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The Earthquake Beast.

Soum's experience shared by Celia & Tarun

  Earthquake Spirit terrifying face

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“There’s been an earthquake”, Soum* calls up, “Can you check it out?”

“Seems minor, the epicenter is 50 km away to the North {Soum* is in Southern USA}.” We crosscheck our prediction and find it matches the met’s estimate.

“Yes, our office colleagues were hit mildly… lost some cutlery, power outages… ” Somm adds.

“Don’t worry”, we tell Soum “There doesn’t seem to be too much tectonic power coiled in about 200 km radius.”

We keep looking…”There is a huge beast like a giant dinosaur or bear…”

“That’s exactly what I had felt… a great beast stirring…” Says Soum. “I thought my mind was playing tricks. At night I had felt a force nudge me awake…

Wow. Now one of the hardest things for a spiritual seeker or healer is to trust oneself. How does one know one is not just fantasizing?

A: To illustrate with an example from another spiritual awakening session: We were having an intense one-to-one session with Col Sidhu, who is on a spiritual Path called The Sthamba, in July/August. In this he deals with elemental powers. He was asked to identify which part of India had a high tectonic build up. He got an area of Maharashtra/Gujarat. Precisely where an earthquake hit just weeks after.

Anyway to return to Soum's session: We then spent about 10 minutes trying to identify the land spirit better. Once we checked it out, we decided to help Soum explore the incredible possibilities. We now took Somm deep into the earth. It is incredible touching the earth’s force. You feel thrilled and calmed, aflame and gentled. As we explored deeper the Nature spirit begins to give us more details…

“Oh…” we realize “It woke up with the earthquake…” Was the reason for the earthquake was to awaken this nature beast or spirit? The answer was hold your breath... Yes!

Consider this: The Earthquake was unleashed to awaken a land spirit. So does that mean all natural catastrophes are designed to wake land spirits?

A: While 80% of natural disasters involve land spirits not all are about awakening. Some are cases of land spirit wars, land spirit turmoil or even spirit depression or rage.

We now spent time gently approaching The Nature Beast awakened by the earthquake… It gradually looks at us. To call it a beast is to sugar coat it. It is a massive, dense being. Now a Mega-Crocodile, Now a Giant Bear. As we read up we realize that area does have urban legends of massive bears.

Approaching a nature spirit of this magnitude is a careful process. It can show a terrifying face. And also a gentler loving face. {Look at the images above and the one below}.

We approach it with deep respect and reverence and take Soum into its presence… As we befriend it, the face it shows is not the petrifying terror grumpy, after being rudely shaken awake. It looked like a great bear, with millions of creatures forming each hair on its pelt.

Earthquake spirit showing its gentler face

As we sit with the Land Spirit, we then began to look at how Soum could be enriched by her encounter with The Land Spirit. {Each land spirit is distinctive, and has differing powers and freedoms. Just a week before Soum's session Amita had called sensing a potent force in her backyard. It had been a brilliant nature spirit of an area Madras/Chennai. Amita had befriended the land spirit which deals with land fertility.

The US land spirit we realised could give Soum magnificent freedoms, two that she can use effectively.

A} The ability to get closer to the earth.
B} It can help Soum be more secure and make a child more secure.

Few days later, Soum calls, “My God, my whole body was trembling, and my bro’s family was at home. It was something. And at work, people are getting jolts from me.”

“Naturally, it took a 4 on the Richter scale even to get it to stir… So… some jolts are to be expected…” We reply.

Nature Spirits can give Incredible Gifts and Challenges.

To understand how disconcerting land spirit encounters can be, consider this: Divya when dealing with a nature spirit found herself feeling vulnerable. Bela when trying to master an earth energy found her links with friends become cantankerous. Vasu touched by a land spirit found the very atmosphere of her home change. Yes... Land Spirits are beautiful and...

“But why has the nature beast awakened?” Soum asked.

Well remember how we had talked about the reemergence of the Sahaya Shakti in an earlier article? Yup the one integral to earth renewal. {Ps if you don’t recall, please reread.}

Nature is Waking, So Must We.

As we reviewed at the session we were delighted that Soum had actually sensed the earthquake beast. Her years of ‘Kundalini/Devi awakening was paying off. Not only was she able to sense the force, she could stand the power of its presence, and better still befriend it. Each of these are incredible psychic achievements.

The simple truth is that across the world in continent after continent, nature spirits are awakening. And that is huge, for it means titanic force are joining in the earth healing. And when these Earth Spirits are befriended by human adepts, our ability to guide the earth to a richer future intensifies. More Power to You!



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