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The Aura of Covid Vaccine Takers.

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The other day we were looking at a group of people taking their Covid vaccination. As we looked we decided to peek at their auras.

While some people had some local redness in the arm, the vaccine had an immediate effect causing specific chakras to come awake. In fact the pattern looked like constellations.

As we looked at the auras of many taking Covaxine, we realised that a charecteristic pattern of the Vaccine could be seen. It was clearly stimulating specific chakras, in a very specific pattern.

The Effect of Covaxine on the Human Aura

We then turned our attention to patients taking the Covishield Vaccine. Was it the same as Covaxine?

Yes and No.

We realized the aura pattern had many commonalities. But also each Vaccine formed a charecteristic pattern. But in India in May-June we only had Covaxin or Covishield... so what about the others?

For the last year, we have encountered a number of patients and relatives who had taken Pfizer, Moderna, Sinopharm, Sputnik V. We had done formal scans for patients {and quick glances for relatives}. And yes, as we looked back and compared the many, we realized that each Vaccine has strong similarities and each Vaccine stimulates specific aura patterns. So, when Manish C spoke to us and told us he'd taken a Vaccine we got that it was Pfizer or Moderna.

Now you may say cute... Ok it's nice to know the effect of vaccines can be seen with auras. And that they cause chakras to light up. But is this just a curiousity? No, no, no...

This knowledge offers us a spectrum invaluable insights. Of the wide spectrum of thought trajectories it offers, in this article we focus on 3 key aspects.

1) First the chakras/areas all vaccines stimulate, clearly underlines where immunity boosting is taking place.

2) Next auras reveal absences: The places where Vaccines should, but do not protect. This is particularly useful for it can help healers, yogics, herbalists strengthen immunity, be a useful adjunct to the juggernaut of allopathy.

3) Third the Aura differences of Vaccines give an insight into the ways the vaccines work, point out potential strengths and sideeffects.

Covishield aura

Findings 1. The Common Chakras stimulated in Covid Vaccine Takers...

1. The Abdomen Chakra: Be it Covaxin, Covishield, Sputnik V, Pfizer, they all target the abdomen chakra. So clearly this is a centre to boost immunity, activate immune targeting.

We then asked ourselves is the abdomen chakra stimulation only true for Covid vacines? As we looked furthur afield we discovered that even the Polio or Measles Vaccines touched the abdomen chakra. Highly significant information. {Furthur studies will need to ask if there are any vaccines that do not impact the abdomen chakra}.

2. The Armpit Chakra: The second energy point which is impacted by many traditional Covid Vaccines is one Chakra adepts will nod in understanding “Yes, of course”. Be it Covaxin, Covishield, Sputnik V, they all target the arm pit chakra. Clearly significant for the endocrine system.

3. Tertiary Chakras: The tertiary Chakras activated by a range of Covid Vaccines are the root, shoulder and Bindu chakras.

Now how can we leverage this knowledge?

A. The Abdomen Chakra: All the Covid Vaccines target the abdomen chakra. So this clearly confirms ancient knowledge that this is a centre to boost immunity, activate immune response. Now since all Covid Vaccines touched the abdomen chakra and other key chakras by giving healing to those points we will be mimicking Vaccine healing… How great such a healing intervention will be, will have to be seen… Also  this means can use a range of techniques like the Bramhara mudra… or herbs to target these chakras.

B. The Armpit Chakra: The second energy point which is impacted by many traditional Covid Vaccines is The Armpit Chakras. These are highly significant points in infection fighting. Very few healers target this chakra, but clearly it is of great significance. And it expands the very quantum of psychic knowledge.

C. The Root Chakra: The Root Chakra is stimulated by many vaccines. These are highly significant points in infection fighting. And again seen by traditional aura seers and healers as significant. Again, the root chakra and ways to activate is well documented in the spiritual/energetic body space.

Corona Vaccine Aura Comparison


Findings 2. Current Covid Vaccines largely Do NOT stimulate Nose and Throat Chakras...

One of the key findings however is an absence.

