in British symbolism is associated with death and resurrection, so end-October Halloween is so appropriate.

As the shaktis dance together “A decision was taken about the future of the Earth...” Is this decision for the immediate future. Or centuries ahead? At present the decision is primarily local. But there was a time when before the ice age the shaktis came together. Then a blue white one became principal and the others united around it.

While we may not understand the nuances of the dance, it is important to understand this. We are watching a dance that shapes our life on earth. And so when many in their discussions on climate change speak exclusively of reducing carbon and recycling, the thing is we need to remind ourselves that equally vaster forces are at play that we can connect to. And be blessed by. Remember how beautifully the Squirrel Goddess gave to a seeker in an article we related just months ago?  {New The Gifts of The Socialist Earth Goddess! by Kuldeepak N, Pub 2019}

4. The Tapestry of Life.  
We have been using the word dance… but it is perhaps important to return to a more ancient phrase ‘The Tapestry of Life’… For what Vasu saw was not just two figures dancing She saw the “…living carpet {of Life}. The worms, the roots of plants, the snakes, the eggs, the frogs, the ants, the people... The Shaktis are part of, The Shaktis are The Very Tapestry of Life.

And so as we talk to them we begin to be able to thank, bless, heal glorify the fabric of life. But what is climate change but the very fabric of life tearing and new terrifying challenges tearing through?

5. The Shaktis Commands Flow Into Our Bones.  Now the shaktis are not just out there. The shaktis are in here. For the shakti's decision “… was communicated through the roots of the trees to every living being of the planet.” Says Vasu

When most talk about the Shaktis or Nagas they talk of the Kundalini, but that is a tiny tendril of force. Here we are witnessing the massive river of life force… we are peeping in on the weave and weft of the seasons… But not just on some abstract loom… But within your bone and my blood, within leaf sap, and rain laughter, within worm and stag, within storm and weed… We witness planetary impulse being translated for the trillions of earth beings. They are all being given a glimpse of the future… or rather the season’s dance is being implanted into each of us…

6. The Small Blessings. And the Great One.  We had pointed to all that you would receive a blessing…  and while some asked “for strength in my muscles.” The most magnificent one is the overpowering impulse sent out to do better...for the earth...” It is like a wave of water... touching people, and creatures everywhere in all countries.... And continents.

In one afternoon many of you have connected with something impossibly ancient, deeply intimate and infinitely powerful… something that shapes the world’s climate... And so if we wish to shift the climate catastrophe… We need to look at the forces beneath our world.

The Shaktis have no reason to care for a species blind to the deep unity of life, the integrity of nature. But the truth is that even now, just 20 years before the seasons cartwheel catastrophically, just 50-70 years before the rising sea floods a third of the planet, the shaktis are willing to reveal themselves to us, urge us to care. They have not given up on humankind, or writen the earth of. Perhaps we humans do need to be humbled. Perhaps no matter how hard we try, a nuclear war will wipe mankind off the face of the earth.

The truth is you have begun to connect with planetary beings, and as we listen to their wisdom, and they to us… the inevitability of planetary catastrophe is not inevitable… From their judgements may come endless winter, raging storm, flaming quakes, or a rocky path to a glorious new dawn…

And when we die, as die we must, be it singly or by megadeath, our deep connect with the shakti will raise us up… not just to moksha but to the ultimate…




Love & God, Vasu, Kanak, Bela, Celia & Tarun


Shaktis and Climate Change


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