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Remote Healing the etheric touch

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April 2nd, 2020: Psychologist & student Dayana* calls up. Her dad is in ICU. And though she has got home for few hours while mom takes over, she can see him wandering the corridors. Also some strange creatures were wheeling him in wheel-chairs, taking him up elevators to the clouds and back.

We crosscheck. He is astral travelling.
What about the strange creatures?
Not aliens.
Because his work deals with a lot of rock and land he is connected to earth spirits that the western world calls Kobolds. So they are escorting him to spaces of his psyche.

Remote Healing & Astral Travel

And how is she seeing it?
Well, we remind her that in Devadhara we taught her to see and heal long-distance. Plus as she knows all too well, she is a fairly fluid astral traveler herself.

“We are all inter-connected and all one” we spell out the principle.
But that is theory.
We give her a practical demonstration.
With etheric arms I touch her shoulders. Then ask, ‘where had she been touched?’
‘Shoulders, throat’ she gets.

We now vary it and I send an astral projection to her waist.
“Tickling at my hip” she says.
Brilliant ++.

Now I go one step higher and place her spirit in the cave of my navel.
“What are you feeling now?” I ask.
“My crown is opening. I feel reassured and encircled.”

Had I actually placed her in my navel?
Yes & No.
At a deep level called the reincarnational or what Brennan calls the blueprint, I had opened a deep experience matrix point and joined Dayana’s ego to my ancestral connect to endless nourishment or my foetal memories of being cared for.

When she asks about the many bodies, I ask her and all of you to reread The Chronicle of Death and Rebirth in which Celia & I have detailed a section on our many bodies with depth and simplicity.

Now here are 3 out an infinity of long-distance touches that we have demonstrated. Each with escalating freedoms.

The first is a normal etheric touch. While we visualize the arm lengthening, beyond 10 feet actually blocks of energy are sent. These when touching the person does what they see as compatible. Similar but far safer is the long-distance healing technique taught to you Devadhara Healers and Creator’s Child Reiki Healers.

The second is an astral projection. A tiny piece of Tarun is projected out. Rather a more-freewheeling copy of my freedom nests next to Dayana. This can touch and offer variant ways of approaching life, merge with her astral body {which it did, giving her a sense of freer earthiness}, or bounce off and go to someone else, or merge with the mass dream called life.

Astral projection relates to what the dad is doing. And connected to what The Kobolds are upto. {Now the topic of Kobolds and energy creatures is far too vast for us to address here. So you will have to wait a trifle.}

The third touch {Navel thing} is based on the knowledge each of us is a cave, a cove, a continent, or what deep seeker Kanak calls a Galaxy, or Galactic Man.   

Remote Healing Spiritual Surround

We see a Devi do this, with a number of people worried about the Corona virus. She looks like an immense shawl, that encircles many in individual cups, Some are in twists of folds of cloth but can feel others close. Interestingly she shows that she can do this in many ways. For example one side of her shawl is dark. The other white. When she wraps the person in the dark face of the shawl, their minds, bodies, spirits are strengthened from within. For a few inspired scientists she does something else, she wraps them in the white face, so the outer world nudges the mind. We then see her offer one of her Devi seekers an even greater freedom. In a place where her shawl is fraying she places the spirit, as if telling her child ‘ok play with it, use the threads of reality, see what you can do. One spiritual seeker gets caught like an insect in someone’s hair.

We look at an angel and we see he touches healers, sufferers, patients differently, sending lights to specific areas. Ok, a tiny-big insight. Broadly, Devis/Shaktis being experience creators teach experientially, and Angels illuminate.   

Exercise 1. Think: Here we talked of 3 interconnections. But it is time for you to visit other glimpses into the cat’s cradle of life that we have shared… Compare, contrast, explore…

Exercise 2. Discover: We now write this. Type this. But each touch of the key is on your greater body. And also on the little one we call the physical. On cell, and bone. Nerve and silence between atoms, we call up, your greatest truth. Where do you feel it.

There are no right or wrong answers. Just truths explored on the dark side or the sun side of the shawl.
Exercise 3. Become:
Now many of us in a locked down world are feeling isolated. Know you are not alone.

Some feel hemmed in by weird family dynamics, by strangers. Open a window and etheric fingers, astral beings, and creational entities will waltz in.

Exercise 4. Just Care: We gave deep seeker & healer Sidhu a task find one person in a migrant camp and give him healing. All you healers and spiritual seekers please do the same.



Love & God

Celia & Tarun Cherian, 24th April 2020:


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