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Kundalini Rising


By Cosmic Explorers, Tarun & Celia Cherian


Kundalini Awakening


“I felt a rush of energy blazing up my spine catapulting me out beyond… I had the moon and sun for anklets. I danced in the music they were creating and swimming in the pool of energy. I saw myself exploding into a thousand birds and flying away. It was an overwhelming experience...”— A Kundalini Awakening Experience by Tanya, a marketing consultant.

Tanya's brush with The Kundalini is extraordinary and revelatory. For it shows us The Kundalini's true possibilities and real majesty. When it truly comes alive, when truly claimed, one is a being to whom the Sun and Moon as anklets... But it goes one step higher. For as the experience reached its peak she exploded into a thousand birds, filling the cosmos...

What is particularly remarkable is that this was her opening debut with meditation, 15 years ago, we were taking her in and she soared. As you read this, something in you says "Me too". I too would like to come alive, I too would like to know the galactic as a part of me, I too would like to go beyond the I. Yes, I too would like to fill the circle of the Cosmos with the beating wings of my joy.

But before you rush ahead there are 3 things to keep in mind. First is the Kundalini Awakening always so dramatic, so ecstatic? For many it takes weeks, months, years, decades before the inner world uncloaks its being. While for some the awakening is like a volcano exploding, for some the awakening is subtle, like a breath being blown teasing the spine. And for a few it can be terrifying.

Second, one may consider the shakti to awakening to be a re-electrification of you and the cosmic. Huge upheavals will occur at a level of behaviour, desire, relationships, work, mind, family, religion...

Third, the process may take years, even decades. Also while Tanya saw that she was a Cosmic being, 15 years after that experience, after 00’s of intense awakening sessions, she is beginning to own some of the magnificent possibilities. She can astral travel but cannot bring a moon rock back. She can feel the shifts in weather, and social atmospheres, but cannot as of today whip up a storm. Her life is work in progress, but at the time of death, she will be escorted in to the soul’s chambers.


Kiss Rejoicing

The Kundalini's Many Gifts. From Joyous to Cosmic! Electric, or gentle, the Kundalini awakening brings with it many gifts.

The most common, is ecstasy, seekers often speak of streams of bliss coursing within.

One seeker talks about being a sexual healer. “Some of those who've come to me have never known an orgasm their entire lives, never felt their world shudder. When I heal them I feel as if I am shifting a boulder that is blocking their life force..."

Others talk of deeper intuition. Seeing the cellular from within. “A friend spoke to me about being on LSD, about the colours... I told him that when the Kundalini awoke in my being it seemed to touch the back of my head and something opened up... There are days when I look, really look and things inside people are extraordinarily vivid, as if painted by a child with neon crayons. It's as if I can see the life inside organs and inside cells, inside people is a metropolis and sometimes I can travel within."


Some speak of siddhas; amazing physical powers. Deep seeker, Nishigandha, could actually alter the temperature of a fire, albeit at a terrible physical price. Seeker Vasundhara for a week realised flame danced when she gave it attention, when it became too troubling to her psyche we had to dull it down.

But is it power over nature or with nature?. Says a deep seeker, 'I drifted into a trance, following flute music mingling with forest sounds... I was pulled in to the embrace of the green. Became part of it all... I was in the earth breathing through leaf... I realised I could look... and I could enrich... I could make the soil breathe better... get worms to turn more active... People talk of climate change as if it were a mechanical thing... not as if it is a conversation between earth forces and life... The Kundalini lets me delve into the conversation and enrich it... .

Some speak of being able to sense terrible forces in the psyche, so godawful the words vampires, demons come close. Says a seeker: "People will talk about colour and joy. I have found it is like being in a graveyard. My Kundalini awakening was cold, bone-chilling cold. and then my world turned a purplish grey. And I can see ghosts. Very specific. Details. Ancient philosophers spoke of life being a Smashan Sthal a graveyard. Many think life's purpose is to be happy. I know that we live in the graveyard, acknowledging that, and walking beyond should be the imperative."

Still others talk of the ultimate prize… Oneness with God. As Vinaya has:- “I became a part of a cosmic point, a swirling infinity.”


