Is The Astral World Real? Yes! Yes! Yes!


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“This experience happened 15 years ago, I was walking in a park,” says Swati V, “when the colours began to intensify, the browns became browner, the greens greener, the reds, redder. It was magical, the colours were like stained glass hit by light. They began to move, spill out of the boundaries. The air began dancing with rainbowed hues. I could feel it. The sensations of a leaf 20 feet away. A branch swept by a breeze. A root somewhere digging deep. Water dripping somewhere else. A squirrel’s foot gripping bark. I became the million minds of trees. The aliveness of everything. As I moved. I felt the trees moved, swayed with me. I with them. They with me.”

“It’s been 20 years and the magic of that one morning haunts me, fills me, dances in me. But sometimes I wonder was it real. I’ve told few about it? In my corporate job few would understand. I’ve not even told my brother about it.”

We laugh. “Talk to your brother” we say. For he has had the most amazing astral travel experiences.

“Ok? Is it real? Well, the astral touch has left a distinct mark on your aura.” We tell Swati V. 

“But if you would like to see if it is real, let’s try an experiment.”

I send a tendril of astral energy and ask Swati, “Where do you feel it?”
“My face, my arms”. Swati answers.
Precisely. Celia had also seen it touch her face.

“Wonderful. Let’s try it again.” We say.

This time I send the energy touching the nape of her neck, spine, down her arms.
“Down my arms”, She answers.
“Bingo” We tell her.

“Let’s do this again.” We tell her.

This time I push it. I allow my consciousness to suffuse the atomic fabric consciousness of the red kurtah she was wearing.

“I feel it like a hug” She says.

“Marvelous. You felt the astral energy thrice” we tell her.
“You felt it yourself. Faint. Subtle. Barely there. But you felt it”
“Yes”. Says Swati.

"So you know it is real."

"One day I’d like to go back to that experience." Says Swati.

“Ah well” we say. “It is in you. But don’t try to catch an old experience. Use it to go forward. Use it to recolour your life.”

Now many of you have gone through sessions like this. Socratean sessions. Where the invisible is visibilised. When the conscious & subconscious hold hands. Where for an hour the physical and spiritual share the same bench. Some we may have forgotten. Though it will be in our notes. Please refresh our memories. And yours.

It has been 15 years, but the experience lives in Swati. Hibernating and now waking. For she is now beginning to accept it is real.

For years Swati kept quiet. How could the world accept it? Her corporate world? What would her folks say? It is one thing to worship Lord Ganesha or Karthikya, but another to have your daughter babble about talking trees.

But what if the world is not grey? What if trees do speak? What if the world can hear our footsteps? What if we can touch without touching? What if we are all bound together? What if love is not a lie and money not a truth? What if leaf whispers in our hearts and man laughs in leaf?

--Swati V, with Celia & Tarun Cherian. Incidentally Swati is Sr Corporate Manager at a multi nat.



The Master's Experience: Says Tarun: "The first time I brushed the astral world was in the early 1970's. It was the lower astral, associated with ghosts. It often looks grey and silvery. It felt as if the trees whispered, figures stepped out of trees. And sometimes even though the trees were still, beneath silvery branches moved...

"But the first time I was plunged into a higher Astral World like Swati.s was in the mid 1980's. I was catapulted into a world of living greeness. Everything was magical, alive, it is hyperreal. Clearly our world is a poor cousin. Or rather our world is the astral world wearing burlap, covered in ash."

The astral world is a fairytale world, because everything is so vivid, so pure... But its purity is not the purity of the saint, but the purity of the aesthete, the purity of the sensualist, the purity of the child. And like a fairytale worlds of our childhood it is occupied by creatures that have often called fairies, pixies... But they are not the idolised forms from fairytales... they are hyperreal beings who walking past a tree would hear sap trickling, would hear the gear shifts of dreamers... The astral has often been called a world of desires, dreams, imaginations... true, but it's the reverse... The astral is a world into which our dreams sometimes go to, our imaginations are inspired with, our minds lifted with, our lives renewed with...

The astral has been called a reflected world. And in some sense it is... For in the astral our desires, imaginations, alter egoes, alternate histories peek out that the officious mind does not permit.

Interestingly, we all know the astral. Most of us know the astral, in a dream, in deja vu, in an impossible yearning... And so we think the astral is just imagination, just wishful thinking...

We do not realise it is the reverse. The famed chakras are principally astral structures, that ensure life rhythms and, life-desire-behaviour-sensing harmonises. Yes the heart of life is astral.

Many ideas that come to our world are picked in dream or daydreaming from the astral. Most musicians, most lovers... are more astral than physical...

Because dreams happen in our heads... we think the astralis unreal... Interestingly when Swati came to us she said that she had not shared the experience with anyone as her family can't understand... We laughed... and told her, her much-loved brother is a brilliant astral traveller, of course we couldn't share his experiences, but...

The simple truth is we are not physical beings in a physical world. But Miraculous Beings in Miraculous Places. We look through blinkers. We do not have to. Like Swati we do not have to. Like Swati we can begin the process of planting new trees in the gardens of the world and soul. The Astral World is Real. Its gate swings open… How about Today?  

Note: The person in the image is not Swati.