The Generosity of The Cow.



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As we drive past Banaswadi’s crowded streets, at the centre of the road is a road divider, a 4 feet patch of earth, grass, flowering shrubs, adolescent trees, rimmed with cement block painted the regulation colours, now faded, at select portions are metal separators, and cement blocks. At such urban sanctuaries you find beasts of the field, butterflies, birds, dogs and gentle cows and noble bulls. They are our friends.

The other day as we drove past, I talked to a cow. I greeted it. Said how pretty it was. She agreed. She was pretty. “What was she doing?” Celia asked. “Scratching” came the reply. I told her that my face was scratching too. Very generously she invited us with, “This is a great spot to scratch your face. Do come and join me. There is a scrumbly scratchy, and a frumbly scratchy depending on how your face and back needs scratchies.” {Scrumbly and frumbly scratchies are probably cement block and metal post.}

Now here we have us humans with convenient arms, back scratchers, cars, refrigerators, food always on the table, many bedrooms, A katha properties. And there we have The Cow. The centre of road as drawing room. A road divider with scrub for dinner. And a cement post and metal fence for ablutions. It is clear the Cow is the one who is richer of the two. Wiser of the two. Larger hearted of the two.

Sometimes people ask us “Who our Gurus are?” God is clearly our principal. But he has some great angelic assistants. The big-hearted cow being one of them.

– Tarun & Celia Cherian, Students of The Green.


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