Kundalini Dancing



The Blue Dance of Silence, Oil painting, 30"x24" by Tarun Cherian: In a private collection.

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‘But what is The Kundalini Shakti?’ Many ask worriedly, fed on stories of weird cults. A seeker when being awakened fled the Kundalini as she found, after the shakti began rising she found many lovers attracter to her like moths.

Seeking clearer insight into The Kundalini’s true nature, Celia, consulted the Divine and received this marvellously lucid answer. “It is my force in each of you.”

The answer is elaborated later "Into every little thing I weave a spark of myself." Says The Divine to Tarun. "In the drive of a single cell bacteria it is in 3 broad complexes. To Survive, Expand, Replicate... In reptilian creatures there is an awareness which mammals rarely possess alignment with the cosmic too. You see in breathing, shitting, sex, digesting, dreaming thinking, there are impulse-growth patterns which also have spiritual-evolutionary impulses. For example digestion and thought are linked. You value thinking and regard digestionas a mere function. How foolish can you be? Digestion coordinates millions of cells and processes, but more digestive processes taste the environment assess threat, risk, environmental shifts, they also are sensitive to social and familial movements, and deeper they give off impulses to the environment to the world the cosmos. People say I digest this, I can't digest this. Fasting and feasting are relevant to the body-mind-spirit. Cell's hunger and death, individually and group are significant. Thinking & Digesting, Love & Nurturing, Sex & Immortality are both 'functional' and spiritual. Working with drives hidden in your cells, your impulses, your world however needs to be married to an awareness of where you are trying to soar."

Traditionally the Kundalini has been described – as snake coiled thrice, a fire that rises up the spine uniting earth and heaven. Aha you tell yourself 'Just as the snake emerges from below the ground, The Kundalini Shakti is God's Force woven into from the earth of our being'.

When you look at the fabric of our survival drives, desires, ancestral unfurlings, evolution, environment flows, the wheeling of stars, one sometimes glimpses the patterns behind the pattern, we sometimes see the weaver. That shakti that unifies, senses, expresses, guides and celebrates the innumerable forces is The Kundalini Shakti. She is primeval for in her is the ache of space shaping itself into galaxies, the shiver of rain, and the seeding of forest, it is cell revelling in sun, she is with deer batling against lion, she teases our desires, dances between season and flesh, she rouses in lion mother, smiles with a child's eyes, knows with a dancer's feet... If we tap into this mighty torrent the aliveness, its wisdom, its unerring nose for the divine, the oceans it offers are formidable.

Till now we have described The Kundalini as a fuse to dynamite... but now we sense its true potential..

Beyond The Prana Kundalini... The Cosmic Kundalini Shakti. As we delve deeper we discover The Shakti has also been described as The Tree of Life {And The Kundalini its seed}. As spider weaving life's web. As the cosmic mother. Each description is revelatory. The tree emerges from primal existence, but its branches far, shaping space, sustaining life. The spider spins webs & worlds. The tree, and web indicates we are within the Shakti. The mother symbolism indicates she surrounds usa, sustains us. As we gather this together, a clearer picture emerges. The Shakti is pure creativity, the manifesting power of The Creator. She wraps each of us, divine sparks, in a multi-leveled cocoon, giving us our bodies, instinctive drives and world. So each of us is supreme intelligence wrapped in compelling virtuality.

Now many describe the Kundalini Shakti as The Prana Kundalini this is an incomplete description. When we ask the supreme power, the 'divine mother', the holy spirit, about who she is and how we need to approach her she asks us to look closer at the cocoon spun around us. “I give you the Universe. I cover you in cloaks, each cloak gives you a challenge, uncover it and you receive my power.” Elucidates The Shakti. Meaning, that the cosmos around us is multi-layered. Outwardly it looks like the normal world. Look deeper and etheric or pranic flickers dance below, look deeper still we see golden meshes or infinitely dense forces, look deeper still and we see the archetypal sometimes as crystalline masses, deeper still and we can see either the purest gold or the inkiest darks. As we remove these cloaks we arrive at the feet of ever more powerful versions of the matrixes that is the shakti. So one can meet The Kundalini, and The Shaktis in ever increasing versions of majesty and power.

