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'Think of a giant dolphin diving into Bangalore's nightscape...' Whoah, let's back up, and let's spell out the setting... It is late, late night, or the wee hours of the morning depending on whether you are going to sleep after the 3rd movie, the 12th rum, or you are lifting your bones off an unwilling bed, because the rooster is a fool and thinks the street-light is a mini sun and needs to wake to glory. It is a lovely hour, clear night sky above, December chill, and even though the urban landscape is urban sprawl, there is a hushed beauty to it all. And that's when you see it, or them...

Think of a dolphin diving... only the dolphin is white like a cloud. Or the scarf of a ballerina... that kept dancing after the ballerina put up her feet... It starts with one... And then when your eyes take it in... you see the whole panoply... Green, blue, purple, pink, white, blue....

Now as I write this, I find many peer over my shoulder, they are reading the fragrance of what I am writing and correcting me... saying they are largely blue-white, but are joined by colourists...

Who are they? The protocol we have taught our advanced students when encountering any strange phenomena is to confront, challenge, protect, and... so I asked Who are you? A silly question really, because if you are to ask a cloud who are you, what would it answer? What could it answer to a human? Are you angels, shaktis? is what I meant. After rummaging through my head to figure out, what I mean by angels, they offer us this classification, they are all shaktis, or energy weavers, very few are spirits or dead creatures in another higher role, most are what we humans would call cherubs or dybbuks, some are seraphim, only one is a truly senior angel and he sits high above doing precious little of the actual bustling and dusting... He is 'manager saab'...

What are they doing? Put simply Renewing. Renewing what? The Earth. Mostly alignments of earth, soil, trees, but many are dealing with us humans, helping tissue regenearate... Look closer and the first thing they do is try and limit the darkest energies, then sweeping across they vitalise... and lastly plant meaning and hope...

A Sign of Great Joy. To many humans or bhogus-chaks as we are called by the spirit world, this has been a particularly hard year, what with governmental overreaction to a virus economies have shrunk, then there were fires in America, floods in China, cyclones in India, war in Armenia... an insane US elections... Among those reading this it has been particularly hairy for as many as 30 among us has lost loved ones this year... pa, ma, bro, sis... and so yes, it has been frustrating, worrying, difficult... or plain awful... And so this sight of a horde 'Angels' bustling around and basically spring cleaning is a welcome sign...

In fact, in a world where so many of us stretch every sinew trying to make ends meet, when it seems that dog-eat dog is the order of the day, when life seems hard, cruel, worse than a joke, it is a reminder that we are not alone, not abandoned. It tells us that incredible forces are at play to create and sustain this world.

Now naturally you will ask, is this horde of 'angels' unique to this year? No. Roughly, 3-5 times a year, at specific seasons there are great sweeps of 'angelic beings' that give the earth healing. This particular one started in November end and will continue till 6th Jan.

Incidentally, one of our first students to spot such earth cleaning was Tanya in the early 2000's. Then they appeared like constellations of stars. Can anyone tell which Tickle we covered it in? Then we examined it with less vigour...

Great Active Forces. Remember how we spoke of how they looked over my shoulder, and smelt what I wrote? Well, normally titanic forces, or intelligences rarely bother with humans. But it's easy to forget that they are not indifferent to us. The reverse, they are actively interested in the flow of LIFE. Just not with what we think is significant. For example the courage of a she otter, the laughter of a diving hawk, a breeze feeling the curve of a hill, the scream of a river polluted, the stretch of space, the pull to another star system, the song of the sun touching the earth, the dewdrop shivering on a cold morning... If we are truly interested in LIFE... then they turn to us.

As we talked to them, we wondered how we could use their presence more strongly to enrich our lives and world. And they gave is several pointers... In particular they said, that sometime next year, give a great psychic boost... and will later tell us when... Now before we move forward to gifts and warnings, there are a few doubts you no doubt have...

Doubt: Dec Angels and Sahaya Shakti are they connected? If you throw your mind back you will remember in July August we spoke of a massive renewing earth shakti, we call the sahaya shakti so are these related? Definitely these are connected to the Sahaya Shakti and as that ancient pattern joins in there will be an enormous increase to the power behind earth renewal.

Doubt: Bubbles of Joy and Dec Angels are they connected? Now many of you have picked up your Gift a Free Copy of Bubbles of Joy... and so will naturally ask, if December Joy Weavers and the Bubbles of Joy are connected. No, Yes.

No, as the Bubbles of Joy are principally emotional entities, throughout the year. Yes, as they are of the same substance. {Incidentally if you haven't picked up your copy you can do so... @ For outside India {The free offer is no longer on... but... it is still a nominal price}

Bubbles of Joy a spiritual Vision

The December Angels: Gifts &Pointers:

So how can we enrich our lives, or gather more of the life renewal? We ask them and our guides and they essentially list out a few things,that will enrich our lives.

A} Let go of old hate. It's easier to do this on the 27th December. You can do this by holding hatred and blessing it, or clearing it if you are an advanced student.
B} Face North East and pray often this year {Dec 20-October 21}.
C} Ask your bones to receive strength, life joy {For Dec 20 and Jan Feb}. It can really happen.
D} Prepare for the earth challenges 2 decades hence.
E} Remember to rejoice more often.

The Dec Angel's Warning. The December Angels also give a warning, a titanic challenge appears from the water. Sea? Tsunami or Algae? When? This coming year? March? {Or the next 3 years? Getting times out of a shakti is near impossible}.


Santa Unclosetted? Anyway this December, we were thinking about, Santa Claus, and wondering on the reality of Santa, etc.' It being December time, with carols filling the air... Besides we were designing stuff for T's coasters, bags, etc., to basically find more ways of sharing The Creator's Child Message to the world.

{PS: if you haven't finished xmas gifting do check out... }

Mrs Santa says love

Now it was probably because we were pondering about Mr & Mrs Santa that we were more aware of the swirls in the sky... Incidentally the who what why, of Santa deserves a seperate article. which will arrive eventually...

Now across the world, children are singing of how Santa Claus is coming to town, adults join in 'Joy to The World'... and some of us may feel absolutely idiotic singing such trite songs... Well, don't be... Santa may not have a sleigh, Santa may not be a he, but there are great hosts of aliveness, right now swirling across our world... and if we look beyond our troubles, look out, look up... we will see something greater and deeper than a fat man in red on skyskates, or a being wearing improbable wings... We will see Life... dancing, rejoicing, renewing, celebarating... And by God, that's wow!

Love & God, Celia & Tarun



The Gifts of The Socialist Earth Goddess! by Kuldeepak N, Pub 2019

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New The EarthQuake Beast Pub: October 2020.

New Was it an Angel? by Ankita P Pub:Oct 2020.

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