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Can your Past Life Change Your Existence?

December 27, 2010, India Today: An exhaustive pan-Indian Report on Reincarnation and Past Life Therapy. Among the therapists shortlisted for insights were naturally... Tarun & Celia Cherian of Creator's Child.

To quote from the article.

"The Cherians could be any tee-and-jeans clad professional couple -- a throwback to their advertising days. While Tarun, a self-confessed atheist, wenrt through 'cosmic experiences' that changed his life, Celia had profound past-life recollections , besides curing herself of an 'incurable' disease.


"The TV show has made expectations sky-high. People want simplistic explanations and think all their problems can be solved through PLRT."


Here then is the greater viewpoint from which the earlier two excerpts were taken. To quote from the larger interview, some that was edited ourt

"We encountered the reality of Past Lives independently, Tarun beginning 1987. And Celia from early 1990's. That's 30 years in Tarun's case and 25 years in Celia's...


"Over the last 25 years as Spiritual guides and 2 decades as healers we have realised that many, physical, emotional, relationship, and spiritual issues stem from a 'past life issue...

"But it is vital to remember this, many, but not all issues rise are connected to past life complexes... But not all.


"Past Life Issues can be addressed in two principal ways. Through Past Life Healing {Healing of the Reincarnational Body & cords} and Past Life Regression.


"In one person's case an arrowhead from a past life was discovered, when we removed it, a nagging neck pain from childhood vanished... with just one session!


"In another person's case a difficult relationship with a parent was worsened by child abuse in a past life!


"In another person's case, an intense ancient curse/ black magic was triggered by priests 2,000 years ago!


"The incredible, life threatening intensity of Celia's Celebrated Goan Past Life Recall Incident, means that we use Past Life Regression extremely judiciously! It's not a game. You are crossing boundaries... You are crossing death... You are increasing selves and death that can be intensely disturbing." -- Tarun & Celia Cherian