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Ghosts of Abandonment
and The Power of Salt.

  Ghosts and salt

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"My aunt was a character. At her charming height, she was painted by artists, feted by poets, talked of in foreign magazines as an Indian Beauty. Even in NY & Washington, where her husband was a distinguished, prominent Indian, her love life was gossiped about, her circle included senators, artists, connoisseurs, film stars… She was the glittering diadem on an international stage… a social force in her own right. {She… let us call her Ramani to protect relatives, children, grandchildren…}

"Even old age was respectful. She was beautiful, right to the end. She had formidable character {which made grown men tremble}. Unfortunately age is cruel & ironic. It let her have beauty and character, but took away, her health and her memory… She became bedridden. She slowly began to lose her mind…  It wandered… where did it wander? The home nurse reported to her family that she didn't seem to sleep and kept talking in the night.

"What was she worried about? One of the things my aunt raged and ranted about was her abandonment. Her son who lived abroad, did all the correct things. Home nurses were engaged to look after his mother. He ensured that she was physically well looked after… But he refused to return to India and look after his mother.

"My aunt's anger and frustration was ugly. The old lady generated incredible  negative energy... that could be compared with Cyclonic Storms. Fights used to break out between the home nurses, at a ferocity to rival mixed martial artists in full fury. In certain areas of the house, even a calm person was overcome by wickedness and behaved in a wicked way to others... {You may laugh at these verbatim words of Ramani’s’s niece, Ankita, for it may seem straight out of a Dickensian novel, But know this Dear Reader you are in a Gothic novel. Only it plays out in real life.}

"Ramani had many loves, social admirers… But when shit happens, they disapparate, vanish  as if by magic. Who is left? The odd relative with heart. Fools like me, Ankita, aka, Ramani’s’s niece.  I was left holding the shit can.

"Once battered by a tsunami of negative energy in the house, I who had the misfortune of caring, of this old, aging, raging diva, called on my Healing Masters, and Spiritual Supports, Tarun & Celia. They cleared it long-distance.

"With prolonged illness, the old lady developed a bedsore and I took her to hospital. Though Ramani’s father had been a doctor, the old lady had a morbid fear of hospitals. Strange, there’s a story there.

"Each time I stayed at my Aunt’s house I experienced intense negative energy in the house, what made it worse was that my bed was just 3 feet away from the old lady's bed.

"That night, I, {Ramani's* niece} got a very bad smell from the area between the two beds (Tarun explained that this was the old lady's fear. Fears that were coalescing into ugly forms. Fear that was attracting strange entities). The whole night, my aunt kept me awake, muttering, cajoling, arguing? Was she just batty? Or was she talking to someone?  The old lady would say something... this would be followed by a short silence....and then the old lady would again say something. She seemed to be having a conversation with someone, but I could hear only one side of the conversation. It was eerie, it was terrifying…

"Finally, at about 4.30am, fed up at not being able to sleep, I got up and put a bowl of salt water at the head of the old lady's bed. {Yup one of the cleansing techniques I learned at my Devadhara Healing Workshop.} The interminable conversation immediately stopped. I was able to fall into a deep sleep."

--- By Ankita* niece of Ramani*

So what happened? Did the salt chase the ghosts away? Or did the salt break etheric patterns in the old lady’s mind? Either way it worked. Like magic. Now salt, namak, is the most basic mundane part of our kitchen. And few see it as magical. But it is. Salt is an etheric energy cleanser. In every Devadhara Healer, and Cosmic Heart Seeker’s Level 1 Notes are extensive details about using salt protection. We suggest you revisit those pages.

Life has a nasty habit of going from a summer day to gothic winter nightmare… When strange creatures chitter through the night… you may want to do what millions have done for thousands on thousands of years… reach for the salt. And quieten the ghosts that should not exist…

PS; This incident related by Ankita occurred 15 years ago. But it is fresh like yesterday.


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