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The Last Life. The Bright Lights.
Tarun & Celia Cherian, Co-founders Creator's Child, Devadhara Healing.

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There's been a great cloudburst… We are being visited by a great stampede of people at the end of their reincarnational cycle, people living their last life on earth.

- A woman with quiet depth whose husband was butchered.

- A man blessed with grace even though his life falls apart.

- A corporate innovator with a profound presence with a quirky talent and a talent at inspiring.

- A beggar on the street with a heart of gold.

- A ferocious teacher with a radical orthodoxy.

- A singer with tangled loves and grasshopper mind.

- A mother with a quirky talent and a talent at inspiring.

But not all those who are on the cusp of a greater life are human.

- There's a rat with luminous eyes.

- There's a dog with great psychic talent.

- There's a blazing tree poised to become a wood nymph.

- There's a hill retaining a cosmic vision even as it is being butchered for granite.

As we gather the many in our minds we realise that they are all precious. For the promise of escape manifest in real life, is energising.

They are all precious And all different. Some are calming, some effervescent, some challenging, some difficult, some downright scary. They have all been given a gatepass by Death. But reassuringly all have faults. One has a whiplash tongue. One has a humbleness that's abnegating. One flits from lover to lover. One is cruelly austere. Being human, having quirks and faults do not stop us…

The height they will reach is not identical. Some will be rescuers in shadow kingdoms, some will live in electric excitement of etheric worlds, some in astral worlds will revel in faery freedoms, some in causal bodies will live in causal clarities, some will reach high spiritual realms.

There are large differences in the ladder each has used to God. One accepts life. One blazes. One loves. One rebels. One meditates. One prays. One has a great teacher. One has had a great enemy. The spiritualist does not emerge from a cast iron mould.

So what links them?

Encounters with them bless us, challenge us, inspire us, renew us. How describe this? Even poetry fails. In the presence of some you feel drunk ‘surrounded by a buzzing cloud of singing bees'. With others you feel adrenaline, and the sense that you gotta do something – now. With others there's a sense that we are worms in the grave and need to get out. In radically different ways they all get us to stand taller.

Second, they are all connected in some way to the mother lode of freedom, power, wisdom, love and joy.

The next, they have all been tested. Often brutally. They haven't just seen a greater life, they've had to earn their inner citizenship. Horrific forces have wrenched at the roots of their faith. They have all stood strong. And true.

Yes they have all graduated from life. But heart-warmingly, of the many ending their reincarnational cycle… some will do the unthinkable… freed from the need to return, they will still return. They are The Lamps for The Lost, in this world that some spiritualists call the smashan sthal… or the burning ghats…

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