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A Real Life Devadhara Case of The Soul Rescue of a patient haunted by regrets and rages from this & other lives. Case: July 2017.



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“Sparsh* is a motivational speaker with a resonant voice, known across the world. “When his partner put him on speaker phone, we could only hear him sobbing. There was a cold, chill as we realised psychically something was very wrong. As we began to reassure him, encouraging him to cry it out, the feeling that this was serious increased.
From sobs he began howling with agony, like an animal in terrible pain. As minutes passed we realised it was worse, for Sparsh* could not even speak. Or he was trying to speak but only guttural sounds emerged, a vomity “Ungraaiiikrahuuvearii”, or in anguish “Zhuksheevrar vreezragrueereeankhrathree”. Worse we realised it wasn’t Sparsh who was speaking but an impossible anguish, another creature.

“As we talked and wrapped him in in loving divine force, we began to slowly examine the deeps of his psyche. We slowly began to pull out from him creatures of pain. A brother who had died inexplicably when Sparsh was young.  Then came a living snake of barbed wire. What was it? Regrets, hurts, frustrations, betrayals, suicidal anguish… We pulled it out and bound it.

“But Sparsh*still couldn’t speak… As we examined it, we saw two beings, one a kind of a shaman holding a kind of sickle at the throat, then a shadowy dark pig at the stomach.

“First we removed The Shaman at The Throat. Slowly we forced Sparsh* to speak out Yes and No. It was a ‘Yakshsss’ and a ‘Gnaah’. The Shaman was more powerful than we were, but was not as strong a seer. So we bound him.

“But Sparsh* still couldn’t speak. We had to try something even more drastic. Werealised one of us would have to enter Sparsh’s psyche, his being. We asked permission. But with a desperate ‘Gnaah’ he refused. We realised it was not Sparsh*who refused but the force occupying him.

“We transformed into an astral hunter shape and entered Sparsh’s psyche. Biting into it and lifting it out had immediate and dramatic result. “I don’t know what happened”, Sparsh* burst out, “I couldn’t speak.”

“Naturally we then did the classic follow ups, restoratives and protections.”

-- Tarun & Celia Cherian

Now this dark incident incident gives us a lot to think about.

1. We see that the world is not just the visible.
2. We see we are multi-levelled beings.
3. We see our thoughts and feelings are more vital than we think.
4. We see that life is a long-distance run.
5. We understand that we have strong defences, but they can be overwhelmed.
6. We see help exists.
7. We can defeat stronger opponents if we trust.
8. We need to wrestle with idea of evil and good. 
9. We live in a place where evil serves goodness. 

1. We see that the world is not just the visible.
Now often we think of the aura, the energetic, the ghostly as exciting fiction. But here we see the less visible as dramatically real. The 4 ghostly creatures or emotional clumps individually and in tandem occupied Sparsh and possessed him. Stole his voice and mind. The moment they were removed he could suddenly speak.

The experience for all its ghastliness reveals the inner universe. Hallelujah!

2. We are multi-levelled beings.
There are four ugly beings we encountered in this experience.

First, the shadow pig. This was composed of Sparsh’s own very physical anguish and terror in this life and 3 others. Our physical likes and disgusts have been made visible here.

Second, a snake formed by ugly emotions. Do the emotions sit in Sparsh’s skull? Yes and No. 70% was his emotion, the remainder was from the audience he addresses, the envy of peers.

Third, the brother, this was a fragment of Sparsh’s brother’s energy wrapped in Sparsh’s guilt. 

Last, The Shaman, connected to one of Sparsh’s reincarnations, was a real historical figure of great power, but little love and so sent for learning to heavier worlds {or hells}.

Physical anguish, human emotion, a brother’s spirit, a reincarnational being… are the 4 levels made visible here. Think of the many others that exist. The infinite seas within our being.

3. We see our thoughts and feelings are more vital than we think.
These 4 ghostly creatures or demons are largely ‘emotional’ creatures. Emotions that clumped together. The snake formed around frustration. The Brother an actual fragment of a spirit wrapped in guilt. The Shaman, a reincarnational entity whose fierce discipline is what largely remains. The Shadow Pig, anguish from 4 lives getting a life of its own. And so we understand our own existence and being a little better. We are like soul inspirations around which emotions swirl.

The other day, we overheard someone telling another. Get your act together. Get your emotions in order. We see how vital those everyday words are. And how true.

4. We see that life is a long-distance run.
Sometimes we think of life like a sprint. Here we see with the brother’s spirit fragment and the reincarnational shaman that it has a longevity.

5. We have strong defences, but they can be overwhelmed.
So why had Sparsh lowered defences? At work the pressure was crazy. New opportunities were burgeoning, but debts rose. Ex-lovers crawled out of the woodwork with indecent proposals. A child was threatening suicide. A parent was in ICU.

It had just become too much. The emotional frenzy fed inward creatures. And they rose from the graves where they had been interred.

6.  We see help exists.
Like a country invaded by brutal conquerors was Sparsh’s mind. Our intervention essentially did two things. One remove the dark entities. Secondly and more importantly we held his hand long-distance with the assurance that ‘God’ exists, that we have pulled others through, and by God, Sparsh our baby would be pulled through Shamans not withstanding. 

7. We can defeat stronger opponents if we trust.
Now here is an important lesson as healers. Both Celia and I are formidable healers. But The Shaman was more powerful than us. More disciplined, focussed, opportunistic, socially aware, ruthless… born of a culture that tested and honed its psychic masters with pain and sacrifice. So why did we overpower him so easily? Because we are more connected to the source by passion and love. Because he couldn’t see us, we were armed with creativity, love, self acceptance and love, he was in the inner plane only aware of intensely powerful entities with intense power. To the shaman we were invisible shades.

8. We need to wrestle with idea of evil and good. 
The 4 ugly forces are in our traditional terms evil. The shadow pig not unlike demons Jesus cast out. The snake an ugly form that provokes rage. The brother’s spirit was mildly suicide inducing. The shaman a tyrant.

And yet while they are evil they are all birthed or fed by emotion. Ours. Each of us has many such beings within us. Most underfed, fast asleep. But many of us have them.

9. We live in a place where evil serves goodness. 
When we removed the ugly forces we were ruthless, ripping psychic limbs. But each was once held, is being rehabilitated. The shadow pig will one day be leader of some mastodon like creatures. The snake being transformed into an inspiring dragon. The brother’s fragment is being fleshed out into a hope-giving message. The shaman being trained to be a psychic guard.

We live in a world where eventually even evil serves goodness. But God’s eventually can be a long time. Spanning years, decades, lifetimes. We need to practise an impatient patience. A breathless patience.

Sparsh is free, from the dreaded four, but it will take a few weeks for his mind and digestion to be restored. And yet even restored, there will be scars, like the sweet face of innocence with the knife slash of knowledge. And that is not all bad. We think that those who leave the world behind are spotless. No. We reach there Marked. Scarred. Beatified. 


*The name and details of sparsh has been changed to protect identity.



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