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Keeping God Real:
The Banana Challenge.

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Bana Challenge 1

Which side of The Banana has a bigger aura? Was a question we posed Savitha M, a spiritual seeker on an intensive one-2-one pathway. She nailed it brilliantly. Though it was the first time she sensing auras! {Ps take the challenge for yourself, the answer is at the bottom of the article. Though do note, this is a photo, Tarun has eaten the Banana, so your answer may reflect the state of Tarun's stomach!}

Now, why should one care which side of the banana’s aura is larger? Because one can use aura sensing to help buy fruit. Because aura sensing is used to help diagnose illness. Separate sickness from health. But most significantly, checking and cross-checking helps ensure we are not going from darkness into quicksand but from darkness into the light.

Foolish Spiritualists Versus Blind Rationalists.
The sad truth is that far too many religious people swallow all that the scriptures tell us. And far too many rationalists do the reverse, throw out everything the ancients say, only to have to eat crow.

When Lord Jesus said he existed 2000 years before he was born {Before Abraham I was}, or when the haddiths speak of Prophet Mohammed travelling 100’s of miles instantly, or when Mahavataar Babaji is still walk the earth, very much alive after 1000’s of years, was it bombastic fiction by misguided followers?

We spiritualists are often on the far edge of crazy. Decades ago we spoke of time and space being non-linear. We have maintained matter is a dance of light. All of which lead to clearly insane possibilities. One of the many ways to separate wishful thinking from reality is cross-checking.

Now we cannot always be sure that Moses parted the red sea. But if a chant causes water in a bucket to swirl, then we cannot rule out that possibility.

We cannot say Lord Jesus lived 2000 years before his birth or will return 3 decades hence. But since we have sensed 100’s of reincarnational cases, since we have in the last 45 years of spiritual exploring encountered a case of a personage alive for 10,000 years, we can certainly say that is certainly well within the bounds of possibility.

We cannot say whether the Haddith was factual, when it speaks of Prophet Mohammed travelling 100’s of miles instantly, but since Celia, Buffy and Tarun have been in two places {albeit 20 feet away, that’s certainly worthy of serious consideration}.

And no we have not personally encountered Maha Avtaar Babaji… but we have witnessed death giving patients 10-20 extra years of grace time.

Theory Versus Reality.
Also sometimes when we look again, then standard truths may come undone. For example, the right hand side of the banana is clearly more bruised. So by logic that side’s aura should be weaker. Not true.

So while both Savitha and Tarun got the same answer, it seemed wrong. Celia took a look and instantly affirmed what we had seen. The right side was bigger, more bruised, but riper and sweeter. As we looked at it closer, and tasted the evidence, we realized that actually, the left side was unripe. The choice really was between the centre and the right. We had to look at not one but 6 etheric body levels. Looking and relooking at the truth, can be confusing but always empowering.

Bana Challenge 2

Cross-Checking and Conviction.
However cross-checking can be a way to avoid the truth, rather than uncover it, to stay perpetually in doubt.

In the latter part of the session we spoke about, Savitha connected deeply to a great Lord of Creation. But as she spoke of the experience, she was disoriented, reeling, drunk on energy… Where had she gone? Could it be real?  At one point she described it as trance and vision… Then we interjected, ‘No, it was not a glorious figment of her imagination… It was a real encounter with a real Lord of Creation… And she had passed 6 crosschecks. It was not a vision, an insight, an 'experience', it was an encounter with reality.”

It will take days, weeks, months, for Savitha to say to herself “I have met a Lord of Creation”. Will it take a month, or years or decades for that realization to turn into certainty?  And how much longer for the certainty to become a strong staff so life and death will listen?  

Most of us here know we are vaster than physical senses reveal… Most of us have glimpsed we are immortal beings. Hell, not just glimpsed, but provably know… Glimpse, realization, conviction, faith, action, life, triumph…

The Equalising Growth Process.
At Creator’s Child we have a core statement. 'Know God. Use God. Be God.' It is the banisters to the cosmic.

But make no mistake, each is a mighty step. Those who know, don’t always do. Those who do, don’t always live their truths. Those who live the truth are not always the clearest seers. And it is this that makes the spiritual process so challenging.

A few decades ago, a spiritual teacher, who had lakhs of devotees, incredible psychic powers {a few real} happened to die. We had steered clear of him, as his influence had an odd flavour. But still he was a titanic figure. For some reason at his death, we were given a ring-side view of his death process. He struggled, but pulled through. Tarun had smirked thinking, oh such a bigshot and look at him floundering. Watching us watch him, he looked at us and said, “It is much harder than you think. You will know, when you die”. That was a sobering correction. Yes, Tarun’s smirk deserved to be slapped down.

We have held the hands of hundreds, thousands through death. But guiding someone is one thing, actually being confronted by Death’s impossible questions is another thing.

We are all souls on earth. All confronted by difficult questions, by life and death. Yes, each and everyone of us is a light. An extension of the cosmic. First we need to glimpse it. Then believe it. Then live it. Then carry that light with humility.

The Humble Banana is a worthy teacher…



By Savitha, The Banana, Celia & Tarun Cherian