Learning to Smile Again. Doggy Style.

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Article first Published June 2016.





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The wonderful thing about life is that it surprises us, teaches us, frustrates us, trips us, challenges us, pushes us, exasperates us, hammers us… brings us down to our knees.

Then as we struggle in the muck, if we lift our eyes, if we seek deeper truth, it gives us a glimpse of its secrets, reveals to us the footsteps of those who went through the wringer and were triumphamt, who stand tall in the worst thorn patches that Life is so generously littered with.

As you walk around the park in the morning, part of the hundreds who amble, walk, jog, play, you will encounter this magnificent beast, it may come to you with a wet nose, big smile and wagging tail. Or you may see it lolling on a sand pit. And something in us stops feeling sorry for ourselves, stops faltering from the million and one cuts of life and feels a heroic surge of life.

Not only does this dog have the most magnificent coat. But as you watch it run, you notice it has three legs, and the most wonderful attitude. The right front leg has been lopped off, but its spirit is anything but amputated. Far from crippled, its spirit shines. It is glad to meet the day. Glad to greet the passersby. Glad to be alive.

Now many of us face the most insurmountable problems. The most tangled up, quick-sandy, ugly problems. And it seems all we can do is to throw in the towel. If you stand at that place we suggest you come to the OMBR grounds. Come in spirit if you can’t come in person.

Lord Dattareya, the great Tantric Guru, had 24 animal teachers. Come discover one worthy of that pantheon. 

The three-legged dog like all street dogs has very little. Of that little, life took an impossible bite. But the three-legged dog has taken that little and made so much of it. It has refused to be made into a victim. Refused to let bitterness and helplessness win. And because it wags its tail, life wags her tail. 

And because you see the dog wag her tail, your heart grins. When you meet the 3-legged dog your problems may not go away miraculously, {as they can}. But if you remember the 3-legged dog your problems will be lighter to bear. And you will learn to smile in the depths of hell. And that’s the real miracle.



Love & God Tarun & Celia Cherian



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