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27 July 2021, evening Shweta has come over for an extended Spiritual Awakening and Healing. As the session is coming to an end we throw Shweta a challenge. An erotic challenge.

Another one of our more advanced students based in NY is writing an erotic novel. One that sizzles, steams, explores the farscapes of Ooooh.
"Why is a spiritual student writing a horny novel?" Some will question, especially those who think Sex & praise are divorced.
Because we asked them to.
"Why did we ask them to?" Some will ask.
"Well, because as someone on the Kundalini Pathway, the seeker needs to explore the spiritual face of the sexual without guilt, and sift through His/Her inner motivations? {The seeker has a committed partner and 2 kids}.

The book, not unnaturally, is written under a pseudonym, and follows a sybaritic lover, rich, successful in Ny, as he wanders from conquest to conquest and yet each victory takes him furthur from the real deeps of desire and heights of love... Will he be saved? And by whom? A nun or a modern tantric priestess?

So what was the challenge you ask stamping your feet impatiently. Too much foreplay?

Well, we gave Shweta the book {Ebook} and asked her to flip through it... then asked her to identify the author intuitively.

We helped Shweta with a set of questions.
"Was the writer a man or a woman?"

Shweta: "Woman... I feel Woman".
Celia & Tarun "Bang on, even though the protagonist is a man... you got the sex right."

Celia & Tarun "Is the author, short, tall or medium?"
Shweta: "Definitely short... about 5ish...".

Celia & Tarun "Is the author, dark or fair, or olive?"
Shweta: "Medium dark, olive complexion...".

Celia & Tarun "Have you met the author?"
Shweta: "Yes... awhile ago... Is she Raina*???!!".

Celia & Tarun "Yes... that's brilliant?"

Later we tell Raina* about this, she is delighted, "to intuitives secrets are like gossamer veils on supplicant bodies" she said. Her writing as we mentioned does have sizzle.

As we smile over the sexiness of intuition let us tease the full marvels hidden in the spiritual experiment.

Exploring the Full Richness of Intuition's Deeps...

First, none of us are ever alone. Even locked away behind a book, hidden beneath a pseudonym, there is a web that connects, hands that touch...

Second, there are no secrets... no matter how closely guarded a secret is it's scent fills the air... {Can any here tell in which Tickle we spoke about underwear spotting?} Now this may leave many fearing intuitives... that's silly for all we get are glimpses, rumours in the head...

Third, spirituality crosses over the subjective-objective divide... or rather the hand of intuition can gently undo matter's buttons.

Fourth we have just shown you how to use logic to strengthen the intuitive...

Fifth we live in a world that is connected and in fact very intimate... To discover just how marvellously intimate it is do reread The Cosmic Heart Revelation

We live in a world that may seem opaque, dense and ugly... But if we part the curtains another world is revealed... explore it...


Authored byCelia & Tarun: Starring Shweta K

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