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As we drove out during the 26 Dec 2019 Solar Eclipse, the streets were far less crowded and post it, we noticed the traffic was more erratic. Was this due to the fear the thought it generated? Or due to its effect. We studied it. Once again.

Now the Eclipse has been respected and feared from pre-history. The Solar one in particular.

The Solar Eclipse Effect Historically:

648 BC. Archilochus Eclipse
When Greek Poet Archilochus witnessed the earthquake he testifies:   "Nothing there is beyond hope, nothing that can be sworn impossible, nothing wonderful, since Zeus father of the Olympians made night from midday, hiding the light of the shining sun, and sore fear came upon men."

In 584 B.C.E. It helped End a War:  A long drawn out war between the Lydians and the Medes could have gone on for years. Thankfully When suddenly an eerie darkness fell over the battlefield, records that, "they ceased from fighting, and both were the more zealous to make peace."

The fuller text reads: "In the sixth year a battle took place in which it happened, when the fight had begun, that suddenly the day became night. And this change of the day Thales the Milesian had foretold to the Ionians laying down as a limit this very year in which the change took place. The Lydians however and the Medes, when they saw that it had become night instead of day, ceased from their fighting and were much more eager both of them that peace should be made between them."

33 AD. The Crucifixion of Jesus: As recorded by the Bible, when Jesus was crucified, the whole sky turned inky dark for three hours.

569 AD. Eclipses herald The Birth Prophet Muhammad. And Death of his Son: According to The Quran an eclipse preceded the birth of the prophet, which scientists believe may have occurred in  569 AD. In 632 AD, an eclipse marked the death of Prophet Mohammad’s son. But should one weep in terror? "The sun and the moon are two signs amongst the signs of Allah. They do not eclipse because of someone's death or life. So when you see them, invoke Allah and pray till the eclipse is clear." Said The Prophet.

The 840 AD Eclipse and The Death of an Emperor
Emperor Louis of Bavaria, the son of Charlemagne, presided over one of Europe’s greatest empires. Then he was struck down. A terrifying solar eclipse, made such an impression, petrified by the sight, he died shortly afterwards. His empire descended into a bitter fight among his sons which ended with Europe ripping up into France, Germany and Italy.

1133 AD. – King Henry's Eclipse: When King Henry I sailed to England, an eclipse looked on balefully. Not only did King Henry not return home, but after King Henry's death in 1135, England sank into the whirpool of an ugly civil war lasting 2 decades.

1831 AD. – Slave Rebellion Rebellion: The leader of slaves in America, Nat Turner, took an eclipse as a sign to plan and unleash his struggle strike.

Creator’s Child Clarifies:
Today we received the usual mails like The Solar Eclipse is bad for health. In fact poisons food. It will trigger a catastrophe. Do we have to ignore it as superstition by blinkered Newtonian science? Fear it as traditionalists do? So at  Creator’s Child we took a closer look at it. The Solar Eclipse does affects the chakras and aura bodies of humans.

Solar Eclipse Effect on Chakras. Negs and Poz:

Chakra Negatives:The Solar Eclipse dampens The Solar plexus chakra. Over stimulates Navel. So lowers judgement. Increases rage or fear. It affects Kings, Presidents, Rulers.

The Solar Eclipse also can affect digestion mildly, especially one section of the intestine dealing with absorption of martian minerals like sulphur {15%}. And will trigger slight acidity {10%}

The Solar Eclipse damages the Crown chakra: One or two petals dealing with religious texts, and vampirish access.

The Solar Eclipse also impacts The Throat chakra. Mildly.

The Knee Chakras are touched by The Solar Eclipse very temporarily.

However is this true of other species? Not really. For example a cow’s crown chakra we noticed was positively affected. And what of reptiles? A crocodile had its stomach activity suddenly surge. For trees it actually frees the tree mind.

Chakra Positives: The effect of the solar Eclipse helps us reexamine belief structures.
It is a good time for bringing in discipline into your life. {Effect on Throat chakra.}
Also it gives the psyche to access deep hurt, with reflection or healing it is transformatory.

Solar Eclipse Effect on Energy Bodies:
The Solar Eclipse makes the aura squatter, so as a whole one is more world-power focused.

It has an effect on the knee level of 3 lower energy bodies giving desire complexes greater freedom. More later:

Solar Eclipse Effect on Planetary Energy Structures:
The Solar Eclipse lets us see the sea of desires and impulses that lies at a loci we call The Chuqquasha ocean which is the equivalent of Past Life ‘s Akashic Records. It also encourages this desire-ocean’s tides to rise. This is the first time in the last several thousand years this feature has been revealed and named.

The Solar Eclipse also frees ghosts caught in earth-prisons. Like graveyards, butcher-yards, churches, temples, historic structures, hills, lakes…

The Earth energy when looked at often appears as geometric forms. This pattern gets disturbed. It principally makes life more vulnerable to viral and fungal action.

The Solar Eclipse also affects the solar-magnetic winds that wraps the earth.

Solar Eclipse Effect on Spiritual Beings:
For higher spirits talking during a solar Eclipse has more static in the conversation.
For ancestral spirits the block is more heavy.

The Sun, our friend, was mighty irritated by the Eclipse, he saw it as a dark scarf over his friend the earth. He was even more irritated by the human idea he could be affected.

For higher God forms eclipses are times they can change clothes or how they present themselves to man and other beings.

Length of The Solar Eclipse Effect on The Aura:
Between 5-10 days before. And 10-20 days after. Obviously if it affects one deeply, the impact may be severe. Note it is not only negative.

For Creator’s Child Healers and Spiritualists The Solar Eclipse is Opportunity.
- Give yourself full healings for 7 days.
- Look at deep hurts and rages. Heal them, use them.
- Reexamine your desires, and motivations.


Love & God,

Celia & Tarun Cherian



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