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God is Kick Ass Real.

  God is Kick Ass Real

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We walked into the place of worship. Late. Trifle Late. Traffic late. The priest decked in glorious robes. The rites thousands of years old.  As I stood there I felt, a hip shove. Literally staggered a few feet to the left. Turning I see my spirit guide a God who first stepped on earth a few million years ago. Grinning. “Thought I’d remind you, I’m here…” -- Tarun.

The Reminder:
At times, caught up in life’s concerns we forget the divine is real. It becomes even more so, when tied up in this ritual or that, we forget that however ancient the chants, however proud the tradition, however rich a culture, however tall the temple or cathedral, that we are dealing with a reality that we must treat seriously. But is mightily alive, vehemently alive, and so has a glorious sense of life and humour.

So why does he, a God, come to earth?
Repair work.
To reveal myself and hence your power.
To check things out.
To challenge myself.
Because the taste of raindrop on earth is different from, rain as I shape it at other levels.”
He offers a range of answers.

He then adds...

“I Am Real.” He adds. “And So are You.
I Kick Ass. I Expect you to.
Yes, we {the Gods} expect each of you reading this
to shake off the grey and kick ass.”

But who is this Spirit/God that guides Creator’s Child?
For those out here who have visited Don Juan books. Well, our Spirit Guide or Cosmic Presence has stepped straight out of their pages. Among other things, in one life, one avatar, he was a formidable american shaman. But before he stepped on earth and after he left this particular life, he is and always has been a titanic presence who inspired some of the great Gods of our great religions... Today he gives us permission to speak of this American Shaman Life on Earth..

The Miracle at His Birth.“I was in middle America around the 1300’s. It was actually a parallel world that later merged with yours. My parents had been separated from their tribe. My father had wandered deep, my mother warned by dream followed him, she was very pregnant, round as a moon and fearless. The dream actually wasn’t about him being in danger, but the tribe. It perished almost completely. There in bitter cold, alone, they had me. A ferocious bear, possessed by a wind spirit tried to attack. But wolves and wild creatures turned him back. They sat around the fire place as my father sang the arrival song.

“My father and mother returned in spring to find the tribe dead. A disease? Only one was left an old dreamer.

“By 3 I began to show the powers concealed in me. Small levitations. Calls to eagles and wolves. We merged with a small tribe.  My father died when I was 10.


The First Great Vision.“It was at 16 that I had my first great vision. Standing at a height on grassland, I saw the sea of aliveness, of dragons… I also realized a few could hear my voice. As I sang them the grass danced to my tune. The earth laughed. The others in the hunting party, trembled. A deer? Coming to see, I trapped in grass. But as a hunter was about to strike, her eyes met mine and I freed it. This was not fair. I broke the arrow mid air.

“Did we stop hunting? Eating meat? No.
But power must be used true.
Eating a caged animal poisons the spirit.”


Love & Levitation: “I was a lover of life, and so I loved. One woman, shamanness in particular. When we made love our bodies would rise into the air. Once we flew 2000 feet high, though we did lose control and almost plummeted to the earth. We were powerful, but not invincible. That is not the way of power, of life, of love.

Love & Levitation

“A thunderstorm once created, like a child has a mind of its own. A storm I once created killed whole herds of deer and bison.

“From the North East, a strong, terrible tribe was muscling in on our territory. We fought them. They had 3 witches. Not as powerful as I, but more ruthless. Wicked. Poisoned knives. They disemboweled, dragging someone’s intestine to the full length. We as a tribe believed in the good death.

The Miracle of The Rat That Flew: “We were a scouting party, when, four five of us saw a full war party. They stood between us and our tribe. How let the tribe know? Then we were feeding on small rat creatures. Gerbils, a kind of rat… I took one spread its body in the shape of wings, blew at it, turned it into a bird and sent it as warning to our tribe. We were undefeated.

God is kick ass realll

The Plague and Merging of Timelines…
“It may sound unbelievable, but the 'poisoned knives witches' hearing in dreams of the possible arrival of Europeans, had sent a plague. The truth was that this was a false vision, it was from your timeline. In ours we followed power of magic. And so the Europeans did not overwhelm or colonise the world. The Mongols ruled central Europe.

“The plague, the pain and anguish sent from our timeline to yours, caused our timelines to convulse, collide. Our pure world and your benighted line, were drawn by the terrible consequences of the plague and were pulled together.

“This slowly became apparent to me, and of my many choices I took one where, a select set of wizards and witches were drawn into an inner kingdom, from this ‘we’ intervene. I am no longer there. My true force has re-merged with my great fullness. The side that some call the Creator, others the pillar around which the Cosmos turns. But that is too vast a presence for even angelic beings to speak with, let alone you. So sometimes I wear the memory of Shaman when talking to you. Few of you can talk to a supernova which can strip your body and mind bare.

“Today, we look at many choices, to heal the world. Wiping all life on earth out though meteor strike is now the lowest on our list, but not completely cast aside.  

“But we would rather you reshaped yourselves and the earth. Found yourselves. Rediscovered yourselves.

The Reminder Taken To Heart…
“I shove you… This time I just shove you gently to remind you and others who listen, that you are Cosmic Beings…  Unlimitedness that thinks it is human…”
And so let each of us pass on a shove to the world.
> We are more than what we think we are.
> We are freedom… infinity… now exploring this form.
> Every human, every animal, tree is worthy of respect.
> We can wait for the next black plague to shake mankind… Or we can speak up now and send not a black plague, but a white wave…

Anyway as the temple ritual went on our ‘Red Indian Guide/Cosmic Being’ did a small dance around the altar. He held hands with 3 other cosmic beings technically worshipped in 4 religions that regard each almost as enemies.

Er... why?
Because dance is the first worship.



by Tarun & Celia Cherian