Healthy Chocolate. Spiritual Chocolate.




4000 years ago The Gods gifted The Aztecs a precious Present.  500 years ago, the Europeans stole the secret. Today the world has begun to wake up to just how healthy and blessed it truly is. We at Devadhara Healing and Creator’s Child agree. We recommend it for heart patients, for brain boosting, even for spiritual awakening. Scientists too have begun to realize Dark Chocolate in moderation is truly a Gift of The Gods. Studies have shown it to be good for the heart, in cholesterol management, for the brain, the skin, and as brain food.

Today we share with you the many benefits, a delightful desert that we have innovated, and a chocolate meditation.

1. Good For The Heart:
A detailed study published in the International Journal of Cardiology  looked at the health of 20,000+  people over a decade. It arrived at the amazing conclusion: “cumulative evidence suggests that higher chocolate intake is associated with a lower risk of future cardiovascular events”. Of those that had no chocolate, 17.4% of people developed or died of heart disease. By contrast those who indulged in chocolate the figure was a far lower 12%!

A scientific study followed 55,000 people  for about 15 years. They concluded those who ate dark chocolate  were roughly 20% less likely to have a heart condition. As rule of thumb, they concluded the higher the chocolate eaten, the lesser the heart risk!

2. Good For Blood Pressure:
A Harvard study that study looked at 24 chocolate studies that covered 1,000 people. Discovered dark chocolate lowered blood pressure in all participants! What was most remarkable was it was helped patients with hypertension.

3. Good For The Brain: Researchers who studied the diet of 2,000 participants in their early 70’s  years came to the conclusion that the “intake of flavonoid-rich food, including chocolate, wine, and tea, is associated with better performance across several cognitive abilities and that the associations are dose dependent.” 

4. Reduces risk of Diabetes! According to Eric Ding of Harvard Medical School says they discovered that chocolate actually increased insulin sensitivity, it is good in lowering diabetes chances! 

5. A Cancer Preventive. Chocolate is rich in anti-oxidants, which has been associated with cancer prevention!

6. Chocolate, The Aphrodisiac. The Aztecs believed chocolate is an aphrodisiac. Our aura research concurs. It opens one’s sensuality.

7. The Dessert: Lotus Seed with Chocolate Coating.

There are two versions of the dessert. In one you have a hard chocolate coating in the other you have a melty foundue like sauce.

The Lotus Seeds: If you live in India you can pick up puffed Lotus Seeds at your local kirana store. Get a packet and toast it. If you have to store it, store in an airtight container.

The Chocolate: Get a slab of dark chocolate from your local grocer bakery supply store. It is much cheaper than from a supermarket. Get one with high cocoa solids: 70%+.

Lotus Seeds with a hard chocolate coating. Melt the dark chocolate slab in a double boiler. When it is melty mix with the toasted lotus seeds. You can do this each individually or mix in a bowl. Place on a plate with aluminium foil and cool.

Lotus Seeds with a Melty Chocolate Coating. 4 Tbsp of cocoa powder, 2 cups milk, and ¼ cup butter, 1 cup sugar. Mix over a gentle heat in a sauce pan till thick. Everyone sits around the table spear the toasted lotus seeds in the melty sauce and enjoy.

8. Creator's Child ‘Heart’ Healing Chocolate Meditation: There are times when we feel unwanted, uncared for, unloved. Sometimes the hurt is really deep. Make a chocolate sauce with a dark chocolate piece melted in milk {One is to one ratio}. When the sauce is just warm, near body temperature draw a downward pointing triangle at the centre of your chest. Say these words, “Love Surrounds, Love abounds”. Do this for 20 minutes, wash the chocolate off. {Remember chocolate stains clothes.}

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Tarun & Celia Cherian, 15th July 2017