Hands on Fire.
By Tarun Cherian




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The other day we were giving healing to a wonderful soul, one of our finest healers temporarily in trouble, my hands felt as if they were on fire. It makes an immediate difference.

Looked at through aura eyes, dense orange and green swirls swept in and around the hands. At three levels. One inches away. The next 5 feet away. The next several miles away.

The first obviously touches physical energies, from the way electrons speak, to cellular contentment to organ synchrony to desires, and impulses and bodily functions. The second, 5 feet away deals with emotions and our interrelationships with our emotive world, family, work colleagues… the third deals with deep principles, soul significances and world events.

Now you may say what’s the big news you may say? Healings returned to the world post reiki’s march to America for about 70 years.

- First healing means there is more to us. We can call on moreness. So we will always in the worst crises have wriggle room. And if like a Houdini we keep faith we can release the worst chains. No matter what we are not powerless. When lasers stop working there is still hope. When the debt collectors stand around there is still hope. When ghosts knock on the doors of your mind, there is still hope. When death arrives there is still hope, and light.

Yes, that’s big, but is the fact that we don’t stop with our skins, really news? Hey ideas of magnetism have been around for centuries, quantum openness for a 100 years, and aura cameras for 80 years… 

- Healing means we are not isolated islands. We are not fragments. We are part of a great web of life and light. Write this down we are never alone. And for so many of us who live with an empty place next to them, a great hole in the heart, this is a great reminder. We are never alone, even when only hate spits at us. We are never alone, when only the greedy ring us. We are never alone, when the ones that love us, put us down. We are never alone, in the darkest place.

Yes, that’s big, but is the fact that we that we are connected really news? To repeat ourselves… magnetism, quantum openness are not news…

Yes, it’s not news… but sometimes it takes awhile for the head of a dinosaur to talk to its tail. While the head knows we are quantum openness, infinite fields every modern practice treats us just the opposite as bags to be injected. While the head knows we are quantum connected every modern economy spends trillions on communication and millions trying to stamp out every mention of telepathy and ESP and healing.

We are all more… We can all touch body, mind and heaven. However, it calls for more… it calls for standing behind our truth. A cycle needs a cyclist. When the untrained healer gives healing it is less focussed and draws on his or her own energy. Second the untrained healer’s energy spectrum touches the physical and sometimes the emotive. But rarely all 3. Only rarely is the spiritual involved.

But healing while it is a magic wand for a few, is not a magic wand for many. Sometimes taking months and years for the smallest difference. Why? This observation will help us understand. The vast separation between the 3 different ranges means that while we can touch things from atom to heaven, we can do so in very narrow bands. This is a very important point, we do not touch all bands. To explain metaphorically, in networking terms it means is we may have one contact in the member of parliament of emotion, one backdoor open to someone in the United Nations of souls, one plumber in the atoms united who has a real working relationship with us, and we wish to transform the world.

Which means that while we are aflame, the problem may be hidden from the flame. Which means we need to carry faith and conviction. Some healings will be miraculous. And some will seem dense and seemingly impossible.

Is this true of all healers? Yes. All healing systems. Correction, all human healing systems.

Should the fact that even when we are on-fire, we have so little in our hands make us despair? No!

No? Because we are only part time human. Because there are bursts in time when the healer is no longer human, and the sufferer is soul wearing human body… not human vaguely hoping he is soul.

The person we were giving healing to felt a massive inward surge, great relief, but the problem did not vanish. Why? Because the illness was the iceberg tip of a greater problem. If the physical discomfort went away the human tendency of neglecting the core hurt would cause her to ignore the core issue. The illness not vanishing is an enormous gift. For the body is speaking the truth. A truth the mind does not want to hear. An illness not vanishing is not as bad as someone with a deep soul boil masked by a lifetime of aspirin.

The Miracle, the Real Miracle of Life is that it is KG class for us souls, stumbling around, hurting ourselves and others… but also at times surprising God’s socks off.