Healing Ulcers, Beating Summer Heat, Spiritual Calm... 15 Amazing Health & Spiritual Gifts of Palm Fruit. -Tarun & Celia Cherian, CoFounders Creator's Child.



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You see it on the pushcarts at every corner… A purplish fist-sized nut… that reveals in the expert hands of the fruit seller, soft white jelly like fruit wrapped in pinkish whiteskin.

You devour it and it floods the mouth with coolness laced with delicately sweet, complex flavours that feels almost champagne like in subtlety. As it floods the throat and rushes into the stomach you are delighted, for it proves goodness and joy aren’t enemies.

1} Rich in Vitamins & Minerals: Yes indeed, nutritionally speaking: Palm Fruit or Ice Apple is a very rich source of vitamins B {thiamine{B1} riboflavin {B2}}, and Vitamin C. It is packed with a range of minerals like iron, zinc, potassium, calcium & phosphorus.

Creator’s Child Original Aura Research: Reveals that eating the ice apple clears one of the nadis, on the left side of the body, near the stomach area associated with the Ida. This nadi having numerous ‘heat’ related benefits like…  It also energises the Below Feet Chakra, which means it can help one restore one’s mineral balance. It soothes the Heart Chakra. Making it a great stress buster.

2} The Life-Saving, Summer Cooler: From time immemorial the palm fruit or ice apple has been valued because it keeps one hydrated in summer. For many sitting in A/C rooms that may seem not that hot. But it can be a life saver to a photographer on an outdoors shoot, a sales rep on a bike. Here you are advised to eat three fruit in the morning like 10, 11 before the summer heat gets intense. Its particular hydrative power keeps one’s concentration up.

3} Healing Stomach Ulcers:  According to Ayurveda and traditional herbalists, the ice apple can heal stomach ulcers. In this one eats the fruit including the pink covering left after the street vendor cleans it. It is said that in 3 days the stomach ulcers will start healing.

4} Burning Urination:  Ayurveda and traditional herbalists, give us another wonderful application of the ice apple. Make a mix of ice apple and coconut water had thrice a day. This relieves those with painful urination.  It is said within days.

5} Prickly Heat: Not ‘life-saving’ but equally welcome application of the ice apple. Is in dealing with prickly heat.

6} Arthritis: Now our own aura research reveals that the ice apple is positive for those with many ‘Arthritic’ joint conditions.

7} Circulatory Positives: Creator’s Child aura research reveals that the ice apple is positive for the circulatory system, especially for those with venous conditions, and clogged lymph nodes.  

We now turn to the emotional positives:

8} Anger Issues: Since the ice apple stimulates a particular nadi associated with the physical stomach it helps one become more aware of one’s anger out bursts.  Crushing a small piece of ice apple and spreading it on either side of the neck is especially helpful.

9} Poet’s friend: The ice apple is lovely for poets, especially those who get stuck as impending deadlines approach.  It lubricates the mind and makes words more opalescent.

We now look at the Psychic and Spiritual Gifts:

10} For Lovers: Now you can think of numerous ways of how to place a chilled ice apple between hot and steamy bodies, so we shall move away from such Cleopatran suggestions... The Palm Tree has subtle psychic powers. On the windward, or south-western side of a palm tree if you bury the keepsake, a reminder of a friend or a lover it will stimulate them to think of you more often.  

11 a} For Those With Enemies: Bury a full ice apple. Stand on that spot, stamp on that spot in a clockwise direction for half an hour. This will ensure you will not be surprised by secret moves your enemies will make.  

12} For Ending Enmity: At exactly 50 paces west-west-north of an Palm tree, 12 minutes past nightfall, bury a keepsake or reminder of an enemy, yourself and some moongphalli chilkas. This will psychically urge all involved to end the prolonged enmity.  

13} For Politicians: Planting an ice apple tree, especially in the west is a positive when starting a new campaign.

Now these psychic benefits may seem strange, but what is interesting is that the palm tree like the coconut assists in a particular aura energy network of mental activity.  But unlike the coconut the way it interacts with physical level energies is more active. Hence these seemingly strange rituals.

Incidentally we are bringing out a book on The Spiritual Tree in a few months. One of the things we study is the health gifts and aura energy character of numerous Indian Trees!

14} Gift of Honesty: We received another lovely gift of the ice apple vendor. A lesson in honesty. Typically a purple palm fruit uncut has in its fastness 3 ice apples. We asked the Ice Apple man for the fruit of 2 uncut palm nuts. In the inside of one unfortunately was 2 not 3 ice apples! He opened another one and made sure we got our fair 6 ice apples. He could have given us just 5, because that was how many fruit were in 2 nuts.

When we deal with the organic, with life, you will discover that unfairness is built in. There will always be fruit that is less than another. There will always be a child less smart than another. There will always be one artist who gets the limelight. The ice apple man shows us a way of dealing with life's vagaries. You make up for it. You call on that deep fairness, honesty and you balance it out.

15} Gift of The Ice Apple Meditation: The Palm Tree is a potent tree to meditate with, but for most in urban India finding a palm tree will take effort. So we have another solution. Sit calmly in a chair with good back rest, , play soothing music, hold an ice apple in your left hand, it will take you eventually to a zone of deep peace that may look like a white ocean, this is the level of the deep subconscious as you sit there mind forms dealing with anger, hate, and fear will begin to dissolve. You cannot eat this fruit but add it to a curry and boil it.




Disclaimer: For any health related issues, check with your medical practitioner before using any healing suggestions from this article.