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Unbelievable! Intuition Helps Rex Return Home!


Chitra Chidanand speaks of finding Rex with a little help from intuition.

  Intuition brings Rex home

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"Rex, our pet a Mudhol-Indie mix went missing on Deepavali day. Someone inadvertently let him out of the gate and closed the gate behind them. Four days later we still hadn’t found him despite trying everything from posting on social media, to police complaint, to sticking large color posters within a 2 kilometer radius offering a large reward, to walking & driving the streets surrounding our neighborhood at all times of the day and night calling out his name.

"I had reached my wit’s end by the fourth night and in my state of helplessness bordering despondency, I suddenly remembered a good samaritan on Twitter who had replied to my tweet with words of assurance & had mentioned something about finding his dog with the help of an animal whisperer. I reached out to him and upon his advice Googled up animal whisperers in Bangalore and found Celia & Tarun’s website —

"What transpired after that is something I would never have believed to be possible if it hadn’t happened to me!

"I spoke to Tarun on the phone. I told him I needed his help to find my dog who had been missing for four days. He did not let me tell him anything more than that. Just asked me to email my doggie’s name and photo. He did not make any promises, and said he will get back to me if he is able to connect with Rex. Within a couple hours he texted me the following message "1. Has injured a paw/abdomen slightly.  2. Is close to a wall with red n white,  may have a wrought iron on it. (Consider temple/govt building/park} 3. Feel it is within 3/4 km radius. 4. Your doggy says it rained yesterday. 5. Has had something to eat yesterday. Hope these insights help you find Rex.  We only take one deep intuitive look. Call only if you have definitive news. Love & God. Tarun & Celia Cherish. (PS we offer this service free of cost)”.

"My husband and I rushed back home and together with my son, parents and my cousin split up in to 2 groups and went looking for walls that matched the description above. We started with temples nearby to no luck. When we reached the area directly behind our gated community I noticed a red wall with white lines and made a mental note to check there. When we got close to the wall, we saw that it was part of a single room office type building, with an iron grill on the red-white wall, supporting an asbestos roof. There was an empty plot right next to the wall. We peered in there and kept calling his name, but did not see him. We started riding away when my son noticed a similar dog in a house opposite the empty plot, and wanted us to turn back to check if it was Rex. We turned back to check, and realized it wasn’t Rex, and were about to turn around again, when in the empty plot next to the red n white wall with the iron grille we noticed a little brown head craning out of the bushes cautiously. I couldn’t believe my eyes, and asked my son if that was Rex. As we got off the bike, we started calling out his name. Slowly the brown head emerged out of the bushes hesitantly at first and then as quickly as he could, he limped over to us. He put his head in my lap without a sound. He was so scared, and probably as incredulous as us at having been found. He was injured in his paw & abdomen slightly. We guessed that he must have been chased by the strays in our layout and squeezed out of the barbed wire fence, and too scared to cross the road, he must have run along the road to the area adjacently behind our layout (about 1/2km) and hid himself in the empty plot to avoid attacks from the other strays near there. The red n white building turned out to be some kind of a trade association. The person manning the office might have fed him. And it had rained the previous day!

"We carried him home on our bike. For nearly a month after that he did not dare venture out of the gate. But as the trauma faded he started getting back his boisterous, adventurous self and is now back to running out of the gate at the first opportunity. However, now he never goes farther than 50-100 meters and keeps coming back to the gate every couple min :)

"Those four days were incredibly hard on all of us. The sense of helplessness we felt, and thereafter the relief that washed over us upon finding him cannot be expressed in words. All of us feel an incredible sense of gratitude towards the Universe for connecting all living beings in this manner, and towards Celia & Tarun for mastering the science and applying it to help people and animals in need! Thank you! So so so grateful!"

-- Chitra Chidanand


Creator’s Child Comments:

Thank You: We are deeply grateful for Chitra for this testimonial. For it gives us, all of us such a wonderful assurance. We brought an ‘animal baby and her parents’ together. We are grateful that Chitra took the effort to communicate with us, and tell us that Rex was found, and how useful our clues are, where we were right, and where we were misleading.

The Great Reassurance: The first great learning of Rex’s return is that the reality of intuition is demonstrated, and that implies we are all interconnected, dog & woman, bird & man, tree & child, angel & ant. And so none of us are ever alone, even when we are miserably alone.

We now turn to the nitty-gritty of intuition, remote animal communication and seeking lost animals. The information we give is based on many levels of intuitive information.

Talking to the lost animal. We use an image & animal’s name to connect with the animal’s spirit. In 95% cases we believe the image helps hone in on the animal spirit {In 5% cases, we would have tuned in to another sibling of the animal}.  Using merely a name to locate a lost animal is far less efficient as most animals do not know their names too well.

