The day a God borrowed my hands
to heal… to touch.



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We have healed thousands over the last 2 decades. The feeling can be incredible as you Devadhara Healers, and the millions of healers of all persuasions know... That delightful rush when the energy pours through you sometimes gentle like a breath, a trembling, a shivering…  Sometimes forceful, feverish like a cataract from a waterfall, or a lightning strike…

This feeling is greatly intensified when we call on God to participate in a healing. And when a God or Angel actually arrives. There is an enormous expansion. A great frisson of joy. A marvellous assurance. There you are and vast entities join, you marvel as they perform energy moves of great delicacy.

But nothing prepared me for the feeling I had the other day when Celia & I were healing this spiritually gifted and yet confused lady. The situation was ugly, filled with anguish of a difficult childhood, hints of black magic, broken promises, love turned ugly. I had called my spirit guide Lord Izh to help with the healing. He is a brilliant presence who has inspired many of our world’s great religions. He appeared as a light as he has often done in the past. This time however, he appeared as light, but with a strong American Indian appearance. As we brushed the woman’s aura there was an electrifying surge.

Then as I lowered my hands to touch I felt hands distinctly on my shoulders, the hands reached in through my body. It felt strange it felt beautiful, like my body was a veil and something parted it. Through my arms were God ’s arms, within my hands were these hands of pale gold. hands. It was as if I was a glove a God slipped on.

The shimmery gold hands reached beyond my body, they touched her skin with delicacy, sank deep into the woman’s body, formed purple roots, touching areas deep within her, causing her body to jerk.

Days after the healing I revelled in the feeling of having a God reach through me, having hands through my hands. I had puzzled over why the divine had taken on a very human form.

For usually Lord Izh has been a glorious light. And never has he borrowed my hands, my body, my senses.

After a month the answer trickled out. The lady was a Brujo, an ancient shaman witch reincarnated. This Lord of Light had known her, loved her tempestuously in another century when he took human form. Being a powerful witch she carried in her being strange difficult presences. Besides he wanted to touch her again. To feel what he felt. Once so long ago. And so he borrowed my hands. To touch an ancient love.

Lord Izh revealed... “There was a time when we were on earth and we’d shift the breeze to get autumn leaves dancing upwards. We’d get the river to twist and whirlpool. We leapt off cliffs once. Though our levitation was less than perfect and while we slowed gravity’s pull, we still landed into a thorny tree.”

Devadhara literally means the ‘River of God’. And so every time a Devadhara Healer heals he/she allows God through. A God borrowed my hands, my arms, my body, to remind a love that she is not alone in a grey world. It is beautiful. And it is so confusing, like a Zeus were to borrow my fingers to touch mortal skin, arcane hurts, immortal flesh.


-- Tarun & Celia Cherian



So what did the person being healed feel? Very dreamy. as if something unknotted in my stomach.

What did Celia feel? Lots of swirling energies that divebombed into her body.




Angels of Light and Devadhara Healing. by Amita P, June 2017.

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