Jesus Take The Wheel By Nithya*


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Nithya, a Christian spiritualist, and urbanite, had got married to a Nair from Kerala. {Yes, of an ancient and famous tharavad that had connections to royal families, and boasted of many illustrious ICS officers of the Nehru era}. When her husband passed away, running of the vast rubber estate fell on her shoulders. With the husband’s demise, the atmosphere changed in patriarchal Kerala, and the neighbouring landholders thought the widow was easy pickings. A neighbour who was a sandalwood smuggler began to attempt to eat away parcels of land. Attempts to kill her, set her estate on fire was initiated as well as dark plays with black magic. Driving the car out of her estate was a harrowing process as stones would crash onto her car.

The process of registering police cases, dealing with witness intimidation, taking the witness stand were all complicated by age old battles that were underlying for centuries (the family had owned the land for 100 years but land fights had been going on for centuries) complicated the process. Most would have run away selling the land at a tenth the price, but Nithya held her own… with the help of family, friends, Devadhara Healing, and…

“One time, when I was very frightened and started doing Reiki, with a lighted candle in my lap... I was sitting with my back against a solid wall. ….after awhile, in the darkness I saw a purple phosphorent mist appear in front of me. From behind me, through the solid wall, golden yellow comets swished past my shoulder and dived into the mist. It brought instantaneous courage, confidence and healing… When I checked with Tarun and Celia, who stood by me through the long years, “Tarun said that a Great Being had come in response to my desperate cry and was throwing energy balls into my aura …” – Nithya

“There was one day when it was just too much… When the whole unfairness of things came crashing down on me… I was scared for my kids, raging because I knew who had set fire to my estate but the evidence was slender… labour was acting up, 6 coconut trees had got blight. Rage and worry twisted my gut. I cried out to Jesus the whole night, hour after dark hour, I felt just like Jesus had: alone, isolated being crucified, and then glorious help came. I could see him, shining in brilliant light. Jesus came, with great tenderness ...he put a protective shield around me. It made an incredible difference. My worry fled like shades before the rising sun, I had been on the brink of giving up, and I stood tall…” – Nithya 

“ Interestingly there was a time when the whole battle of attrition seemed as if it would go on ever and ever, and Tarun said in 3 months you will see a light at the end of the tunnel. Just months later my tormentor died. Liver complications I believe…” – Nithya

“There is a magnificent modern hymn called ‘Jesus take The Wheel’. And it really says that when you have done your damndest and there is nothing but a sure crash ahead, pray with every inch of your being, and help will arrive… With me help did arrive. Not simplistic miracles, but real ones, the kind the quietened my gut, strengthened my spine, warmed my heart… and even more… when all else was exhausted it stepped out and struck down my tormentor. So if you are floundering…remember… stop and ask God to take the wheel of your life in his sure hands. It works.”

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