Animals like humans have many loci of consciousness, animal, egoic, high spirit. Can one tell what level of communication is established? If it is at an animal level, we communicators will need to listen through our muscles, smell-taste, rather than images or inner voices.

In some cases the animal doesn’t really register our communiqué {As rule of thumb, 20-30%}.  Most often the animal feels a light feeling in his heart or bones {70%}. The animal may also hear us as a voice in the head {40%, often every second ‘word’ indistinct}. Or it may hear a screechy whispery sibilant sound {30%, often little scary}. Worse they may see us as a grayish image making gestures {very scary}.

When animals hear us, they may communicate back, but we may pick up information that is current, but sometimes the messages are from the past. They may talk about where they are, or about place they feel safest in. If animals trust us they may tell the truth as they see it, though if they don’t trust us, the message may be garbled.

We are grateful for Rex for being such a good communicator. Most animals are lost, and scared and understandably don’t notice too much.

Aura scan. This gives information about the state of health, happiness, well being of the animal. Obviously one may get proximity information too.

Alignment. Using an intuitive magnetic alignment we attempt to find the alignment of the animal to the place lost, this helps give direction and distance. This is an animal communication modality we have innovated. How accurate is this information? We cannot tell as we do not have enough feedback, and detailed feedback. But our guess is 60-70%.

While we are attempting to find alignment to where the animal was lost, we are actual aligning where the animal is to where an animal’s body felt at home, or where the person the animal loves most is located. The other limitation of the process is that mostly an animal’s sensitivity to magnetism fluctuates through the day. For dogs and cats it is highest when they are pooping. This sensitivity is less when dogs are not exposed to the natural world in the early months. Some vets are scared puppies will pick incurable viruses and so advise pet parents to keep pups home for the first 3 months. {We believe this advice is distortive to an animal’s long-run health.}

Using magnetic lines as ways to locate the lost animal has its limitations, strong electrical fields like transformers, or heavy metal presence may mislead psychics. Also intuition cannot accurately tell the difference between ley lines and magnetic lines.   

Astral Travel Is another way we locate the lost. For example in one case we were asked to locate someone missing in a flood, we found his body being eaten by wild pigs. In another case, searching  for a lost person we found he had fallen down a khud, a ravine.  But this can be extremely dangerous at times. For example, the lost being may cling to you and drag your spirit down.

Using Neighboring Spirits. In this we piggy back on an animal’s consciousness, like a bird. But as is obvious, the perspectives may not align to a human perspective, besides this is extremely dangerous.

Asking Spirit Guides for Help. In this we ask a Spirit Guide, Angel, God Form for help. While they may guide, in some cases pinpoint, they usually seek to help us, rather than intervening directly.  We do not think Gods have limitations, so how can a God not help? Well as a God once pointed out, even to them earth-life is murky… {But that is a story for another article}.

Some critical pointers for Psychics seeking lost animals.

Issue 1. Where are you searching?
We are searching in a plane formed of etheric, astral and causal energies. Every time a psychic searches we modify and mark the plane. If we hold very strong thoughts and beliefs that becomes part of the landscape. If a cat has gone west a trail is left, but if we believe that a cat has gone South, that belief marks the energetic landscape. This is the reason we search only once or after an interval.

Issue 2. Fragments…  
No matter how clearly animal communication and search occurs, the information we offer is fragmentary. And some will be distortive.

Issue 3. Through our Minds…  
Intuitive Information and Animal Communication comes through our minds. Our brains cloak inner information in images wehave in our brains.

Issue 4. Timing…  
In a case where we were searching for a boxer we pinpointed a street in Indiranagar. Neighbours confirmed that half a day ago he was there, no longer. This is worse with cats, as they hide, shift.

Issue 5. Do not be disheartened. Encourage The Searcher.
Many searchers give up too easily... Ask the searchers not rely on psychic insights alone. Ask the searchers to use standard methods. Get the neighbours, local store owners, vegetable vendors, cops {If you have influence}to help. Flyers, posters, ads, rewards help.

Issue 6. We give clues that help… Sometimes…
We believe that only in one in 5 cases, the clues we give really helps. In dogs the chance of finding the lost pet is higher than let’s say cats, {they can hide, and are more wander-lusty}.

Sometimes the clues we offer, make sense… Searching for a hiker who was lost, we got that he had dropped a blue mountain hiking stick, that he had a haversack of a particular colour. The first that searchers found. The second unfortunately was true but found near the hiker’s dead body.

Sometimes the clues we offer, actually help find the lost… And bring them safely home…

-- Love & God, Celia & Tarun



Animal Whispering Workshop. The other day we had an intensive animal whispering workshop with Chaitanya. It was brilliant, especially since she cares for animals so deeply. Many of you have learnt to do so with us. For example, Divya and has excelled here... We will early next year be formally announcing this workshop. If you are interested do send us an email, and we will send you the details, when the workshop dates are finalised…




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