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Solar Eclipse! June 2020.
The Impulse to War. And Way to Peace.
The battle between Desire & Decision,
The ugliness between Psychic Mother & Father, and ways to love, peace, joy
by Tarun & Celia Cherian, June 2020


Eclip[se Message by Celia & Tarun Cherian, creator's Child Masters

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This is the 5th time we have formally written articles about Eclipses. 3rice about Solar Eclipses, & twice about lunar Eclipses. We have covered the effect on chakras, health, eating patterns, micro-elements, hormones, on nature, our behaviour, the mind & historic events, on the spirit... Reread them.

About 12 days before this eclipse and 15 days after The June 2020 Eclipse, it has an effect on the mind & spirit. You are under its shadow. It is already influencing our clarity of thought. It is already influencing the matrix of desire and movement of thought.

Challenge 1: Do all eclipses have the same effect, pre & post? Use your intuition. We give an answer at the end of the article.

How can an eclipse have an effect on people before it has happened? You may protest. Well how can a wedding have an effect on a wedding party before it has happened? You understand that we have helped you also stretch your idea of time. Helped you begin to understand how the future can affect the past.

Challenge 2: If this eclipse has an effect on us, even before the eclipse has happened, what hour of the day will it have a greater effect on us? We give an answer at the end of the article.

Well before it occurs the solar Eclipsse has an effect on our psyches and world.

Now before we move on let us ask a questiuon: Do Eclipses have any effect on us at all? Well, we know that moon & sun movements have an influence on tides, cropping patterns, weather and hormones. This is well established.

What you may not realise is that eclipses have an effect on geo-magnetism. That which migratory birds and humans use as markers. As far back as October 1958, scientist, A. L. Cullington, discovered this to be true. He observed the effect at a geomagnetically less polluted area of Apia, Western Samoa.

The Close Conjunction of The Sun & The Moon and The Eclipse itself has a definite scientifically proven effect on geo-magnetism a critical biomarker, and climatic influence.

How strong is the effect of an average Eclipse? Well, on a scale of 1-100. The effect of the Eclipse is about 0.3. You may exclaim 'Oh that's really low'. Yes, but flu with a kill rate of 0.6% kills about 7-8 lakhs people a year. And the effect varies from person to person and area to area.

The very rhythms of the article contain a message: Now as you are reading this article you will realise it is written in a far less welcoming way. While the headline talked war, you may feel back in school, having to earn every mark through trick questions.

Well, that is deliberate. It mimics how your mind is being pushed by the Solar Eclipse. You will be pushed to reestablish very basic taken-for-granted assumptions.

The very structure of this article has been designed to mimic some of the effects of a solar Eclipse.

Astrology is one of the most divisive thought processes to the modern mind. 60% read sunsigns but do not believe it to be true. Science trumpets how idiotic it is, but conveniently hides the fact that it has proven much of what Astrology's basic claims are. Now many have grown up on astrology's worst excesses. 'Do not wear red for today is Rahu'. 'Do not walk out before 12 because Ketu is doing a jig'. Or you may come from childhood traditions likeTarun & Celia's which scoffs at astrology but believes a star lead 3 wisemen to the birth of a world saviour.

You understand, it is here, to graveyard shadows that this article is taking you. At the height of a solar eclipse even the shadows the sun casts is different. It seems straight out of a quantum experiment, full of doubles.

This article is packed with psychic knowledge. But it is a maze around you. You do realise you are in the bones of an ancient sage's mind. Among the many whom Celia & Tarun connected to are the sun Lord. Moon lord, earth timeline, scientific knowledge, spirit guides and Cosmic Lords... And... an ancient sage who left behind the bones of his thought.

Challenge 3: Who is this Sage? Who is the ancient sage, whose mind patterns are embedded in this article? We give an answer at the end of the article.

Challenge 4: Can you name two books where the very structure of the book contained an influence?


War & Peace



The Impulse to War. This eclipse can bring mankind to the brink of riots, war, even nuclear war. {But we are most likely to avoid a real war.}

Several reasons why this Eclipse triggers the war impulse.

Why will such brinksmanship occur?

Desire Decision Conflict. The Eclipse basically causes the Sacral {Moon} chakra to obscure or obstruct the Solar Plexus chakra {Sun influence}. In this particular instance, self pride or national pride and clear thought interfere with each other.

The Need for Certainty in an Uncertain Time. As you read the earlier portion of the article, you would have felt yourself in a strange Kafkaesque world. As if you are in a thorn thicket. And in the last few years, you would have felt the certainties are splintering and disintegrating. Trump Vs Obama. Brexit Vs Ye Old England. India Versus India. China Vs The Rest. Most of us do not like to be in too open and fractitious {Argumentative} an environment... and in a time of uncertainity we begin to lash out. The other effect of the Eclipse is that it pushes us to assert certainties, very combatively as we have encountered in most social media. This particular Eclipse has an effect on the solar nadi and a coagulating effect on the Moon Nadi. Creatring a conflict that can be reflected in the statement: "I have to take action. I am worth nothing."

Where will such brinksmanship occur? The path of the 2020 June annular eclipse passes through parts of African continent, Pakistan, North India, Northern China, South Europe, {Also Russia & Australia}. So these would be more impacted.

"But can we help avoid it? Can we calm the drums of war? The yantra below can help..."

Eclipse Ring montage of unsplash image and Creator's Child Image

Look at the time of starting in your time zone. Do it then.


Relationship Strain & Love


The Quarrel between The Psychic Mother & Father and Renewal of Ties.

The other effect the eclipse has is a clash between the archetypal mother & father. Ignored and despised the intuitive, creative, whimsical moon side rages up and blocks the father's authority. They can stumble in disaster, and impact your marriage & relationsghip, or The Father can learn to listen and the mother remember to dance.

To turn hurt & hate into joy, you can do a relationship healing at 11.15 am on the eclipse day. {Look at the time of eclipse ending in your time zone. Do it then.} You may visualise your 2 parents, or you and your partner or Gods like True Consciousness & untamed force on either side. Between the two send healing or your core chant.

Doing it in the open sun is even more powerful than one done indoors.

Can you do both rituals? Pro Peace and Pro Love?

We have come a long way now.
You have seen the stress the eclipse can place on relationships.
National & personal and seen how to use the opportunity to reverse its ugliness and deepen it.

Thank you for reading,
writing in,
& sharing.

Love & God,
Celia & Tarun.



Learning to Learn.


Answer Challenge 1: Do all eclipses have the same effect, pre & post? This eclipse has a far longer influence as it coincides with a Summer Solstice.

Answer Challenge 2: If this eclipse has an effect on us, even before the eclipse has happened, what hour of the day will it have a greater effect on us? This eclipse greater strength is at 11 am.

Answer Challenge 3: Who is the ancient sage, whose mind patterns are embedded in this article? The name he reveals in this article is Agsanghriyas. Which sounds a lot like one of the first 7 Maharishis. Which? Do your research. Compare the name we received with that of the first set of Maharishis.

Answer Challenge 4: Can you name two books where the very structure of the book contained an influence? There are many books where the form is the message. For example, Adi Shankaracharya's Saundarya Lahiri was a book whose very rhythms transported the listener. Benedictine chants are such where even a listener ignorant of the meaning of a chant is influenced.



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