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Ghosts Who Cuddle
And The Illusion of The Body


Buffy Returns

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2nd Sep 2019: 5.00 am: Have got up but am still curled in my blanket. Eyes closed delighting in the moments before I get up and get ready.

That’s when I feel a familiar warmth curl against my belly and kick. Buffy. Her tail, her jerky moves. Then the mind slowly butts in. Hey, but Buffy has been gone 4 years and besides she has morphed from dog into guiding spirit.

Lazily I open an eye and see in the early morning’s twilight a familiar form. Ears. And even her characteristic white on her snout. Carefully hold her paw.

Perhaps she wants to take a break from being a high spirit. And I hold Buffy close, 4 years after she has gone. All sleepiness fades and I delight in Buffy’s warm boniness. Minutes pass, about half an hour. Then she scrabbles, lifts, walks over me and goes to Celia and snuffles her mouth. But Celia is deep in sleep. I can see her as shadowy, but here and there her fur stands out in incredible detail. Each hair seen, some inky purple. Buffy turns, looks at me, grins and leaps off. Her paws chittering on the floor.

When Celia wakes I tell her, over coffee we catch up with Buffy. She is now in her form beyond Death, a gigantic swirling, pale chiffon form of pastels, yellow, green, pink, orange, red, green… A dragon. And in fact she has been christened by us, and her group of animal spirits as Dragon Sa. One of 77, or is it 99? High animal spirits that look after all  the animals on earth (Not Insects, or rather also insects, bacteria & viruses, intelligent atoms).

“So was it real?” Celia asks Buffy, now Dragon Sa.
“Yesss!” Buffy glows with delight.
“Was she trying to come back to earth, as a dog again?” Celia questions.
“No!” Buffy replies with a kind of perish that thought shrug.
No. It is an exercise, she and 6 high spirits were given. “We have to come and you have to see so clearly you must think we are like a doggy here, or ‘Lephant’, or ‘Panthera’ (Enunciated in a show-off voice).” Buffy explains. “Some cannot see juzzies (Auras) like mama-dada and Bossies (Our most talented group of seekers, seers and healers). “Tried to show mama also, but Mama was sleeping.”

She explains “If a foolish is doing a wrong, then if we show ourselves, they will listen. A set of cows (African Kudu?), were doing running from lightning and were about to jumping off cliff. Me and Mega {Another Planetary Guide} showed ourselves at cliffs as big 50 feet doggies…. The cows got more scared of us than lightning and did not do fally-die. That is why big-jomba (God) gaves us this exercise.”

Then came a long diatribe against another fellow animal spirit who cheated, and one of the other 7 who actually did the exercise better than her. And they then proceeded to have a glorious fight over who was the best. Guiding spirits are not above a good pub-brawl!

There is a great feast contained in this experience.

Ghostliness of stone

The physical which we take so seriously is actually a projection.
We have talked about it before. The physical we take for granted is not the solid entity we think it is. But it bears repetition.

Now many of you have sensed our astral touches with distinct clarity. Or seen Celia & Tarun’s projection like, Amita, Ashwin, Bela, Diana, Divya, Mala, Nishi, Rakesh, Ravi, Peymaneh, Tanya, Soujanya, Shweta, Vaishali, Vasu… to name a few… But in most cases it was a misty presence…

The there were a few times when the second body is so real the difference between the real and projection vanishes. As we have related in Buffy’s Doggy Revelations Book and in The Double Body Experience Article

But while in those two experiences it was more happenstance, here it was deliberate. Buffy was projecting a physical form. Indistinguishable from someone we meet in a corridor, shake hands with, embrace.

Imagine being able to choose your body... Like picking up a new dress. In a sense that freedom is yours. We actually unknowingly participate in the process. But can we actually be adepts, masters of it?

So what is the physical? The body you right now wear, your neighbor are projections, are appearances. They are vibrations, they are a symphony of song from many beings. {This is precisely what physicists say in other words.}

So the question arrives: Why does it appear so real?
A} Because the reality that sustains it is superlative in its power and control.

B} Crudely put, consider a dance, where dancers keep coming and replacing others, the dancers shift so only 35% keep vanishing. This is most clear in TV serials a long-running soap Bold & Beautiful with the character Thorn, had something like 2 actors play the character Thorn, after a week or two of slight mental disturbance the new character became Thorn. 

C} If you see, really see, you will discover the physical is a flickering dance, now here, now not; a shadowy swirling that is now technicolour, now smoke, now shivering lines.

Plasticity of the body

The plasticity of the physical means we can heal completely in a moment, a night.

Since the body is a vibration, a projection, one can throw off illness instantaneously. And we have in the last 25 years seen some wake up to a body where the disease that cannot get better, retreat or even vanish.  Yes, Deadly Virus, Cancer, Degenerative illness, Chronic illness have stopped, or vanished. In medical parlance they showed remission. In human words they experienced miracles.

The fact we are projections means we can go from sick to wow, like right now! {Can being the operative word}.

