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Brilliant Spiritualists and The Place God Sits in Them.

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Some are touched by God. Genuinely so. We do not speak of those who played politics and rose up religious hierarchies. Or teachers who have marketed themselves. Or bombasts. We speak of those who God counts as his select fools. As you look at them the lay person will say “Oh they probably have perfect chakras”.  Well, shall we take a look?

The first 3 cases are from the Creator’s Child fold. People you have met. Known.

Case A: N is a brilliant spiritualist. Animals flock to her. She can shift flame with her mind. But a look at her chakras reveal a limping root chakra. A damaged sacral. A twisted solar plexus. A throat chakra barely in harmony and a crown chakra alternately weeping and glowing. Her navel, heart, 3rd eye are brilliant. You look at her chakras, 60% problematic, and you consider her undoubted spiritual grace and you wonder what’s going on.

Case B: Take another, R is gifted psychically, she can hear the inner voice of the land, can channel and disrupt electricity. And yet of all the chakras only the 3rd eye is remarkable. You look at her exalted connect and consider the indifferent chakra state and you wonder what’s going on.

Case C: He is one of the finest astral travellers we have ever taught. He connects to 6 high level guides. And yet he is in a dark place. Vicious entities cling to him. Only his throat chakra glows a beautiful blue, the rest are ugly. 

While these three are unknown, we consider now three teachers who are globally renowned.

Case D: He was one of India’s modern Mahagurus. Very loved. Undoubtedly genuine. An earthly spiritualist who lived drunk on the divine, yet he died of cancer. While his throat chakra was amazing his navel/sacral was deplorable. 

Case E: One of India’s International Mahagurus. Revered and Mocked. Sensualist & Spiritualist. A brilliant crown & sacral were belied by twisted chakras between. Undoubtedly genuine. An earthly spiritualist who lived drunk on the divine, yet he died of cancer. While his bindu chakra was amazing his navel/sacral was deplorable. 

Case F: She is one of India’s most loved Matajis. Millions flock to her, regard her as a fount of love.  A dark link between the throat and heart reveal the shadow of cancer. A dark set of past lives. Her heart chakra glows, but her bindu wobbles.  

True Spiritualists Are Not Perfect Beings with Perfect Chakras.
Yes, some are touched by God. Genuinely so. As you look at them two things standout. First, they are varied, some wrapped by deep blessedness, others illuminated by true insight, others fountains of love and generosity, others radiate peace, others have a sense of balance, even righteousness that is inspiring, others demonstrate incredible character, others enthusiasm can revive the jaded, others vibrate with miraculous power… But as you look at them you realise that barring one or two chakras, most of their chakras are malfunctioning, or problematic. They are brilliant, not perfect.

All spiritualists are connected to God. Magnificent spiritualists have a hotline. But the Select have a more intimate relationship. It is as if God has set up his embassy in their being, as if God resides in them. And so the question you would ask is where?

And as you look at the pantheon of truly great spiritualists you realise that we have been looking at it mechanically. True spiritualists are not perfect beings with perfect chakras. They are glorious beings who have cleared one window of their being and let the light in. There is often just one point, one place which is brilliantly lit.

May we present God’s Seat:
This magnificent point which varies from one to another is what we call God's seat. A point that is significant, for where the spiritualist lets God sit in his being governs the expression of the flow of God's 'Bounty'. God may 'sit' at a minor chakra centre, or at a more major one. As rule of thumb, the closer God Seat is to a major centre the more popular, listened to, influential the spiritualist is.  One famous Indian Guru had a luminous 3rd eye, and so provides his followers an inspired way of life. But there are exceptions, one Guru with lakhs of followers has this crux point near his left ear so he is a wonderful listener.

The other day a seeker came to us. As we sent energy to her we realised that one point of great opportunity was in her left armpit. The moment we stimulated that her aura glowed, and the divine revealed itself to her.

