Know God! Use God! Be God!

The other day, Sonia had come over. Someone whose opinion she respected asked her what is this energy? What is this force? Where does it come from? Sonia felt stumped.

“A centipede was happy quite until a frog in fun said which foot comes after which, which raised her mind to such a pitch she lay distracted in a ditch considering how to run.”

Now Sonia has not just done the first level, prior to the group workshop she'd done an advanced session with us. And so if the answer hasn't gone bone deep it is because we have not taught it with sufficient depth.

And since it is the very foundations of all that comes later… it's worth reexamining.

Our answer to her is relevant for each of you. Devadhara Healers, O! explorers and seekers.

First, one begins by knowing there is such a force. Each of you has felt it and seen it. That is the first thing you do, recognize the existence of a phenomenon.

Now Sonia's inquisitor may say I have not felt it. Our answer to him is simple. Because your mind is closed or your childhood was tough. Most can sense the force of deeper realities... if you try.

To drive home the point with Sonia I held her hand and sent an energy thread to a place in the body. Where had it gone? Into her heart, she answered. Precisely.

But no matter if you are inner-energy blind. Today the lower levels of the force can be photographed, through Kirilian photography, through magnetic resonance techniques. Something exists.

Now Sonia's inquisitor may argue but auras are not unqualifiedly accepted by the Scientific establishment. Our answer is simple, a science that ignores facts because it is not convenient is not science. It is not a truth seeker.

Now as you observe auras you will see that an aura state affects physical functioning, and in some circumstances can have a direct effect on the physical. Second you will notice that thoughts and emotions affect the aura. Now some will conclude from this that just like emotions affect the body and the pheremones we release, so does the emotion affect the psychic smell we give off. In short, energy & consciousness emerge from the dance of chemicals only their reach and ambit do not stop with our skins.

However your mind asks what if it is the reverse, what if energy and matter are a form of thought, a crude variety of emotion. What then?

Another diagram tends to reinforce our physical-centric mindset. When we see auras in some states it often appears as onion rings around the physical. So we continue to believe that the aura reflects changes in the physical.

But there is a counter objection. What if that is not true, what if matter emerges from the physical, what if like an iceberg, matter flats on an ocean of emotion, of spirit. That matter, energy, are part of a deeper reality? What then?

Now there are many ways to know that the physical is not the boss.

The easiest is to sense ghosts. Watch people aurically as they die. Another to go Out-of-body. Another to merge with the Shakti and see yourself slide into a number of beings. dramatically depart all semblance of physical reality.

The moment you do this, you know that the physical is not the centre.

However many streams of thought will still object that “hello, that means that there are two different forms of existence, one an ensouling spirit like software. Another matter like hardware.”

There are advanced gifts in which one finds one's body dissolve. Have two bodies, be in two places. These definitively answer the idea that matter & thought are unrelated. And one begins to see matter as the projection of the spirit.

One begins to see as a true scientist does, all we know is that there are phenomenon around us. The world is phenomenon. The physical is a coherent phenomenon. A coherent hallucination. Now let's not get lost in this thought. But keep our eyes on what we wish to see… the force below…

And it becomes utterly apparent that there is an inner reality, beyond things… that powers all things.

Now, as one puts this together we begin to see that what we are dealing with is alive, forceful, aware, it is like a thought only by its true standards our thoughts are clods. Like a feeling only we have rarely encountered a feeling so rare that if you cup it in your hands it turns into a bird. An attitude, yet from an identity with such magnificence that all the faces in all the universes cannot hope to express it. Yet it is magnificent enough to find one child's face sufficient to be it's face, one rock's heart big enough to be its nest, one animal's thrust thrilling enough to be its war cry.

What we are dealing with is a pure stream directly from the heart of God. And so is at a place where words reach only infrequently. Or rather from where thoughts may drop that cannot easily be caught in words.

So how reach this?

Inspire me I ask, the force…

“It is like a pure stream. It is like laughing flesh. It is a rainbow. It is the heart's beat so loud the cosmos dances. It is joy so sheer it becomes the leaping atom.”

– Tarun attempting to catch Z*****

Then it strikes me that I am treating Z***** as dead, as thing as a force… not as a livingness that when it stirs the universe is like time or lightning.

“You know me as the certitude behind the bone, the lust behind your desire, the deeps behind the thought, the love binding the family, the silence beneath the word, the breath behind the inspiration, the yearning behind the touch, the gold beneath the truly precious, the life beneath the life…” – Z*****



“I use God. I am a Devadhara healer, yes, a River of God.”
What we are dealing with is a pure stream directly from the heart of God.

Who am i? Why am i? What for am i?
By Sonia Chauhan

What is the power of a healer?
Where does it come from?
Why do you want to heal?
For what?
Is there a need to?
How are you qualified to be a healer?
Has it really made a difference to anybody?
Or being?

