"God Arrives.
Goodness Follows."

How True! Or What Crap?


1} God Arrives.
Goodness Follows.

It was sure the child would die, in a week. That’s how much the doctors gave the child. But we called on the divine and a week later the parents took the child away very much alive and well.  

The lady had lost her job. Was going through a bitter divorce where she was about to lose her children. She had zero savings so the likelihood she’d lost her home was high. Her father was ravaged by cancer so the certainty further loss was in the offing loomed high. We asked God for a favour. In a month she got a job with a 40% higher salary. A favourable judgement.

She was haunted by a strange spirit, that could touch, topple things, slam doors. One dramatic healing in which an incredible presence burst in and normalcy was restored. Lights did not flicker, doors opened only to human hand, dishes didn’t rattle, the home did not feel ugly.

“It felt” said Indroneil talking about a Devadhara Blessing “like a wave of joy, an unbearable rush of light.”

As I write this “I look out of my window and see a world threaded with light.” Everything is light.

Yes, when God arrives, the miraculous follows.

“But… but… but…” you may hear a small voice objecting…


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2} God is Here.
Too much Goodness Follows.

"But… but… but…" you may hear a small voice objecting "when God arrived for me… It was overwhelming."

We had awakened The Kundalini of a Seeker. She was flooded with light. Every moment there were unending ripples of impossible, unbearable ecstasy. A week later she called and said “I can’t… I can’t take it is too much, every moment of the day I can feel this incredible bliss, these waves of ecstasy… I cannot take it.” Very reluctantly we turned it off. A decade later she was ready to approach the joy again, but a much subdued version of it…

There was a time when I Tarun was dissolving into light… when in the middle of it as my feet disappeared and knees, and thighs I panicked… and something froze… and the great transformation halted… looked at me and withdrew and the world resumed itself. Bones regained solidity. The body its stodginess.

When God arrives Goodness follows. But can we take it? Can we say yes? Or will we like the man in the image above raise an umbrella?

3} God is Here.
But does Goodness really Follow in the Real World?

God is Here. Goodness Follows.
And it will as long as you are as trusting as a child.

But it is not always easy to be trusting as a child when dad drinks, ma sleeps around, When bullies spit in your lunch, maths is hard, a heavy head turns out to be cancerous…

Exactly the dilemma that one of our finest seekers faces.
Without a doubt she has met God.
But she feels herself an absolute failure.

Her daughter has an inoperable brain tumour.
But the God she sees every day, peforms no miracles.
Her other 2 kids are abreacting. One fails. The other rebels.
Struggling with the challenge, her marriage, while strong, is bruising.

She knows God exists. But shit surrounds her.
Worse, we tell her “God is here. Goodness Follows.”
Or more accurately we tell her: The Multi-layered Cosmic Reality Stands Behind Each of Us and Amplifies us. 

She will be like Trishanku, bobbing between heaven and earth… till…
Till… she can trust a God who watches the family’s agony, and seemingly does nothing.
Or if she understands the rules of the Multi-layered Cosmic Consciousness that we term God.

The Gap between Knowing God and Using God is called Faith.

4} God Doesn’t Arrive.
Feel Good Does And Hallucinations.

According to some websites a crinkle in the spine is the Kundalini rising. A cramping in the stomach is harbinger of the divine. And so many who have stomach trouble and nadi overload are convinced they are the next world saviour. But it’s worse when someone actually sees the light. But cannot differentiate between the true and the whispers of the subconscious.

5} God Arrives.
And Religion Protests.

Imagine a Christian getting a true Darshan of Lord Ganesha. A Hindu being asked to follow Christ. A Muslim visited by a Devi. An atheist being pursued by angels. So some walk away. And are impoverished. Some trust their visions, in an xyz family pray to Lord Hanuman and are sent to mental hospitals {A real case}. But some cannot be bothered by the costumes God wears, a highly orthodox woman met the divine, now she talks about the Angel Gabriel and The Devi in the same breath. Yeah and this is in a country where people are stoned to death.

6} God Arrives.
Doubt Follows.
For is he one more Santa Claus you were conned into believing? And you stand trapped between what you see, which could be a hallucination. Or what school teaches us, a defunct science’s dying lies.

This is like a seeker who in an auto saw the whole world as part of herself. She was the city, she the universe. Her joy was mixed with paralysis. When we asked her to see if the experience was true, she was petrified. For if the vision was untrue then life would be stripped of magic. And if her vision were true then science is a lie, and she would be plunged back into her crazy family forever practising weird rituals, and consulting witch doctors.

7} God Arrives.
Miracles Follow. And Long Years of Agony.

It could be a whisper that stops you from getting on to a plane that crashes. Or when 4th stage cancer vanishes. When a ghost that {cannot be} chases a gang sent to finish you off. Or a mysterious force lifts you into the air and saves you from a mangling death. Wonderful. But then after God what? For some, God seems to vanish, and appears only when in trouble. So you keep creating crisis for God to pull you out off. And one day he doesn’t. This scenario bare-boned may seem like a fantasy story jotting by a nerd. It isn’t. It’s real.

After God what?
After God comes the Lessons of God.
When The Child of The Creator learns to be a Creator.

The Gap between Knowing God, Using God and Being God is great chasm... into which many fall like Rasputin... Yet some will cross... Some humbly... Some standing bloody but unbowed... some skipping across like children....

8} God Arrives.
And goes. And goes. And goes. And one day doesn’t go.

It is one thing for a seeker to glimpse she is wrapped in love. And another to believe this astounding truth when everyone she sees is filled with hate. One thing for a mathematician to understand the hidden order, and another to find people who see the genius in him and his equations. One thing for a dancer to become the dance and another to walk like the Lord when factions squabble like rabid dogs. The truth, the ultimate, God, call it what you will, shall set us free… eventually.

Today everywhere I look is light.
God is clearly here. Goodness ergo must follow. That is theory.
Tomorrow will be the practicals.

-- Tarun & Celia Cherian





This is a section of Creator's Child Truths or Crowbars... "God arrives. Goodness Follows." Or "God is Here Goodness Follows" is the second in the line to "Believe and it Will Become" The Creator's Child Spiritual crowbar we first introduced you to.