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I pick up an unknown number... Uday introduces himself, they’ve lost a cat, can Celia & I help. Without any details we ask him if his cat is a black & white cat. He says yes, mostly white with some grey and black. We know nothing about the cat, and pick it up from the papa. Intuition never ceases to amaze, never ceases too bless. Revealing as we have told you a million times that we are connected.

Anyway his email followed shortly. We share it with you verbatim, {changing only owner’s name and address to protect identity.)

Desperate parents care so much they reach out to Animal Whisperers!

We just talked over call. My cat ' Django* ' is missing since Friday noon from our apartment. Here are the details:
a. Name - Django
b. Age - around 4 years 2 months
c. Colour - White body with greyish black spot on head and greyish black tail
d. Has been an indoor cat all his life.

I'm attaching a pic of his here. We desperately need your help in finding him. 
Our location is - C-834, Pride Tower-12, Bengaluru*.
Uday & Prema*


We take a look at the Cat’s image, talk to it long-distance, use our advanced direction-location, intuitive-sensing modality and reply...

Can Psychic Clues Help?!

Dear Uday & Prema,

Django seems to be within a few 100 metres from Pride Tower 12. Perhaps Northwest direction. Near/ underneath a water tank/ water body. There is a square block/ fountain, where he was. He is hungry. 

How did he get out? Showing a screen door. 

Hope this proves useful.
Do send an email when you find Django.

Love & God
Celia & Tarun Cherian

Email sent off, we are glad to get a detailed reply that confirms much of what we had sent...

Wow! The Psychic Clues are Surprisingly Spot On!?!

Hi Celia and Tarun,

Thank you so much for getting back to us. There is a swimming pool and water tank just northwest of our apartment in the Pride Tower 12 premises. I am checking there nearby. We are quite sure he got out of our balcony (has a screen door) since our apartment's main door was locked all throughout the day, but he has never done it in past 4 years. And more importantly, we live on 8th floor. 

We will let you know of any updates at our end, in the mean while do inform us in case you see anything else.

Uday & Prema*


Now this email gives glorious confirmation. Distance conversation with the cat had revealed it had gone through a balcony screen door. Uday had not told us about a screen door, either on the phone or email. Nor did we know about the main door being locked. We were thrilled by the further confirmation of the water tank...

But the heartening email was not a reason to celebrate... for a cat’s a tiny thing, notoriously secretive, and even though it was less than ½ km away, we had sensed that it had been threatened by 2 dogs (Not put in the mail to the owners). Also, one of the hardest things is to know if the cat is alive or dead. Since we are talking to the spirit of an animal, and checking the astral body, this can be a grey area... So we were delighted to get an email with great news...

Time to Celebrate!!!

Hi Celia/Tarun,

We found Django just outside our premises, boundary wall today. Thank you so much for your support and help. 

Uday & Prema


Well, we did celebrate! (Not with milk, or a fishy treat). But with our signature Cinnamon drink. We have been looking for lost animals for close to Two and a Half decades. And especially with cats, them being so tiny, so able to hide, and so vulnerable to dog packs, the chances of finding them again, even with highly motivated pet-parents, and even with our intuitive help, is probably one in five.


  Cat Found with Intuition 2

We all have so much to Celebrate!!!

Hey guys, where’s your glass? For we all have so much to celebrate.
“We do?” Yes we most definitely do.

1. Parents & Healers, Prayer Warriors & Meditators Rejoice in The Web of Life! The fact that Django could talk to us, that too long-distance, and we to Django, means that all parents can feel a trifle more secure. There is a web of life that binds us all. We may not be tuned in, it may be less than a whisper but it is there. It is real.

How real? Did you know that according to scientists a gigantic network spanning countless galaxies actually connects the universe?

2. You are Broadcasting your Feelings! Next, consider the fact that we could pick up Django’s colouring from Uday’s mind, well before Uday sent us the cat’s pic. This means Uday & Prema were broadcasting messages. And yes you are broadcasting messages. Sometimes without a word being said.

3. Not Alone. Never Alone! The C pandemic has left a lot of us alone. But the simple truth is we are not alone.

4. Trust The Body! Now both Uday and we were absolutely puzzled by how Django descended 8 floors from the balcony. But it clearly underlines, how agile cats are. And it reminds us that in our civilising process we humans have become sickly beings. Barring the odd electricians how many of us can descend 100’s of feet with no safety harness or ladder? So as we look at how we have fallen physically, we can attempt to recover the incredible grace hidden in our bodies.

5. Django is Home! Now many of us have lost loved ones. Many of us sit with dogs, cats, moos, trees and cope. The fact is nothing’s quite gonna take the place of the loved one you lost. But the fact that a little wandering cat was found, and came home, and the joy of the cat parents, well, it oddly warms this great big hole within.




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