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Healing The Amazon Rain Forests

  Healing The Brazilian Rain Forests

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“We helped with Bandipur,  why can’t we help with The Brazilian Rain Forests?” Divya asked us a few days earlier.  Especially since The Amazon are the earth’s lungs. And 1 in 10 species calls Amazon its home. And yes, it is being debated by earth protectors, whether we humans have to be thinned down, or swept away for a better earth…  

We have been attempting to help The Rainforests 10 days from now. And days after, the rain did intensify*. We have not involved the whole group till now… Why? Because it is not safe psychically. And it needs a multi-level response.    

While we share with you 3 potent healing rituals at the end of this article… Read what we are facing first…

The Difficulties & Dangers

A} There was/is a curse on the land. As Celia discovered…
B} Slash & Burn.
C} Bolsonaro
D} The political pushes and pulls.

Understanding the issues:
Slash & Burn: Small farmers have traditionally used slash & burn in The Amazon. But what makes the fires double this year is that big business hiding behind small farmers are setting off fires. Why? For Beef Farms. For mining. For Land stripping. Why more so now? Brazilian Politics has promoted this. And International Countries require a more complaisant Government.

Thankfully with Macron raising the issue to fever pitch, Bolsanaro under EU pressure banned all slash-burn fires for the next 2 months. {The EU was on the verge of giving major concessions to Brazil. But The fire issues raised by Macron threatens to overturn the deal.}

Trouble is The Fires already lit, may not go off till end September.

Bolsanaro: The new president is heavily right wing. Anti-native S American. Pro Agriculture. Not necessarily pro-forestry. Says Verge: “When Jair Bolsonaro was campaigning for office as a far-right candidate, he called for setting aside less land in the Amazon for indigenous tribes and preservation, and instead making it easier for industry to come into the rainforest.” 

Says Time: “Many blame President Jair Bolsonaro’s rhetoric as the central factor in the crisis. Less obvious are the ways the conflagration stems from years of slashing government budgets for the environment and dismantling support for indigenous and traditional subsistence communities.”

Political pushes and pulls: The EU wishes deeper partnership with Brazil. America is looking at Brazil to address Venezuelan problem, but aligning with a pro-right Bolsanaro may upset US-Argentine relationships.

Earth Curses in and around Amazon.  Around 1400’s a native shaman group put an extraordinarily potent land curse… Why? Because they foresaw the changes and wished to bring about a change in 2200 AD. They formed/ energized a Goddess/nymph called Yara who would cause those who ventured into Jungles alone to disappear.


  Jurmari Amazonian Devil

Image of Jurupari, Amazonian Spirit


Spain first marched in, then the Porugese took over in the 1500’s-1600’s. In 1700’s the Portugese brought lakhs of Sugarcane slaves. Their pain formed the base of another set of curses.

Now, if the Amazon forests are destabilized beyond a point, the first fallout after smoke in Sao Paulo, and 2% air deterioration globally, will be unleashing 3 terrible viruses held in check. In late 2020’s, unchecked they will kill millions. “My Death is Your Child’s Death.” Besides a range of forest curse beings designed to protect will emerge.

So what happens if the Unwary Try to Heal The Brazilian RainForests?  
Basically as you show a deep interest in The Amazon, a host of protective rage beings will be activated. Like Jurupari – a terrifying Amazonian jungle spirit . And Dried Corpse ( Corpo-Seco) described by wiki as  ‘a man so evil that the earth would not rot its flesh and the devil would return his soul’.  Or Yumrari a green earth spirit we have called to help.

What is the purpose of Jurupari and Corpo-Seco? To ensure those entering the forests actually care about The Forest.

So you say, but I care... there is no problem...

Not really, often victims of earthquakes, floods often turn their rage and pain against those who try to help... An animal in pain may tear a vet's fingers... Many who seek to help do it without appreciating the mixed emotions... "I often hated those who weren't abused as a child... Often I was ugly to those wrapped in cotton candy ideas of life..." said a child abuse victim to Celia & Tarun...


  The Hate of Amazon's Animals


Healing The Brazilian Rain Forests

You appreciate that healing the earth has its dangers. Good... You realise you need protectors, or enhancers. One such is Yumrari. An earth protective being it taps ancient wisdom and the Cosmic One... Below is her image... When healing The Amazon Forest please keep this image with you. If you are from an Abrahamic religion and uncertain of snake deities, consider him as accompanier of Arch Angel Raphael. Print a picture of her...

Now begin...

  Amazonian Protector

The Devadhara Safe Ritual: Level 1.
Protect yourself. Connect to The Cosmic Core. {If you are not a Devadhara Healer or Cosmic Heart Seeker. Place a picture of God and Yamrari inside your shirt/bra.}

Now in front of yourself place an image {Physically or mentally} of the damaged forest. Behind place The Core Divine Devadhara Image or Cosmic Heart Image. And The Yumrari Image.
Now chant: “Yumrari Akkraheedva, Devadhara, Devadhara.” The Chant has been recorded for you on Youtube.

Do this 12 times… pause and repeat. Do not do this more than 15 minutes. Repeat this everyday for a month.

Wash yourself with salt water after.

Amazon Chant

The Devadhara Safe Ritual: For Chakra Level Students.
Protect yourself. Connect to The Cosmic Core. Place a picture of God and Yamrari on the table in front of you.

Now in front of yourself place an image {Physically or mentally} of the damaged forest. Behind place The Core Divine Devadhara Image or Cosmic Heart Image.
Now chant: “Yumrari Akkraheedva, Devadhara, Devadhara.”

Now create 3 energy balls charged with a universal chakra chant mentally place them high above the rain forest. One deep in the ground, one at human level. Do this 12 times.

The Devadhara Safe Ritual: For Advanced Students.
Will not be shared here. Message for it, and it will be sent especially to you.

You have helped. But that help needs to be more complete. Only 20% can be through healing.

For as we told Divya... 40% needs to be planting new trees, reviving rivers and forests. If you don’t have land, find a friend who does. Organisations like Bangalore’s BBMP provide trees for sidewalks. 40% needs to promote new ways of life that are lighter on the earth. Eg:- more work from homes.

"We have a parcel of land and my aunt has a plot of land" Said Divya, "I'll do my bit... in 3 years there'll be 10, no twenty more trees... It's not a rain forest, but it's a start."



Love & God
Celia & Tarun


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* But then some will argue Aug-Sep are the Amazon's rainy months