Practically none of the current set of Covid Vaccines energise the Throat Chakra, or the nose chakras.  And this is a huge lacunae as this is the entry point for the virus! So all the current Covid Vaccines help the body fight an infection when it comes in, not creating a roadblock at the point of entry.

Now how can we leverage this knowledge?
A. The Importance of Masks: Clearly there is a need to continue with masks. This is basic. But however, in some categories like hospital staff, overuse of mask can cause hypoxia, and added infection risk, so procedures of periodic demasking is vital.

B. Energy Mask: This we related in an earlier article. It stimulates the nose and throat chakras. Does it do so in real-life conditions? Our aura observations, say yes. But is its delivery marginal or significant in real conditions is unknown. See: Aura Prevention for Covid. {21 May 2021}

C. Help the body eliminate pathogens with methods like Gargling: For example, gargling, and yogic nasal cleansing techniques are ways in which one can reduce load of an illness in the ent areas.{Though people have over done this}.  

D. Fill The Lacunae with Vitamins and Herbs: The current Vaccines are designed to help the body fight back, not get the throat, nose, sinuses to stop and repel the virus. Now there are number of vitamins and herbs that can create stronger body resistance at the nose, throat and sinuses. For example Vitamin C with Zinc, Vitamin A & D. Also there are numerous ayurvedic and herbal formulations that get the squamous epithelial passages to be healthier and so be less susceptible to pathogen assalt.

E. The Need For Nasal/Throat Vaccines: Most current Vaccines are injections, there is a clear need for nasal sprays, like the proposed Covaxin nasal spray.

F. Healing Nasal Sprays: Some nasal sprays being developed like SaNoTize target the squamous epithelium, blocking the virus at entry points.

G. Shankha Mudra: The Shankha mudra clearly helps the throat chakra rotate faster and helps the body unleash mechanisms to protect against pathogens. See: Open your eyes to Mudras -- Empowering & Life-Saving!


The effect of Vitamin C on the aura

Findings 3. Aura Guidance in understanding potential side-effects.   

When we look at the aura effect of Vaccines, we have been simplistically assuming that wherever the vaccine touches it has a positive effect.

Both Pfizer and Moderna use the experimental mRNA modality. A hitherto untested modality on humans. Now while all Covid Vaccines are classified under emergency use, many drug companies have even arm-twisted governments to prevent themselves from being sued. For example a times of India Jan 2021 news report* states that “Twenty-three people died in Norway within days of receiving their first dose of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine with 13 of those deaths apparently related to the side effects of the shots, New York Post reported citing the health officials. All 13 were nursing home patients and at least 80 years old.”

Now it is difficult to pinpoint side-effects from an aura scan of such a limited sample as we have been using: but our aura report suggests we need to look at root chakra issues in the long run with mRNA viruses. That includes DNA malformations, cell wall issues, skin conditions, blood formation…  We are not stating these are side-effects, but these need to be ruled out…

The adenovirus vector Vaccines like Covishield, and Sputnik V also stimulate the Bindu. While Covishield is associated with some cases of blood-clotting, we are told the very methodology of adenovector vaccines implies some neourological risk, marrying with what we see with the vaccine takers aura. Is this potential significant or insignificant?

Now how can we leverage this knowledge?
A. If you take mRNA vaccines healing the root chakra may help mitigate some effects.

B. If you take adenovirus vector vaccines healing the bindu chakra is useful.

C. All Covid vaccines, and virtually all vaccines in general affect the root chakra. So this is a useful area of targeting.


Vaccine Comparision through Auras

Now as we review the dance between vaccines and the aura here are the key takeaways...

1. The Key Chakra to Boost Immunity Uncovered. Covid Vaccines and most Vaccines stimulate the abdomen chakra. So that must be an area for healers to focus on to boost immunity against any infection.

2. Covid Vaccines do not protect the throat and nose chakras, so herbs and mudras need to fill the gap.

3. Each Covid Vaccine has a slightly different mode of functioning, knowing that may help reduce sideeffects.



Love & God, Celia & Tarun Cherian

Article Published 26 June 2021: Aura insights from late 2020-June 2021, by Celia & Tarun Cherian.

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