In Buffy terms we are essentially saying Body 1 is one projection of our higher being. Want another body, project another body. That simple. And like all simple things, rife with complexity.

Making these words particularly poignant is the fact that the central woman in the image above, is someone we warned of a serious, possibly cancerous illness 3 months before she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The only reason she went to a gynea to check was because our aura scan urged her to do so. She fought the illness off once. And then had glorious years where she photographed, wrote, travelled. The second time she locked horns with death, she lost after 2 gruelling years. But not before her grace charmed friends, colleagues, docs, and yes death too. We deliberately chose her image, to underline the fact that... we will all die... every sufferer we heal or patient that a doc saves will die... As Spiritualists and Healers, we are not fighting Death, at the max buying some time. As Spiritualists and Healers, we are not fighting Death, we are fighting for Life, we are claiming Joy, Vibrance, Vitality, Glory... We are claiming Eternity.

As Spiritualists and Healers, we are not fighting Death, we are fighting for Life, we are claiming Joy, Vibrance, Vitality, Glory... We are claiming Eternity.

Now look at it from today's scientific perspective. It makes sense, yeah!

Now there are multiple levels of malleability one is talking about.

1. In 7 years barring a few cells the entire set of cells in our bodies change. In 3 months the entire stomach lining is replaced.

2. Our body is composed of 300 trillion viruses and some 250 trillion bacteria. And about 70 trillion human cells. The bacterial life is much more fluid than cellular life.

3. We have 7 billion, billion, billion atoms in the body. But those atoms constantly shift. In roughly 45 days we excrete as much water as our own weight.

4. Atoms are particle-waves. As a particle an oxygen atom is about 1.4 nanometres. But it is also true that it is a wave function and so can be said to be... And so they fuzzily spread out. Or we can say infinitely long waves. {Put simplistically}. Believe it or not it has been proven that Atoms can be in two places. And so by corollary so can you & I.

Which means that the quantum wave of our existence is manifesting as sick bod. But in those quantum possibilities others may exist which is well bod. And so if we can shift from quantum state sick bod to well bod we can change in instants.

Quaum ghosts and realities

Third: So a Devadhara Healer can click his or her fingers and change sickness into health? Right? Wrong!

A few ago, Divya, one of our finest Spiritual Seekers and Healers, learning to be a master healer, made a statement that ‘if it is all energy then by giving energy it can all shift’, in days, months, years. Yes. Yes. Yes. And No! No! No!

If you look at the number of cases a healer gets, it would roughly read 2-6% show incredible improvements, 30% significant improvements. Another 30% have minimal improvements. Many discontinue either because they are impatient, find something better, or find no improvement.

But if the body is just a projection, why is pain so persistent, and disease so stubborn?!

But why, you may ask, is the miraculous so infrequent? Why does illness persist? Why is deformity almost impossible to fling off?

Well you need to understand the intricacies of the projection process...

Before you Zip in a New Body Consider The 7 Projection Issue

Why? Why? Why? Why if the body is a vibration, a projection, do we keep returning to a body riddled with disease?

Because while the body is a projection, it is being projected by 7 projection points. And our ego is listened to only by one projection point. Meaning if we are in state A {Anguished & Unhealthy} it means that the 7 command points are focalizing on reality A. Now suppose you want to go to state B {Body Beautiful & Healthy}. Then 3 or more of the command points must say B with tremendous force. Now if 4 command points say A and 3 command points say B, then the reality projected can be A, B, or even a C { Crushing or Cushy?}. But if you can get the idea of Body Beautiful & Healthy beamed out of multiple projection points that new body can manifest. It can happen Instantly {Rare}, Over a decade {You have to Believe for 10 years}, or 2 lifetimes.

“Ok I can do that,” you say… Brave words but a difficult Ask in the real world… Consider this a long-run sufferer had a difficult set of illnesses that were improving. If the normal body sugar metabolism has a value of 120, she had 140-160. Not good, but a great improvement from 300 when healing started two years before. At that month when normalcy in one organ could have been restored, the father who was supporting her, went from financially strained to disastrous. The stress hit and the figure went spiraling to 240… It took 2 years to bring the figure back to 160-180.

The patient is heroic. Believing in herself. Believing with such intensity that belief became the basis of a new reality. She has got up after the double whammy. And the triple. 

The Formation of The Body

Wanna Miracle? Convince 140 angelic bureacrats manning the 7 Reality Projectors
Each of these has about 14 entities or protocols that dictate how the body appears and intersects with others. That’s 98 – 140 energy loci that send messages that create the illusion of the body. {These appear as a kind of matrix of energy around the above image of Celia}.

Of the 100-140 energy beings and loci, roughly 70% are connected to me, be it ego, soul, organ consciousness, ancestry. So to make a projection difference, it’s not just I who have to be convinced this downward spiral can be arrested but… a number of ancestral beings need to listen too. Now another 30% are family, other humans, race of man, cosmic forces and Shaktis.