She has 6-25 levels of energy, principally as a dancy flickering snake of prana, a terrifying primeval force again represented as snake or spider, as a crystalline manasic power, or a vaster than vast being we have christened the space Kundalini, and a dazzlingly molten being, whose tiniest scales contains a universe. The Kundalini Shakti is the finger of The Parashakti or the metaforce that threads all worlds, many parts of her are way below the universe and way above the universe, so deep and so high, but few of the highest spiritual beings have ever glimpsed her greater form.




The Steps of Awakening. The Kundalini's Stages.

The Kundalini, God's force in us, has many states of existence from broken to asleep to blazingly alive. Let us take a quick look at it. And then study it in detail.

Scattered -- Here the power is broken into many functions. There is no cohesion.
Sleeping --
Here the power has cohesion but is tuned into another realm.
Coiled -- This is a state that takes years to achieve where the force is gathered together. Those with a coiled Kundalini are taken seriously even when quiet.
- This is when the force takes its attention from an inward attention of many life-vital processes and begins to focus on little flickers arising from our lives... 'Oh something's there' it says.
Waking - As The Kundalini stirs and looks towards us, we often begin to respond {But we may run scared too}. Remember responding and running away both excites The Kundalini. As the Kundalini for begins to look at us more intently, we often turn looking for it, or truths, either way it is now interested. And that interest and our channeling of that begins to create immense tectonic moves... The moves may quieten down and the Kundalini may lose interest... Or the dance between us soul-sparks and it may build...

Awakened and Stable - Once aroused The Kundalini pushes us to expand, to move upward to The Divine. Since most of human key drives are arranged around the central chakras, this becomes the core focal pathway. From root's drives, to abdomen's sensual-creativity, navel's power, solar principles, heart's love, throat's harmony, head's knowing, crown's divinity. The waking process may take years, decades, lifetimes even, but if one continues passionately, The Kundalini is able to form a circuit of aliveness in which she continually passes through our existence and yet approaches The Divine Totality {God in short}. Now while we have described the classic climbing the chakra-circuit, know there are many others as we will discuss later. Also while many commentatators equate The Kundalini with The Prana Kundalini that is not true. So the circuit of energy may bypass the classic chakras, maybe at the etheric-astral body, or the causal, or the elemental, orthe higher spiritual body, and a mix of them all. We will discuss this in greater detail, later...

Etherically Alive - Higher senses, physical vitality, including some long distance are exhibited by the peron in this state.
Astrally Alive
- Some who have seen her joyous face and her terrifying face.
Elementally Alive
- At this level the Kundalini exhibits some powers that 'zap' the world.
Cosmically Real
- Some who have seen her joyous face and her terrifying face.

The Awakening Process Seen in Greater Depth.

In 10% of cases The Kundalini is so scattered, years must be invested to turn loose elements into a real force. In the vast majority The Kundalini is 'asleep', doing its work but since the horizons, and force of our life is low it is in auto-pilot mode. Years are needed to coil it, so the inner force begins to tremble with power.

The Kundalini's 'Nose'. And what it rejoices in. The Kundalini is a divine force that has a nose for the divine, it sniffs out the divine. Its ideas of divinity are however distinctive from man's, it's idea of a temple, not only the places the world considers holy. The mountain top, the gladiator's circle, the lover's chambers,the graveyard, the ancient temple are all its prayer rooms.

To The Kundalini Shakti The Divine is above all real, then alive, then ecstatic, then binding, then fearless, then cohesive, then true, then meaningful, then wondrous. But again The Kundalini Judges in primal terms, not just in human-egoic eyes.

When The Awakened Kundalini Shakti touches a primal drive like survival it uncovers the divine. It is not bothered whether one is Massai warrior raging in battle, a mother enduring for her child, or tantric meditating in graveyard. It is only primarily concerned that blocks like fear are erased. Similarly, when it comes to sexuality, it is delighted if one has a 16 person orgy, but is equally delighted if you use celibacy to intensify the flame to fever-point so the divine emerges.

Here's the issue, human upbringing and norms are like trembling grass leaves before the shaktis rush. The great middle eastern poem sings, "I am the whore and the holy one". So a deer with a broken leg refusing to die lightly is more lion than the lion ripping it apart. A young mother dying with deep faith that her blood gifts will sustain her child is in The Kundalini's eyes beautiful. As is a mystic rising above in etheric force and choosing to let go of the body or reaching back and bringing the wounded body back to perfection.