I am a being,
one of the types.
Whoever, whatever.
Made of ‘intentions'.
Chose to come here on this earth.
Certainly to nullify pending equations.
Just wallow around,
is it?
Also here to be of use.
Benefit the world around.
To do good.
to those who are not ‘it'.
To feel humanity, deeply.
To live in such a way that goodness happens.
Further, ‘it' has a deep sense of feeling and a will to ‘heal'.
To use the ancient energies,
and powers throbbing in the universe.
To use the ‘essence',
the ‘subtle',
the ‘touch' of glory which the five senses are not used to.
To ‘heal'.
Because this path is more powerful.
since it is at the core.
The source.
For as part of it I play with it.
And while playing,
become the mage.
Also, there is the power
and strength of ‘intention',
The brain cannot distinguish
between ‘real' and ‘imagination'.
For what is real?
But what I project in myriad ways.
Then it is only the mage who can create,
Travel with the wind
and listen to the oceans,
Talk to the trees,
Not limited in the mortal body...

The entire frame,
a stage created by conditioning
and sensory perceptions...

I believe there is more
beyond the routine
which sometimes takes away the shine...

There is something more
beyond the rhetoric of birth and death...

It is stupid to simply reel through...


Don't believe in the linearity!
This after this, after this, after this?
Something is wrong with this.
It is not all.
How would it be if I didn't think?
There would be no yesterday.

Only now.
This moment.
Time is like fragments of illusions
dispersed in a solution of oneness.
There is no time without mind.
My entire being would know only ‘now'.
This moment.

I don't enjoy the present moment,
Past baggages,
future fears and worries.
I fail to see what eyes speak.
In a maze,
as ephemeral as a dream.
Where when i change,
everything changes,
The world looks pink
when I wear pink glasses.
when I wear purple glasses.

Oh! ‘i' am the centre.

World and living
are an entirely different maze for another entity.

Because it is its own centre.

Hey, then what is true?
Is there really a way to be?
Is there truly a place to be at?
So, what the hell am I doing here?

I chose.

Inner life
and outer works.

By Sonia Chauhan

What is sacred?
You've forgotten.
What was it that you had discovered?
Were in love with?

Part of a whole
With the purpose to heal
To feel humanity deeply
Like a lotus blooming in your heart.

Where did you lose your way?

The dance in the universe
The forces
You are part of them
More than the body
The very reason why
you like to watch stars in the sky
Because you hear them talk to you.

Long back found answers in one vision
That i was part of a larger light
In it, i will merge.
Become one with it.
Fade into it.
Long to go home.
Become one with the light,
with God.

Yet, as long as i am in any other state
Got to dance,
be glorious
Celebrate the stars
Full of spirit
Spread the enormity
and splendour of the light
Benefit the universe.



What is the Healing Force that we use?


by Tarun & Celia Cherian. Key contributions by Sonia Chauhan.

One way to get answers is to evoke it. Better still we could directly go there. Calling on the Z***** energy, it initiated an advanced bloodstream technique, whereby the force ran through my veins into hers and took her directly to the fountainhead of the force.

But which Sonia would receive the answer? I directed the answer to 3 key chakras. The Root. The Heart. The 3 rd Eye.

At the root it was red ball of force. The blood force.

At the heart, she got the energy as a Lotus, unfurling. And so we interpret it as that which seeks to unfurl, to express, to fulfill, to express itself.

At the 3rd eye it was like an exploding star-night. It was the most convincing answer Sonia got of the source, of the livingness she uses.

“I am the joy at {my} existing. The joy as I see I perceive. And use the state of being perceivable to shout out my existence.” – Z*****

But there is an answer for Devadhara Healers even deeper than this. A pragmatic answer. It's simple. So simple you may feel cheated. Use the force. You cannot learn about the water by standing out and looking at it. But by drinking it. Quenching throats. Leaping in.

Turn it on.

It works. The first great learning is that it works.

And because it works you use it. On things great & small. And the more you use it to help yourself & others the richer you eventually get, the more radiant. And one day you may turn so radiant you are amazed.

And because we keep useful things and discard the useless it starts becoming part of our life.

And the deeper it roots the more you see it everywhere. In sparks shimmering out of an aura and an auto driver's honesty…

And you understand it better. Understand what you use as a healer better.

And it is simple, but like simple things difficult for those with complex minds.

And so if someone asks you or you yourself ask yourself what you use, you have the answer. “I use God. I am a Devadhara healer, yes, a River of God.”

Now some may say, but aren't all healing systems the same? Don't we all use the same force? Now the truth is if you deal with someone like they were a chaprassi or deal with them with due respect you'll get a very different response. Many healing systems use only the power of Ki. That's like trying to solve everything at an executive level. We can and do approach the CEO of the cosmos.

Now we had asked Sonia to share with the group what she got out of the experience. What she learnt of the force.

Her answer blew us away. For it comes from a different plane, an inspired zone. It's put into two poems.












































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