Know God! Use God! Be God!

Watching a sun being born, even from a million miles away, is jaw-dropping. When you have the privileged position of mid-wife, things become more exciting. When it doesn't take the usual painful years and lifetimes it's even more joyous. Or rather the pain and sweat happens offline.

The other day, a seeker, Vasundhara, came to us.
What she sought was the usual answers to buy or sell.
What she got was something else.

As we sat in her presence an enormous force made its presence felt. Furious.
So rabid our first thought was surely this is a psychic attack.


It is a force.
Connected back 500 years.
Linked with a grave.
Take her back to the grave.
A figure appears.
It blazes.
It screams like a buzzsaw
with a thousand blades unleashed in terrifying fury.
It was The Force.
Or what some will call The Goddess.

We call God names.
She doesn't mind.
In Vasundhara, the force enters,
she seems to burst into a thousand shards of life.

She is now a temple.
In construction.

And what's more, in this case, I don't have to run behind and help her unsteady toddly feet and wipe her bottom as she grows up. In this case, the force will take care of her own.

3 years will it take for her to be what she is.
A doorway, A force.
Except for the first month, the child of light growing in her will also play mother.

I was the midwife.
I feel as if I have fed on coal.

Some pretentiously call the post of midwife, as teacher or guru.
You know titles.
You could equally call it midwives for souls,
or spirit ayah's.
That would be more accurate.


There are two kinds of inner shift:
Jhatka or Halal.
No guesses for this one.


A seeker awakens! Vasundhara's explosive awakening by Tarun Mar 2010



Encountering GOD is WOW. It is also scary. Life Changing.

Once the force arrives, some greet it with open arms, some worry and puzzle over it, some even fight it.

But either way, something huge and significant has happened.

It doesn't always give its gifts instantaneously, a chick that has pecked its way out of the eggshell of contentment can't always soar... immediately.

In the case of many, the awakening is partial. A chink of light has stolen through, but the eggshell hasn't let the chick out. This is harder, for you're often like a child nose pressed against a pastry store but not quite sure how to enter.

Of late, there have been many who've awakened a great force... Like Manisha, Chitra, Savitha, Vasundhara... Not unnaturally, they will then wrestle with the deep puzzlements, doubts, fears, that accompany such a tremendous awakening, such a bewildering change.

Whether titanic or delicate... with great blessing comes great challenge. Handling these are easiest for those with the simplicity of a child. A little harder for those with the passion and arrogance of an adolescent. It's slower but surer for those with the dedication of the mature. Hard but sometimes rapid for those who fight GOD. If you take time to digest the utter impossibility of God... Know that Tarun took 8 years hammered by vision after vision before he realized that reality is greater than his atheist mind. Celu saw her first incredible past life experience in early 90's, only by late 90's did she start taking people inward to Past Life experiences.

But surely the saddest of the God-smacked are those who allow the fire to die or hand the gift back. That too has happened.

Vasundhara's Awakening is all the more magnificent as she is about to retire after a long stint with the Govt. When the force arrived she greeted it with all the unquestioning joy of a child, rambunctiously diving into the deep end of the lake.

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It's like watching a sun

being born!