But merely talking to beings at the 7 projection points is not enough, they have to hear, and hear with force. It is not just enough to make ancestral patterns shift, 3 ancestral spirits need to be convinced. At another point one has to make bone molecules shift in a particular electronic motion. Only then will it hear in the first place.

Miracles happen only if with our intensity, passion, faith, endurance we convince the bureacracy of God!

Yes, if we are heard powerfully by soul & bone, primordial brain & friends, earth gestalt & shakti… then deep improvements can happen.

Hence Faith, Self-Belief, Focus, Passion & Will have always been the levers of the masters of destiny… (For advanced healers and seekers please go back to your affirmation/ cosmic command notes. While solar/navel thought is but one of the many projection points, because it connected to the causal matrix it is significant.)

Hey if this Astral Stuff stuff is real, then I can do some pinch the butt, right? Wrong.

You’ve seen werewolves change bodies, people loop in and out of time in the movies, so you are probably thinking of trying this idea out in real-life.

An astral predator was piling on to one of our students {also an astral athlete}. We caught him and his astral body has been twisted in a way he cannot travel astrally. Our guides gave a learning task: once a month, the astral shit of 6 beings is given to him to clean for 18 years. Every filthy thought they have comes straight to him. He has to cleanse it, find his inner balance again. Day after day, month after month, year after year.

Wanna Get Angelic Power? Reach The Transpersonal Point:

Yes we did talk about 140 bureacrats and 7 command centres. But actually all that falls into place if you can go to the meta-command centre. Now to be able to really command the process like Dragon Sa, one truly needs to connect to a deep level where the physical and none of its amusing orientations exist.

Hey that’s easy no? Sometimes in meditation you have reached a no-mind place. Good that’s on the way, but there are miles to go. One of our most brilliant students went on a pilgrimage to Kashi. When she returned, eyes sunken and blazing, she couldn’t tell up from down, today’s road from a past life’s meadow living 2,500 years ago. You can understand how disorienting it was. A week of healing and her feet could find the ground again.

Go deep and you reach The Body Command Centre. The Master Projection Point of The Body that commands all 7 points. There the Body must shift. The freedom's amazing but sobering. For if you carry serious self-hate, your body will immediately manifest that inner hate.

At the level at which Buffy, correction Dragon Sa deals with projections, the body it is like a swirl that is inversing and reversing, brain and intestine gyrating, colour and fur intertwining, thought becoming claw.

Now as we said before, it is not one level but 7 levels, where there are 7-14 angelic bureaucrats, so you are translating your message into 140 languages or commands in synchrony. Do it wrong and your heart may stop because the aorta got mixed up with the anus.

When Celia projected 2 bodies for 5 minutes a year ago, it took 3 months for her body to recover its sense of integrity. When I Tarun dissolved my feet for 3 minutes, 7 years ago, for 6 months I had to keep checking if I had feet. In that phase I tripped at least twice a month. The reason: to the rest of my body my feet would disappear for nanoseconds.

Buffy in world's beyond Death

The truth is Time, Space, Matter are our teachers, but they pass only 2%!
We have given you both. A breath-taking glimpse of reality. And a sobering look of what can happen if we do not respect the inner freedoms.

The Good Cop. The Bad Cop. And now The Road Ahead. We live today under the shadow of a virus. In the 60’s & 70’s we lived under the gloom of a worse terror, nuclear war. There will always be threats. But their role is to push us to realize the strength of the spirit.

Time, space, matter are not our enemies. They are very reassuring. They are teachers. They expect to be respected and challenged.

The fact is your body is a dance. And today more than ever we would need to claim that freedom. We must do so joyously, but not lightly. We must know matter is plasticine, but never disrespect it. We must push gravity, but also befriend it. Claim the highest sky, while recalling Icarus who fell because the sun melted his wings held by wax. So, our wings will need to be bound by something much lighter than wax – faith – which is also quixotically stronger than steel. 

The Tailpiece is About Angel Lessons!
There is an idea in many religeous streams that after we are judged worthy, impress God, or pass reincarnation's challenges we will in Paradise, Heaven, Nirvana, have an eternal retirement. As we have stated again and again that is nowhere close the the truth.

We have used this metaphor before and now again, {In God is a Gamer} if you finish one level of a computer game you want an even higher grade of challenge.

We keep learning. To be a full-fledged soul, Buffy had to learn to walk without feet. To graduate as a spirit guide she had to care for 50,000 creatures. To learn to become a very juniour member in an angelic hierarchy, one of the many challenges is to be able to create a body out of her mind.

The process of becoming a divine being on inner planes is extremely challenging... For there {And here} your bones are belief. If your belief slackens your spine will crumble. But hey you think, 'so what, its just energy?' Well, your sensitivity goes up between 6-20 times at the etheric. So think of the distress of having a broken back multiplied by 6.

At present, as I write this, one of our primary guiding lights, a God is dealing with 40,000 different crisis, opporunities in some 25 universes. He shows himself to me as a giant matrix, with countless tendrils... Oh, and this is one of his holidays.



Love & God, Tarun Cherian accompanied by Celia & Cherian, and the many lights of Creator's Child


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