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There was a time in the early 1990's, when Celia, a group of friends {including Suresh Manian famous for his Tamil lines for Quick Gun Murugan} and I, had gone to a hill station near Bombay. In the inky night, not violated by street lights, we had set out to see local sights. We tried to find a lake for a midnight picnic, after half an hour we turned back. We then decided to locate a waterfall, after what seemed like hours we turned back. Then someone suggested a hill. But the hill road twisted ominously. And we turned back. Remember we were without GPS. And some minor dacoities had happened in that area, so yes we turned back thrice.

The next day we headed out, at each place we discovered we had turned back just 50 feet away from our destination. We had been just minutes from our mountain, but had turned tail. If we had kept on going for just 5 minutes more, we would have reached. But we didn't. We stopped short. This lesson has stayed with us; if you are looking for a peak, a lake, a waterfall in inky dark, which is what most of us are doing in life, you need to hang on, keep the faith.

The simple truth is that many of you have glimpsed the ultimate prize.
Yes, you have seen it. You have felt it. You have known it.
Yes, you have felt the greater energy. The vaster intelligence. The deep love, we humans call God.
You have known in dreams what you cannot know.
Been given warnings with voiceless voices.

Yes you have seen that you are more.
You have seen that emotions touch without hands.
You have seen the world is knit with unseen bonds.
You have known time, space and matter give a little to your scrutiny.
You have felt that you rise from something vaster.
Yes each of you for whom we have read Auras, Healed, Awakened Spiritually have known incontrovertibly that there is more… to you… 

But when that knowing is questioned by life. By illness, by money power, by pseudo scientists, by AK-47 wielding maniacs, by nuke bearing nations. It seems to vanish . God seems to be a wispy pretender. And will flee back to the world of legend. Unless...

Keeping The Faith Example 1. No To Surgery: We started our healing journey because Celia had an incurable condition, it reversed itself not in an instant but after 3 long years, during which a hundred voices urged her to rely on endless surgery.

Keeping The Faith Example 2. Old Style Gods. Pain. Faith: Awhile ago we were dealing with an absolutely lovely human being. To say life was up shit creek is to sugar coat it. She was on the verge of divorce, her business was negative, a partner had stolen from her, the possibility of her being arrested high. The labour department was gunning for her. In addition her marriage was on the rocks. The loan she had taken from her parents, half their savings, had got eaten away with business losses.

>> During a healing we gave her, she was catapulted into a deep place, an ancient temple. In it were Old Style Gods, Carved from granite but vibrating with ferocious force.

>> She came out weeping. Leveraging this inner certainty that a greater force backs us all, she turned her life around. It was hard. She came clean with her dad. Got her husband on her side. The fact she got pregnant a week later was a bonus. She negotiated with the banks. Cleared the debts. It took a few years but she did it. She saw the Cosmic. Got the Courage to Bite The Bullet. And kept The Faith.

Keeping The Faith Example 3. Just Months from Total Disaster: We were recently dealing with a powerful seeker whose life was coming apart. Alone in USA, with 3 children, undergoing a bitter divorce, she loses her job, mounting bills run into crores… We were told she would get a good job after 2 months, but would really have to hunt. As the days passed without a job, and innumerable rejections, she wondered if she would lose her children too carted off by social services. But everytime we asked, her Goddess reassured us… all would turn out well… But she had to keep faith. And with support from family, a little help from us, and a lot of energy from the cosmos finally the 7th interview is positive… She landed a job which she is not completely qualified for, but the interviewer said “we like your spirit.”