The Lovers



The Lovers, Oil painting, 30"x24" by Tarun Cherian: We see how our love forms part of a Cosmic Dance of Cosmic Lovers.


The Kundalini Awakening Triggers: Traditionally, The Kundalini Shakti is picturised as sleeping at the Muladhara or root chakra. Meaning, that we are on auto-pilot, locked into gravity-bound aspirations. The logical first step is to 'awaken' the cosmic force. Since for most, The Kundalini is seated at the 'root chakra', primalities like Fear, Death, Survival, Security, Sex, Ecstasy, Physical Form, Dance, are obvious triggers. Some of these practices can seem extreme. Seeker Chitra Shoukya witnessed a Tantric meditating on a corpse in Kashi. But equally, The Kundalini responds to awareness’s light, a child’s laugh, the guru’s touch, a thunderstorm’s joy…

Strictly speaking any love, any joy, any inspired thought that calls the attention of The Kundalini is actually one that stimulates the root. We said, The Kundalini is at the root chakra. It is actually a singularity with a significant triad, one below the earth indicating it shapes the world, one in the head core and one at the root. Let's say someone experiences overwhelming love, this is drawn into the root chakra as it is a body response to body, etheric response to etheric release. This triggers a shift deep in the head core chakra which releases 2-27 energy messages. One of this goes either below the feet or the root where Kundalini attention is stimulated.

For humans in cities with most primal drives blocked off, theone the Kundalini is halfway interested in is sensuality, and so The Kundalini is often associated with sexual cults, but truly the Kundalini is associated with the joy of earthly life so glorious The Cosmic looks down.

“A beautiful, but deeply hurt woman, found she could not date someone -- she'd just freeze. We were giving healing to her at the root chakra, using a bija mantra, when her whole body began to tremble, and what seemed like a great pillar of smoke appeared simultaneously to bot Celia & Tarun. Spasms began rocking her body, arcing twists. When the session was done, her face was luminous, wet with tears... She told us I felt a great lingam of fire and smoke rise and something shifted... She went on in months to cast off her fears, to live a life filled with colour and aliveness..."

As the Kundalini wakes at the mooladhara, it may quiver up the Svadishthana, roar past The Manipura, The Heart, The Vishuddha, The Agya, The Sahasrara... There is a glorious rush, a deep connect, an infinite opening... This process may be like a stampede of elements, or like a worm moving through the earth. Either way something primal is connecting with something cosmic.

Kundalini Blazing

TheVarious Kundalini Awakening Pathways...

Now according to traditional literature, The Kundalini must rise up The Sushumna, the central nadi, and as it moves convince the chakras to let it move freely. If it moves along one of 7-12 other pathways it can cause a range of issues.

The truth is that while The Kundalini can overload pathways including the sushumna it can use one of 15 different circuits to connect. But the kundalini has an innumerable set of circuits in the aura, all valid, some even more so. While many sense The Kundalini Awakening up the spine, this is when The Kundalini is using prana pathways. But it may use astral pathways, causal pathways, elemental pathways. We have identified many. Some are spiral from feet to head. Some are a jagged path from root to 3rd eye. Some avoid the body completely.

Also The Kundalini need not use a pathway at all. Meaning if at any chakra it works deep enough it can trigger an encounter between The Kundalini and Supreme knowing so profound an entire circuit lights up.

For example, an autistic child has formed an odd Joy-Awareness Kundalini Circuit and is able at times to bridge two worlds. And even at times create temporal shifts in space-time.

A seeker awakening at the astral plane, moves through the folds of an ‘astral goddess’ skirts and so dips into the joy/lives of 6 people. Looked at psychically there is a stable dance around the body.

In a divine avtaar's case, divine awareness forms from the heaven's a set of pipes that reach down to the chakras, these are surrounded by Shaktis that swirl in a complex way.

As God’s force & God’s Awareness collide, whether through traditional paths or quixotic ones within the human frame, incredible explosions of transformatory joy happen.

