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Eavesdrop on
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Eavesdrop on a spiritual awakening session with Kanak and Tarun & Celia Cherian


A Spiritual awakening session with Masters Tarun & Celia Cherian

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Awhile ago, Kanak, a spiritual seeker of ours, had called from the parking lot at a diner’s in USA. It was in the middle of the night his time, mid-morning ours in India. As he talked, I heard an unclear scuffling, perhaps from outside his car. I asked if a couple has just passed. ‘Yes’ Kanak replied. I described the man: 6 feet plus. 25-30. White. Red neckish. Checked shirt. Jeans. Boots. And The Woman: 5 foot 5. 20-25. Leather jacket. High heel Boots.  Kanak checks and answers ‘Yes’. Without any cues except some indistinct noises from outside a car, 5000 miles away, I had got a passing couple’s description. But is Kanak awestruck? No he finds it reaffirming.

Incidents like these pepper the conversations Kanak & I have been having for the past 10 years and 3 lifetimes. Now helping Kanak turn a work issue into triumph. Now making sense of his father’s contact after death. Now going to places beyond selves. Now discovering the intricacies of oneness.

I took the opportunity to deepen the lesson that appeared so fortuitously outside the diner in the middle of the night. Astrally we followed the couple into the bar. Kanak had not gone inside the diner till then, so we intuitively got glimpses of it. Red neon signs behind a bar. Colour of the waitresses outfit. I pushed Kanak to get details he can crosscheck later. About 70-80% check out later.

Awakening Tips by Spiritualists Tarun & Celia Cherian

I then told Kanak to astrally touch the man and merge with him. Before we do so we ask permission from the higher spirit of the man we are following. This is a process that can be violative and dangerous. Besides we are allowed only limited access into someone’s psyche. Usually through a chakra or body that is open or hurt. Merging with him, we feel the man’s body. It’s strong, a trifle rigid. We feel a shoe pinch. An old scar on his left arm. He slides a hand over an arm. We feel a scratchiness on a thigh. We look at spilled liquid around his glass. We see him move his finger around in the spilt cool liquid. We see him look at the cleavage of his partner’s blouse. We see him checkout a group of 3, a little noisy behind the girlfriend’s right shoulder. If he had to scrap with them who would he takeout first and how? He wonders. We feel him smell his girlfriend’s perfume, at which Kanak sneezes. An unappetizing burger wrapped in a napkin has appeared. Memories spill out, his mom baking... At this point, we see in his partner’s eyes an uneasiness. She can see glimpses of us in his eyes. We pull out of the man, gently leaving a psychic gift of healing. {There are some who believe they can use interconnectedness for parlour tricks or cheap self-serving. They are fools. The fact of oneness means life is a two-way street.} The strength of the man, some would dismiss as red-neck, the bigness of his heart, the robustness of his life is humbling.

Spiritual Awakening is exhilarating and disorienting

A month ago, Kanak called again. “Let us not talk today of my health, my job, my kids, my visa issues… Or even about how I am using the deeper self to go into that state the Advaita calls doing by not-doing. Incidentally I have gotten better at it. Let us talk of awakening.”

I use a metaphor. One he is probably familiar with. I liken awakening to a river meeting an ocean, the tumult of the river, the joy of the ocean. I take it forward talking about mist rising to clouds, clouds pouring down a distant mountain. As I give him answers, I realize I am talking to Kanak, a man from a certain background, and from Tarun, again a man, who plays the role of a teacher.

I deepen the conversation with a different metaphor. In this I speak of a trunk in an attic, where a servant discovers a deed to the house. He is the real son of the house usurped by bastards. As we compare the two answers; the first reveals awakening as grace, in the second awakening is a far more ugly and intimate process, a battle, a war. Two ideas of ego are raised up. And so The Kanak child listening at the feet of his father, begins a confluence with another strand of Kanak, the one who finds life can be ugly, and seeks to reach a deeper force. The two Kanaks begin to collide, converse, merge. As I talk to Kanak I shift my inner stance. I speak from a deeper space, a deeper organization of the psyche that one can call the trans-ego. I speak to a deeper Kanak. A conversation between the two egos triggers a conversation between sacral and navel chakras.

We must now take the conversation deeper. I tell Kanak. ‘You are till now talking to a guru and I to a shishya. Try asking the same question about awakening, but now assume that divine oneness is real, and so you have access to it.’

