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Jan 1st: This is not
The First Day of the Year.


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Many will go around wishing each other happy new year. But today does not mark the birth of a new year. That honour lies a few months from now. It lies at the time when India and the world has traditionally celebrated the new year, in Feb, March, April, May, when spring announces itself.

If someone went around in the middle of the night, at 12 am {or should it be 12 pm}, and wished you Good Morning would you wish Good Morning or give them a clonk on the head, for either you are fast asleep, or are blearily, half-drunk about to go to bed.

When we wish others happy New Year we are being as ridiculous as a man wishing you good morning at midnight. For this is what it is in the world’s Western hemisphere, the middle of the night.

The Western Shift: Even in the west, January was not celebrated as New Year. It was dictated by kings. The Roman King Pompilus dethroned March, and placed January as the start. Janus after whom January is named is 2 faced, one face looking back, one looking forward. Julius Caesar, pushed it further. But with the fall of the Roman Empire, the world returned to March broadly being celebrated as the beginning of the New Year. Then a Pope, Gregorius decided to revise the calendar, and we had the Gregorian calendar with January at the start time.

Now obviously, each of these calendar revisions had a purpose, the fact is we do not have 365 days in a year, but a trifle more, so a static calendar after awhile was not in synch with the seasons. Sure, they could have done that, but why change the ‘start’ of the year? Well, that is clearly an act of power, arrogance, hubris. To clearly state this is the advent of the influence of Julius, of Gregorius.

Why Does a Return to March Matter? Okay, so what is the big deal if January is celebrated as the birth of the new year, and not Feb/March/April? Go back to the example of the man at the middle of the night wishing someone good morning… Because it is not morning, it is not dawn.

Our bodies are deeply attuned to the seasons, by proclaiming Spring is here, when actually it is mid-winter, the darkest bleakest time, we are not helping ourselves. We are placing ourselves out of synch with the world and life.

Now we can for a few months wake up at 12 at night and begin work, but the long run toll is considerable. The human body and psyche is designed to be in synchrony with the seasons of the day, night, and even… human breath…

This is not to say we should not have December end celebrations. We should. But it will not be celebrating new year, but surviving winter’s worst and planning for spring.

Each of the major turning points of the solar year, the solsitices and equinoxes, {and also rains}, are times when life on earth shifts, times when our body rhythms at a very deep level shift. For example did you know our metabolic rate shows a marked difference?

Not unnaturally, these major points need to be marked and used. In fact, the prana levels and flows show distinct heights, tides and ebbs at different seasons.

So it is not that Christmas/New Year is not to be celebrated. But what will we be celebrating?

When the Vikings brought boughs of holly into their homes in December, and ancient Egyptians brought in palm leaves they were strengthening The Sun God {Balder/Ra-Osiris} at their weakest.

When The Romans Celebrated Saturnalia, they were in their desperate revelry, upturning all social custom, they were throwing out the rules, and restoring it, rebelling against Saturn’s rule for a week and then returning to it. Throwing out restrictions, and strengthening rules… {Do read more about it, how they would install a ruler or misrule for a week, and during those 7 days, no crime could be punished.}

What does each season bring? And how celebrate it?

And as we reflect on this we begin to realize this question begins to ask how we can create a new dance of man with life.

If today we were not to celebrate New Year on Jan 1st, but an unrule-rerule festival. Or escape from Death’s dungeons festival. Or mid-winter feast. And we were to truly put Feb-March-April as the new start what would happen? Immediately, nothing, but in decades we would be calmer. Our economic cycles more ordered.

Extended Exploration: Now you would like to go into calendars and spirits yourself. And that is significant. For doing so makes us think about time. What is time? The Chinese have 60 year circles. The Mayans have the concept of an Alautun, spanning 63 million years. India has propounded great rhythms of time, rhythms so profound that at the end of which even the primal trinity of Gods, are decimated/ transformed.

But we have an even deeper question: What is time? Today we give you a quick answer. At the very centre of Creator’s Child is The Cosmic Now/ Cosmic Core revelation, one revealed to Tarun in 1988. Where he saw that we are all citizens of a cosmic oneness/newness from which all creation emerges. To spell it out: In The Creator’s Child worldview there are many levels of time. Clock time, atomic time, cellular time, astral-dream-time, causal loops, after a point when you stand above time, there is multi-time, convention time, trans-universal synchrony… Cosmic Rhythms,  capped by what we call Resonant Silence…

Some of our more advanced students have experienced deeper levels of this ‘time spectrum’… But we leave that for a deeper article when we introduce you to deeper articles on time… one of them certainly has to be, Bela’s recent vision/yantra of time…

Today is not the first day of 2021. It is a deep breath taken mid-winter. It is a body moment when chakras shift activity. It is the mind’s moment of resolve. It is a time when the spirit seizes the true wheel of life.

-- Tarun & Celia Cherian


Also Read: Looking forward to 2021 by Masters Tarun & Celia Cherian & Seekers Diana, Tanya, Rakesh & Vasundhara, published: Dec 2020.

Now on what's app and FB we shared with you an elaborate article on 'Looking Forward to 2021. With a range of predictions. So is there a contradiction. Yes and No.

Time-space-matter are a dance of consciousness energy. Which means there is a build-up of energy intention which may possibly lead to event A. But that same build-up can result in 6 different outcomes. The reason we shared with you that article is not to wish those events on mankind. But to give man a heads-up so we can think, use, or change the trends that are emergent.