World Kundalini... Space Kundalini...Cosmic Kundalini Awakenings:

Now most often Kundalini Awakenings have been described as the Kundalini from the root, meeting The Lord in the 3rd Eye/ Crown. And this is cataclysmic. But as we mentioned earlier there are other Kundalini Awakening pathways and levels.

"Imagine a summer storm iridescent with lightning,
only it happens in your body,
And the lightning we were talking about?
Well it isn’t lightning either.
Is more the deep content of a child
massaged by his mother’s fingers...

It, whatever it maybe,
ripples up my body with exquisite slowness.
sparkling fingers touch..."

In this poem by Tarun written two decades ago, we experience the glorious fury of the shakti, but we see that it is not moving up the spine, but like a brushfire across the body. The path is a spiral one encompassing relationships.

Another seeker speaks of a swinging motion... we realise that the force is not going upward, but moving out from the chakra to the earth, then back, out, around and back... Like the censer of frankincense in the hands of an orthodox priest...

There are elemental awakenings these can be so fierce it is difficult to stay in the person's presence. "The feeling was of shuddering and flaming, as if the very air was burning, it was unbelievable and unbearable."Depending on its modality it can induce endless sleep, or fierce fevers...

"We were sending the energy upward in sweeps, as we typically do for Kundalini awakenings. As the sweeps increased we found the energy response in ther person was spectacular. First the chakras began to blaze open... But then it deepened and it was as if galaxies were floating around the room, hour after hour went, and the session kept deepening till the physical being seemed just a transparent outline through which stars seemed to pour... A few years ago we awakened a seeker's Kundalini at the Space Level. In the months and years after as we studied and pondered over the case we realised that a big difference in the Space Level awakening is that it involves reincarnation more fully. For as we traced the pattern we realised that a circuit had formed through the matrix of 17 past lives . Not just one life, not just one body. Consider this while the kundalini weaves through her knee chakra, it is fully opened at the root of another, her stomach, but an old crone's womb, the heart of a king, the throat of, hold your breath, a mountain... The force is only partly a prana pathway and so it circles out and is linked to a niece's chakras.

A seeker going through an awakening proces finds herself open to The Devi... "As I was swept by her... I saw her everywhere... As I sang... In my dreams... I felt myself flow out of my body, awaken now I sank into the earth... flowed through the earth, heard its million creatures, each precious, each wondrous..."

A seeker was jolted awake as she was confronted by a giant snake in her sleep. “I was dreaming, about walking down a road, when I came awake. Hyper-awake. But not the kind of dull awareness that we have when we are normaly awake. It was hyper real. Like days when you don't just glance at tree, but notice every vein of leaf, insects on its bark... In that hyperawareness I confronted a snake, a giant one. Every single scale gleaming and glittering. I felt cold. Chilled. Terrified. I felt like a rat hypnotised by a snake. It looked at me coldly, as if life had retilian eyes, eyes that saw with tremendous clarity. It looked at me as if death looked at me. As I would look at myself at death. I felt myself weighed. And I knew that I had to buck up. I had to take myself seriously or life would devour me and spit me out. I had been gifted something incredible, but it wasn't sweet. I had come face to face with reality."

Kundalini Dance by Tarun Cherian

One-offs versus Permanences:

While in some people's cases it takes just one touch, one encounter between the force within and the cosmic to create a full and lasting transformation. For many it is the first step.

“The lid of my head lifted.” Exclaimed Kaustav, award-winning adman. Magnificent! But with this have you hit The Jackpot? ‘Yes’ & ‘No’. ‘Yes’, for whether a one-night experience or lifetime’s light, you have glimpsed how wondrous life can be. ‘No’, because for most, the process needs to be repeated again & again for the flame to take.

Why? One may ask. Why, do the vast majority have to painstakingly repeat? As the Kundalini wakes at the mooladhara, and dances up the Svadishthana, roars past The Manipura, The Heart, The Vishuddha, The Agya, The Sahasrara... Some think, I've whizzed past the major chakras, hey I am done, now how do I fling lightning, or get a million worshippers to kiss my feet? That's like someone saying I've drawn up the blueprint why doesn't the blueprint keep the rain out? And that is because The Mooladhara's fears temporarily opened, but are closed again, the Svadishthana’s tangled desires are staging a rebellion, The Manipura’s power issues are distracting, The Heart’s love issues are overwhelming, The Vishuddha’s reincarnational tangles overgrowing, The Agya’s mental mazes still confusing, The Sahasrara’s soul puzzles only partly solved.