Keeping The Faith Example 4. The Cat That Didn't Forget: We were searching for a lost cat, we got it was alive, though not in great condition. Another psychic, a student of ours,whom the cat owners had consulted said it was imprisoned and had passed away. ‘No’, we added to our students seeing. She had seen bars accurately, but the bars were of a gate, and while the cat was starving it would return in weeks. Days passed and it seemed unlikely, foolish to believe the cat would return… the cat came back in. Starving, skin & bone, but alive. We got the message “Lucky has returned”. The message, made everything glow with brightness. For with The Cat so much more had returned. The Promise that God Cares had returned. When we asked the cat what had happened it said "Someone had said Life is nicey in the outside, it was nice for 5 minutes, and two days, I had big fight, caught a mousey. but then baddies throwed stones, a doggy tried to bite the poor pussycat don't know why. No nice milky. I kept thinking mama. Good khana. A voice said come home. Where home? All wrong smells. The voice said "Don't forget Mama." Each day I look for Mama. Don't know where Mama. But I said Mama loves her Pussycat. One day I was 'ran-ning' when I found the smell. I came 'homed'. It was good. I am all the time following Mama so she can't runned away from the pretty miaow."

Good things happen to all of us... But good things last only when we believe in the scent of goodness after the flower wrinkles up... Yes, glimpses of greater reality may come to many, like a bee may come to many flowers. But the flower that fruits is one that lets the pollen enter deep. And so it is with the divine. It smiles at all, but offers the astounding only to those who enter the gate. But what should I do to enter your home? You may ask of that which we glibly call God…

“And the cosmic answers:
Hold on to the truth when you no longer see it.
Keep the faith when illness comes and death knocks.
Listen to sceptics, and critics, yet hold on to your clarities.
Do that and the keys to the kingdom are yours, says The Cosmic.
Like Shalini I may cause your cancer to vanish,
Like Pramod I may give you 40 extra years, though stained with pain,
Like Anandhi I may give you the joy again,
Like Seema I may give you the grace to float above death,
Like Buffy I may place you by my side.

“Energy, the supreme intelligence, The Great Gestalt,  God, call it what you may is present... even when we don't see it. Like a torch beside us it is there. But only someone who believes will in the great darknesses of life reach for it and switch it on. A strong staff can help on the hardest road, but it will help only if we reach for it, grip it with trembling fingers that refuse to tremble. God is like wind on the ocean. But only when we believe will we unfurl the wings of our lives.

“So no faith, no God?” You sneer. “God will care for me only if I pay him homage?”

Well actually ‘No’.

Many say God, God, God. But have never met the divine. They have never opened their spirits, minds, bodies to feel God. To Know God.

The Man in a Bar may know Joy better than the kneeler in the church hating those who sit in bars.

The Pragmatist who invests all his money in a project shows more faith than a pious spiritualist hiding behind a mantra. And his faith therefore commands the world. {But in the long, long run, The Pragmatist  may only receive the dirt of the world shaped as Gold. While The Timid Pious Man may get more stardust.}

The woman with a thousand lovers may know God’s Life better than the scaredy cat who was afraid to kiss. And yet the Nun who became a Nun because she was scared may channel a passion so fierce the angels descend.

The Fool who knows God is wiser than The Clever Nobel Prize Winners. But God loves both. The Village idiot who says God speaks to me {and sometimes does} and an Einstein who touched the contours of God’s butt {He did}.

There is an escape hatch for those who don’t believe in God…
God says "I exist, am existence, because I believed in I. So if you believe in I, not just the one with two legs and an overgrown skull,  then you believe in God."
God says "if you seek the secrets of existence, with an open heart how can the heart of existence not reveal itself to you?
If you love Life with fierceness how will Life not turn its true face to you?"

Whoever seeks the ultimate will find the ultimate reach back.
Whoever embraces all, will by the all be hugged.
Whoever believes, be it in Hitler, Or Stalin, Or Roosevelt, Or Oprah, Or Swami this, Priest that will by his belief be magnified. But whoever believes in a Hitler will place a Hitler above him, but that Hitler will fall.  
Whoever loves God, but turns his face from creation will by creation be chewed alive. Whoever loves creation but forgets the creator eats the banana skin and throws out the banana.   

The supreme one believes in us even when we don't believe...  But this is not always a mama hug, for its great gifts are sometimes hidden behind  stumbling rocks... And if a little stumble doesn’t push us to open the doors of our minds, it may wield a crowbar.

God's darshan is a great joy...  
But heaven stays with those who keep the faith...  

Love & God 
Tarun & Celia Cherian