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Yesterday {17 May 2017} in Banaswadi at 9 at night, a freak storm struck, it lasted 3 hours. First was gale winds, that wrenched a balcony door off the hinges, smashed a garden chair, took several pots. Heavy rain pounded down for 3 hours. And water found its ways from every window crack.  

We were planning to head off to town for dinner, when Celia got an intuitive message “Cancel the Dinner.” The message came in the afternoon, there was no hint of rain, just a glorious sunset, no reason to not go in to town. Celia cancelled the dinner. We took 3 healing calls, were settling in to watch a spot of Tv when the Wind Gods crashed down.

Now at home we were completely safe. Some water would get in, a door hinge could get wrnched, but hey, no big deal. But out on the road with knee deep water in places, branches falling, gridlocked traffic, dark streets and crazy traffic it would have been more difficult. And for the street kids, our many tree, bird & insect friends, animal family… it would have been deadly.

The other hint we received was in the morning we were talking to a tree it said it was scared of “Big Wind”. We thought he meant the storm, a few days ago. The other intimation was when Buffy, {now spirit guide} and friends landed up in the afternoon to rest. {Later they told us, we knew it would happen, after the storm we have to help lots of small people}.

Now the future sometimes knocks on our doors. A few weeks ago Tarun put an image of him bleeding profusely from his forehead. It needed 6 stitches, but is now fine. You would ask, “You are such intuitives, didn’t you guys know about it?”

The day before, Celia got a message “Tomorrow something’s going to happen”. I was doing a healing program, and got a message saying “for the next 2 days you are allowed to skip it.” Now both these vague warnings didn’t allow us to really change anything. On the day I had the minor mishap, I was getting some interesting broken glass for a future art piece, I was wondering whether to take a carton {more difficult to carry}, or a sack {easier to carry} when an inner voice said “take the gunny sack”, but it was tucked deep in my painting room, so I took the carton instead… And carrying it back with glass tripped over a wire and well luckily got only a cut on the head. Interestingly Seeker Soujanya got a dream a few days before the mini accident where her mother’s face was covered with blood. Clearly Tarun is like her second mom {A dream compliment}. And Divya had a dream where she had a face covered with blood { Another dream compliment for clearly we are now part of her DNA}.

But not all warnings have to be obeyed. Once before a road trip to Goa, Tarun had a dream, where the car turned turtle. We sent healing to the trip and car. We did have a breakdown, the onboard computer burnt out. We were stranded on a flyover, the sound of passing cars made many whoos, Buffy who had been informed we were taking her on a trip to the sea, thought that the whoos of the cars was the sound of the sea. She came back disgusted. The sea was an overrated place.

Now, not all intuitions will arrive on time, for example in 2000, we had a chance of visiting my brother in Nepal, however Celia saw a dream where a whole corridor was covered with blood. We cancelled. Roughly 2 years later there was the royal family blood bath. Celia looking at the photos said, ‘Exactly how I saw it.’ But 2 years late.

Obviously not all intuitions are about the physical. In a dream a powerful witch saw herself die, convinced she went into a shell of depression. Yes she could die. But by transforming the nature of her path, what could have been a physical death instead became her coping with another drowning, of her in emotion, of her drowning in a dream world of unfettered intuition.

“Why” we asked “was the storm sent?”
“It’s natural, a reminder of life’s power. It galvanises life” was the answer by Celia’s Spirit Guide who embellished the storm’s fury.
“Why” we asked ‘were we warned?’
“Knowledge is there for all. It is an open universe. It depends on whether you are listening.” Says Lord Zol.

  Tarun & Celia Cherian