One of our most brilliant spiritual seekers a decade ago had begun to wake the full force of the earth shakti. She was told it could heal millions with a single touch. But everytime she used it she was in agony. Why? Was she fooling herself about the earth force? No. She was like a child on a racehorse, it was powerful, the hands of her ego weren't.

However even if incomplete, The Kundalini's act of touching, threading the key centres leaves an indelible impression that can be used again, and will stay lifetime after lifetime... Now we began the article with Tanya sensing her cosmic vastness... but has she as yet claimed it? Not yet in full. But she is getting there. Yet even without full power she will still be able to transcend death's hard exam.

Devis Steps to God

The Dangers:

"In one seeker's case, The Kundalini Awakening was glorious... But her family had their doubts... also as she deepened the process he found herself attracting partners like flies... The whole thing culminated when during a festival her saree caught fire, terrified she ran..."

Here the force of The Kundalini Awakening coupled with family disapproval lead to a critical lack of distrust.

“There’s a burning feeling at the base of my spine…then I sense a skeleton dancing in my womb. Exhilarating, and terrifying. I quietly discontinued practise.” Says Revathi*, HR Pro.

Here Revathi was confronted with Death, a Tantric had helped her family, but the price had been hidden. Spiritual awakening can confront us with the nightmarish.

Borderline Schizophrenic is what the psychiatrist had labelled her. Our diagnosis was different. She had from a difficult marriage broken away and gone to a half-baked Tantric seeker's embrace. He had in part awakened a deep Kundalini shift. The trouble they were both unfamiliar with its ability to take one up, and drown one. One day in meditation she became rigid, so rigid she was carried out contorted and hospitalised. With healing after healing, with the command no meditation at all, she began to reduce medication, get a job, reconnect with the world. The Kundalini has gone back to sleep.

Thanks to these negatives, The Kundalini has received bad press, but the truth is any encounter with The Cosmic stretches the psyche. A seeker had intensely invoked the white light. When it arrived the fierceness drove her half mad. We had to call on The Kundalini to save her sanity.

Sure there are terrors, but sooner or later, a courageous seeker will be blessed.


  Gurus seen

The Usefulness of The Guru.
Be at the prana level or any level, the awakening process can be tumultuous. For example in one neighbour's case, she was calling on Lord Krishna, she felt a wind move and a touch stroke her body with great intimacy, mildly prudish and startled by it, the force deepened and turned along a particular swadisthana chakras nadi linked to feeling of love, the huge burst of electrical activity, coupled with her feeling of helplessness triggered a heart-attack. She knocked for help and we stabilised her heart with healing and mudras. As we sped her to hospital.

A kundalini awakening can shift the electro-magnetic net that surrounds our body, while this can be vitalising it can trigger illness. Handling this is The Guru's Job.

A seeker complained of a kind of a catch in her back, a wriggly, discomfort. She was practising Kundalini Yoga with a group, but her teacher book taught couldn't see forces. And so couldn't see the blockage. For another seeker the blockage was like being beaten up with lathis. "Something’s hammering at my back, I feel I will break in two...”

But it isn't always a physical issue... no less disturbing, an extreme outburst of orgiastic excess, may take over.

A married woman who awakened her Kundalini exclaimed she was so inflamed with desire, her slightest moves would trigger orgasm after orgasm. In her case instead of cooling it down we enhanced it till she one day exploded with life. Then everything is ecstasy, and joy... but the orgasms didn't wrench her.

The Kundalini does not share human niceties. If a dog really wants to get to know someone it sniffs butt. Tastes pee. But if a human were to do the same, its well less well regarded. Or frowned upon like sexual practices of the golden shower. Handling this or being unable to handle this is where many gurus falter. For how deal with a seeker who recalls past life intimacy in detail?

But iyt isn't just handling outbursts of sensuality...

A couple came to us with a problem, in her tradition sex was permitted thrice a year. While most in her culture paid lip service to this rule, she followed it because as her spiritual awakening gathered force so did her desires. The only way she could control it was with asceticism.

