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Imagine waking up in the night to the sound of someone knocking. Blearily you stir and with a chill realise it is coming from your cupboard. Picking a cricket bat you open it… Your heart pounding you realize there is nothing there. The strange knocking does not stop. But it changes tempo. Moves to another part of the room. Your wife wakes up, she hears it too. Now to the strange crack, and pop, and thud, comes also a sibilant sound, a whisper.

Sohail* is as pragmatic as they come. An engineer, a CEO of a very large real-estate company. By day he is a man in charge. But at night he is bystander, and something else reveals it is boss. Woken up by sounds, voices, whispers, and a few times eager hands, and leaping bedsheets, for the last 15 years, Sohail and his wife have rarely had more than a few hours of undisturbed sleep.

Are they going mad? You obviously wonder. Is Sohail* drawing his wife into a spiral of madness? No, no, no. A guest at home disturbed by the sound hears it too.

“If it is happening at home,” we interrupt Sohail*and Reena*, “why don’t you just find another house?” we ask. But the sound doesn’t just happen at home. The sounds follow them to friend’s homes. Even hotels.

A whole hotel hears it too. The night before they come to us, they stayed at a hotel. As the night deepens they hear it again. The hotel staff hear it too cannot find the source, change their room to another wing. But the crackle, pop, thud, and drum return, now accompanied by voice…  Sometimes it is a drum beating. Sometimes a claw scratching… Sometimes a whisper as if from a rustling place. 

Clearly, what they are hearing and experiencing is connected to them, generated by them or attached to them.

Our aura scan revealed 3 sets of presences.

First ghosts. A long-haired woman. A dark, shadowy man. A filament presence {Half formed by their fears}.

At another level are past life faces and connected existences.   

Now before we rush of further into the intricacies of the healing let us first stand here and see how much the experience has to offer.

Since there is more than one person experiencing the phenomenon, we know there is something there. We know there is no perceivable physical cause. Which means something mental, basically non-physical is causing it. Which means the non-physical can cause physical effects. Like the invisible wind bending trees?

Now either Sohail and Reena are causing it, making the world around them, pop, quiver and whisper. Or phenomena, forces and entities around them are causing it. Or both.

During the first major healing we removed 3 ghosts. And blocked off many death doors {Access points to lower level spirits}. We empowered Sohail {More about this later}. But the sounds do not stop.

During poltergeist activity, there’s a simple rule, look for a disturbed adolescent girl, calm her down. {Remember the movie Carrie?} But there is no disturbed adolescent girl. 

Our aura scan showed times of great stress. At 8, 18, and 23.

Sohail recalls nothing significant at the age of 8. But at 18 there was something certainly significant. He had conducted a Oui-Ja session. A spirit had announced its presence. Terrified he had closed the session, but not known how to send it away. Had it stayed on? Yes.

See also Article on the Scientific evidence of poltergeist knocking? by Society for Psychical Research




At 23, Sohail had a full-fledged ghostly experience. He and four friends had gone on a trip to the hills. He woke up in the middle of the night only to see a woman in a red saree in the middle of the room, his friends trembling at a corner. “No, no that is not right” he had mumbled believing his friends had brought a nautch girl to the room. As he got up, still half asleep, the friends ran from him. His presence the said was terrifying… He opened the door out and the friends ran as if pursued by demons. He ran after them, they ran from him… He cornered one who… blurted “You… you… your eyes… something… scary… bhooth” and ran.

The second major healing identified a deep terrifying presence, actually a complex of ugly forces. These were centred around a difficult uncle on the physical plane. This we could help Sohail block. But there was more…

As we watched over Sohail for a few nights, we realized late at night, inexplicably there was a trembling surge of energy through his body.

Where had it come from?
Was it from him? No.
Was it from another?  No.
Was it from a ghost? No.
Was it from an ancestors. No, but…
Was it an elemental force. Yes, but it was directed by an ancestor…

Who was the ancestor?

As we probed further we realized that the 4 great elemental archetypes stood around Sohail. The Snake. The Lion. The Eagle. The Half-Man. This was a gift and responsibility.

So who was Sohail’s ancestor? We see a towering whirling presence one of 7 surrounding a towering presence. Sohail’s ancestor was a figure at the origin point of one of the world’s great religions. He has gifted Sohail an enormous force. This force directed or rather undirected, attracted entities of varied degrees of ugliness.

Interestingly, and not surprisingly, Sohail’s family belongs to a line of ancient psychics, they draw on a legendary snake…

We are now left with the fact that Sohail is sitting on the equivalent of a psychic nuclear power point.  He has attached to him one of the 4 elemental creatures that bind the perception, the reality of this world.

Since we cannot lightly dare to do anything but shift the communication cords between the ancestor and Sohail, we call on an Arch Angel, a force from the 7th principality, to stand guard.

Yet even with an Angel of great truth standing behind, and the sounds dampened and largely banished… life is still, as the Chinese proverb says, interesting… A force of impossible magnitude has touched Sohail… It is a blessing that comes with a price…

“After your healing and empowerments,” Sohail tells us, “I feel stronger, more protected. Knocks or no knocks, I am not afraid.”

The war may not be over. But victory has been sighted.




-- Tarun & Celia Cherian