Now it is important to realise that just because we open an access point to God, does not mean we will use that point well. Or to its fullest. For example, the woman who came had an incurable illness. She used ‘God’ to become well. She used the power in her business. And divorce. But that has not made her truly Godly. She has used the miraculous to repair herself, and that is good, but not yet to transform herself.  She has been reminded of the miraculousness within her, around her, above her, below her. Now this can transform her existence. But the time is not now.

Yes it is important to realise that just because we open an access point to God, we may not use it. Just because God is seated within, doesn't make one perfect, there may be other chakra consciousness points that are diseased. For example a hugely popular spiritual teacher had God seated close to his 3rd eye but had a 'diseased' or disturbed sacral making him greedy for money and also sexually predatory.

Gods Seat the place where the divine ensconces itself in your aura

The Difference Between Spiritually Awakened and A Spiritual King-Kong:
One of our finest seekers was going through a time when she had innumerable experiences where she was one with God. A friend challenged her if you are so close to God get the waves to move, they were on a beach close to mumbai. She tried but couldn't, much to the amusement and derision of her friends. Ironically her God seat was a place close to her root/anus chakras, and so she was actually capable of such awesome feats. But to perform that feat she would have had to rip off her clothes, smear her body, drink her shit and piss, chant a long forgotten neanderthal prayer for half an hour. And with that power she could have either got a puff of sand to leap up strangely or got one wave to rise 3 feet higher. She could have also given the questioning friend an intense stomach upset. She could have, but didn't. And it is good that she didn't for she would have been unable to live with her family after that as her behaviour would have changed radically.

Another incredible spiritualist we have known marvelled at, and occasionally supported has a similar placement of God's seat. Inches from the spinetip, on her left butt. It is a blazing blue colour. Utilising this extraordinary inner connect she performs or rather attracts dramatic miracles. Explosive energy movements, incredible animal whispering. But this placement of God's Seat implies that she has an earthiness, a rawness, an honesty that make here loved by some and despised by some.

Now you will probably ask, do all of us have such a seat?
The answer is Yes. No. And Not yet. We are all the divine in human form. But God’s Seat is something else. Remember how we described it as an embassy for God. That’s what it truly is.

We have till now described it as a point. But truly God’s seat is not a point but a bridge between higher dimensions and lower ones. Which higher dimensions? Typically, The Soul & Physical Body {Like a Hand}. The Elemental Body & Etheric Body {In one case a Foot}.  The Divine Body & Astral Heart. The Inspired Body & The Etheric. The Reincarnational Body & The Shadow Throat. The Emotional, & Astral. So basically God’s seat is a lightning bridge, a place where energy is exchanged repeatedly. So, how create this lightning, obviously first there needs to be a potent enough spiritual longing or awareness. Second, there needs to be a place in our body or mind open enough to channel the flame. Third, this point needs to be one that intersects The Ego’s key concerns. So for example, in the seeker awakened by stimulating her armpit, rarely accesses those gifts, for the armpit centre demands she either humbles herself or becomes a dedicated nurse or healer.

There is a fourth issue. And that is, God's seat may be temporary or stable. For example, a famous entrepreneur had God seated in him for 6 years, but since he identified himself solely as a technologist that intimacy or closeness failed.

So what makes God’s Seat in us permanent?
Well, God’s Seat is forged in an extraordinary furnace. A moment of unparalleled intensity, a day of quiet trust, a lifetime of superlative faith, or lifetimes of seeking and falling.

Most spiritualists reveal that the most unwelcome of times bring the greatest gifts. For what was promise is given the opportunity to become reality. Those who keep the faith during the dark times take enormous inner steps. Most often pain confronted by faith, becomes the cement of God's Seat. From baby who cries for milk we become adolesent who can scrounge around. From someone who glimpses God you become someone who knows God. And then furthur steps from someone who knows God you become someone in whom God is seated! Yes in these, God is no longer a rumour. But takes residence within us.

And this is the greatest assurance. You do not have to be perfect to be God’s lightning conductor.
The chalice that cups the purest essence may be made of mud... 

To repeat ourselves from an *earlier article... “We are all children of the divine, sparks of the One Light, who have forgotten we are flames.

-- Tarun & Celia Cherian,
CoFounders Creators Child & Devadhara Healing



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