But for those who think a guru's job is about redirecting desire, consider this...

A seeker had gone though an ugly divorce, this had left her with a huge store of bitterness,. It first caused her back to go out of order. That got saorted, then it expressed itself as piles. We had to literally go into her anus psychically and pull out the mess of psychic ugliness. Thankfully the piles is reducing.

There are worse dangers than drowning in desire's swamps: One may become a divine warrior consuming family, culture, even millions or a peacenik whose idealism causes friends, society, the earth to suffocate.

Worse still, one may be lost in a world of doors opening doors unable to get back.

A seeker on the kundalini path complained her head was not on her shoulders. It kept drifting. We realised etherically it was true. She was not at home with herself.

Some gurus foreseeing issues may carry out deep psychic surgery to protect the seeker. .

A client, a yoga master had come to us for an aura scan. When we looked closely we found a strange energy formation at his heart. On closer inspection we realised it was his guru a lady that had done this. Without his telling us we described her and a key ritual. Why had she done this? To protect him. Normally his heart leapt like a frog. Following every enthusiasm.

As we examined the work of his guru we were amazed and apalled. For she was no respecter of ther right to know and be informed. She saw something she intervened with the precision of a surgeon.

But the very act of looking beyond can be impossible. "In the early 2000's" Tarun recalls "I was Creative Director. In one client meeting she came awake. My voice turned into a furry snake which dropped RPM's. As I looked I could see golden swirls, feel pulsations, notice root chakras waking, heart's glowing... Think of a bucket of wild hallucinogen suddenly being poured into your veins, while dealing with marketing and sales managers."

Terror, whirpools of desires, rage, strange nightmares, but sooner or later, a courageous seeker will be blessed.

Seekers spiritual turmoil

Right now as we write this some 6 of our spiritual seekers are coming to key culminating points in their Kundalini growth. Many have undergone this journey for 10-15 even 30 years.

A seeker awakened through us was lost, cowed by a marriage that was hellish {For both}. From being a nobody, he is now a part of the dance of life at many levels, cultural, spiritual, earthy, cosmic. The process took 10 years. He has crossed levels. Now he has to but reach out and The Shaktis of the land gather to him, pay attention. The question confronting us is how he engages, not as seeker, but anchored one with life.

Hence many give importance to a Guru. Some believe it is impossible without a Guru. Others argue a Guru can take one only so far. But finally one has to leap across the abyss. Personally with Celia & I, Tarun, we have had no human gurus, but Divine Beings who put their fingers through the curtain of our reality.




Is it The Only Way to God?

Some Kundalini Practitioners argue that you cannot reach the divine without awakening The Kundalini Shakti. In fact though we awaken the Kundalinis of the select, and have befriended her, been lifted up on her shoulders, this has not been primary start in our own spiriual awakening. Tarun's inner doors were pushed open through Oneness. Celia's through a past life experience and a descent of light. Tarun formally awakened his Kundalini 20 years after his first great awakening. Celia befriended the Shaktis about 8 years after her world-changing spiritual epiphany .

Some of our foremost seekers practising oneness or other disciplines are not being powered by The Kundalini. Dancing with The Shakti is one of many ways to connect with The Divine. That said it is beautiful and tumultous. It offers incredible gifts and godawful challenges.

“A million flames... a million prayers are rising in my body... Where they touch my cells come alight like diyas... unbearable, joyous, impossible... Dare I say it? I Am a temple...?”— A Kundalini experience by Bela, erstwhile IT Pro, Educationist, Mother, Cosmic Mother. As we look at the experience we see how magnificent it is, for it reveals the incredible possibility that we are home for the entire cosmos, temple of the divine. And yet with this possibility comes the flipside, decades, lifetimes of faith, dedication, that will convert this possibility into reality. Over the last decade, two decades, Bela has begun to make this real. At a spiritual level with startling intuition, exciting astral adventures, impressive healings, and yet her journey which she is three quarters there is not pretty, lined with rock & thorns. It is like that of many spiritualists marked by great joy and terrible anguish... Yes, both...

The switches to world’s greatest power lie in your body. Do you have the courage to switch it on?

  Kundailini and Bela

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