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Even the Forest Fire
Listens To Him


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“Dusk and I smell the familiar smoke”. Says Nishigandha Nirgudkar.  “It sends panic signals from my animal core. I look around and see the grass at the bottom of the hill below our property, in angry rage, the forest is on fire. Tongues of fire flicking as it consumes the yellow and brown dead grass and leaves... and some green with it.  Black burnt pieces dance in the wind . Some are still burning... They will spread the wild fire even further.”

“The crackling sounds of the fire... Evening winds will soon send it up to our farm and house.” Come stand with Nishi, as the wild fire approaches her farm as it did a few years ago. It is terrifying, consuming an entire hill in just minutes, watching wild boar squealing in pain, the shrieks of a monkey mother dying just 100 feet away, the child cooking before its maddened eyes, the heat barbecuing skin as you try to cross the flames, Last time with doughty fighting Nishi, Vinod stopped the fire... this time?  

“We run around to organise the water pipe... Just in case it comes too close.  Then all you can do is stand and watch helplessly as the fiery glutton devours everything, leaving just burnt black land behind.

Yes at that moment when you have done all you can and have nothing left. When you sink to your knees. Nishi does what true spiritualists do... She remembers...

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Fire on Nishi's Land

“I stand and call Him.” Says Nishi.  “Fire is not allowed in my farm I command. Wind please change your mind and blow the other way, I plead. I stand on the edge looking down at the advancing line of fire. No not here, go back. And it does. The wind dies down and the fire abates... It can't return as there nothing on his path that he can eat. So slowly the the games grow smaller and it is silent...

Dunno what's my share in  the unfolding of these events... My prayers answered or it just had to happen that way... I will never know...The fact is that the wild fire stopped at the boundary of our farm... I am grateful to the fire and  wind for saving me yet again...

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And yes we know that the world listens, the Cosmos listens, Yes He listens... And we forget... And through Nishi we remember... again...

Just a few days ago... a similar fire raged through Bandipur Sanctuary claiming 7-8000 acres of land. And many of us Creator’s Child family and friends had begun a chant to call rain. And while the ‘Met Department’ had seen little possibility of rain in just days patchy rain arrived. Then a terrifying freak storm that rose up out of a clear sky... And it poured with desperate fury.


The truth is many of us stand where Nishi and Vinod did. No, you do not stand on the outskirts of a forest with your whole farm about to go up in flames and all your savings. And quite a few of your farm animals in danger. For how gather all the fool chicken, how call all the cattle back, how call all the cats in trees, the wandering dog from the other hill... But many of us stand before wildfires... Wildfires of a mother’s tongue asking us to sleep with her new partner and driving us to dark places beyond suicide. Wildfires of debt that grew from lakhs to crores backed by mafia dons with leering mouths. Wildfires of illness taking every moment away in a terrible storm of torment.  

Being mortal means this. A passing car can take your knee. Like it hit Boby. A passing illness can take your career as it has done to Sunanda*. A leering grope by a husband’s relative can take your marriage as it did for Ranee*. A passing illness can take your mother. Your child. Your mind. It can hit anytime, anywhere. You are sitting pretty on the top of the mountain and a phone call from home sends you crashing. You come home early and open a door and your world falls apart... You go out and open the post box and... You...

Being mortal means... that death, time, space, matter will one day twitch our chain... and we will stand with Nishi in that terrifying place as wildfire sweeps towards us... You healers, you seekers know this...  

And as you stand with nothing in your hands, remember as Nishi did... HE stands with you... SHE stands with you... They stand with you... We stand with you...

And the wind can change. Rain can come. Fire stop.



-- We are deeply grateful for Nishi for sharing this with us.




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