“Something is opening in me, a door, I am moving from one island to another, it feels like a library, I can see the answer as if it is a fire… a fiery book.” Says Kanak. But as I look at Kanak’s aura I realize that something is off. I see a shadow appear next to me, in my room, at my centre in India.

“Yes, true”. I say, “but Kanak you are not accessing the answer from the deeps of yourself. You are actually here with me astrally in my home. You believe at some level you do not have the answers, that I your guru do, so you have arrived here. You are reading my slant on it. You have travelled across the world, you are reading my mind. Both are wow, but both are motivated by a sense, he knows the answer, I am just muddling along.”

“Well, since you are here, astrally across the world, let’s take it deeper. What does this feel like?”

“There’s a moment of fear of being overwhelmed. I feel it like a cave Tarun, glowing with many candles. There’s a vivid glow at one corner and four, no a dozen are clustered there.”

“Well, what I did was pull you into me. You have read the answers from outside me, now you see the answers from within my being and spirit. You did this wonderfully” I continue. “The cave metaphor represents my world view, the candles the threading of my understanding with knowledge. The others are fragments of other students, who I am taking inward like you. The traces of them in me are apparent to you. There are traces of me in them.” A real conversation does not just carry words, like a donkey carrying clothes, it is deeper. With every real conversation the pollen, the earth of our being is shared.  Words are not just words. They can be evocations.”

awakening is an adventure with spiritual teachers Tarun & Celia Cherian

“Let us try this again” I say. “This time remember the hundred times you have, we have seen the oneness, believe that state is in you. And you can accept it.”

“It feels like a shining light. Pouring down, I feel like crying-rejoicing.” Says Kanak.

“Marvelous, but now we are going to try it again.” I tell Kanak. “By saying the answer was in you made you feel the answer was a thought in your head, however powerful. You think thoughts are abstract. This time approach awakening as if you are in the answer. As if the answer is all there is.”

“I feel as if I am moving in a tunnel very fast, catapulted into stars. My God it is crazy, the tunnel is very intimate and yet like the inside of a black hole.”

“Marvelous that which you call The Devi is giving you an answer. The tunnel is three things. The passage into life. The third inner tube of the Sushumna {3rd of 12}. And the leap between astral to divine consciousness. Not one or the other, but all three.” I answer. “One is resonant in the other.”

Now let us gather the answers realizing the answers are being folded into your cells and into patterns that form the mind, spirit and cell. 

“Is this awakening?” Kanak asks. “Have I been awakened?” “No”, I answer. “We are still talking about awakening… We are familiarizing the self with the self… You are still glimpsing, still uncovering the truth. Besides yours is a Jnana yogi’s path, in Indian terms. Unlike the lightning strike awakening or thunderstorm of the Shakti practitioner or Bhakt, yours is a little like a swimmer gradually moving off the continental shelf into the deep ocean. It is more halal, as opposed to jhatka {Both halal and jhatka refers to way a butcher kills an animal, in halal there is slow draining of blood, jhatka is a clean blow that kills the animal instantaneously}. You are like a moth circling the flame.”

Awakening with Spiritual Masters Tarun & Celia Cherian

“For you the prelude to awakening is filled with a panoply of discovery drawn deliciously out. I can give you a date. But that is foolish. For you awakening is not a moment, or even a season, it is a slow turning, sure through constant doubting, strong through continuous recommitment, deeply suffused with unhurried hurrying...

"We have been having this conversation for a long while now… 10 years, and from the glimpses we have seen, many lifetimes… The conversation has at some point come alive… become broader than both of us… it is a river… and we are sailing/drifting/drowning in it… it is like the Ganges that waters India. And like hidden Saraswathi that pours beneath the beneath…

"We speak words… words that rush from lips, words that drip in the skull, words that waft beyond skin, words spoken in silence by lips that have never known flesh… We are those who speak and we are those who are spoken… We are words in a sentence, spoken by presences so wondrous that words like soul, atma barely approach their subtlety… When you reach the ocean’s heart, and I stop taking creatures of flesh to places where flesh may not step… even then consider this, will our conversation stop? Was it our conversation at all? And as you understand and cannot comprehend… for how know and not melt from the eyes of the world like butter on a skillet… there is a glow like a sun lazy in its waking, yet no less welcome… and so you glimpse though it is not here… as yet… and you see a flash of it for the first time though you have never left this place… and you let go… and the world too with you… gets ready… to drown…”




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