Kanak Wrestles With The Galaxy of Flame


Painting by Divya, all rights reserved by her.

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Kanak has been talking about oneness, duality and non-duality… about how to apply it… and I interrupt him…
I ask him ‘What did you actually experience?’
“I sensed the same flame that burns in me, burns in everyone.” Replies Kanak.
“Every human? Or in every Animal, and  Tree too?
“In another experience I sensed the same life force in tree.” Kanak Replies.
“And so by extension every hill, river, cloud…” I argue.
“But what about Ghosts?” I push.
“But have you not met your father as a spirit?”
“So what you know” I argue “Is that the same flame that is in you… blazes in each presence, be it man, animal, tree, hill…and also beings with or without bodies.”

“So when you are with others how do you sense this?” I pursue.
“It’s a little like a host of candles floating on a river… or a galaxy of stars. There’s a deep sense that it’s the same flame but individual.” Kanak ponders.
“So, you are no longer talking of Oneness, but a galacticness. So you will not talk of Oneness but… how would you like to define it?”

See For Yourself: After considering many options from The Circus of Fire… We hone in on the evocative Galaxy of Flame. Now if you consider it, The Galaxy of Flame is similar to The Ancients term The Web of Life, The Primordial Great Tree, The Flock Idea, The Totem Poles of The Tribal World, The Orchestral Ideas of The 18th Century, The Matrix of The Modern World, Or The Holographic Universe concepts…

Now one of the key things we practise at Creator’s Child is we operate from experiences that we know, concepts we flesh out rather than clothes borrowed either from the ancient world or pop scientist’s lab. We are mystic scientists. By seeing for himself, by wrestling with the truth himself Kanak is no longer parroting ancient scripture. But doing what the ancients actually did, see for themselves, and define it with utter clarity. The Framework that emerges from The Galaxy of Flame Paradigm will certainly be distinctive from The Oneness Ideas. So when Kanak practises The Galaxy of Flame Method it will be alive, its directions fresh.

There is a very powerful Zen Stricture which says “If you meet Buddha on The Path to Buddhahood, Kill Him!” Now we see why.

Once Kanak had named The Galaxy of Flame concept, it was time to help him understand the concept deeper.

We took Kanak out of his body, and into his essential self. Into the essential flame of the spirit. Then we helped him enter the consciousness of friends, and other beings. We helped him sense the similarity and differences in the flame, the shades of commonalty. He had to understand the concept by looking at it from a thousand viewpoints…

Now the base of Kanak’s Galaxy of Flame experience was set years ago where similar Socratean sessions helped him see himself with and without the ego. Where he experienced his soul self, or the doer.  

As the concept was explored inwardly from innumerable angles now comes the hard part… Kanak has been given the exercise of formulating the philosophy. How is Kanak The Galaxy of Flame different from Kanak The Island? How will he act, think, do live? How is a standalone PCdifferent from one part of the web?

Now as Kanak understands, uses and grows with the freedoms of The Galaxy of Flame Concept, Kanak’s life will change, but so will ours… for if ‘We are not islands in ourselves…’ but galaxies…then if one light is turned on the whole chain buzzes with excitement.  

One day Kanak will find the inward surety and strength to let The Light of The Galaxy of Flame blaze on Earth. The World will become closer, denser, stranger and packed with mystery…

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